Product Spotlight - Wastewater - September 2021

Product Spotlight - Wastewater - September 2021

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Pump aimed at eradicating ‘flushables’

Despite warnings and marketing campaigns aimed at eliminating their use, flushable wipes continue to be an infrastructure nightmare for wastewater operators. Fortunately pump manufacturers offer units aimed at making it possible for those wipes, not to mention other stringy materials, to move through the collection system.

Designed for economical, trouble-free operation, the solids-handling capabilities of the Super T Series pumps from Gorman-Rupp make them suited for a variety of applications including solids-laden liquids and slurries. The large volute design allows automatic repriming in a completely open system without the need for suction or discharge check valves. Available in discharge sizes of 2 to 10 inches, this line of self-priming pumps boasts capacities to 3,400 gpm and heads to 148 feet.

“The 2 inch Super T Series pump is actually the latest upgrade to the Super T Series family of pumps,” says Jeff Hannan, centrifugal product manager for Gorman-Rupp. “This new 2-inch pump has an external, shimless and indexable impeller to wear plate clearance which was not available in previous models. It also has a lightweight inspection cover and comes standard with the Eradicator Solids Management System.”

Super T Series pumps are available in several configurations, including higher head, higher efficiency, close-coupled or engine-driven models. Because they are self-priming, they can be mounted above the liquid being pumped. Should service or maintenance be required, it can be easily performed using common hand tools without disconnecting piping. The impeller, seal, wear plate and flap valve can all be accessed through the shimless cover plate opening for inspection or service. The Eradicator Solids Management System was developed specifically for handling flushable wipes and all other types of stringy materials, such as feathers, hair, plastic bags and waste. 

“Gorman-Rupp has been doing research and development on the Eradicator’s aggressive, self-cleaning wear plate for a number of years,” Hannan says. “Our engineering team has spent countless hours in the lab, trying all types of debris, and then sending multiple prototypes into various applications in the field to prove the technology and test the system. It has been a great fit as it has dramatically decreased the amount of clogging which was occurring in applications with stringy materials and/or wipes.”

According to Hannan, the feedback has been impressive. “Many pumps in plants and collection systems have gone from clogging multiple times a day to having weeks and weeks of clog-free performance and extended uptime,” he says. 419-755-1011;


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