Product Focus - September 2021

Product Focus - September 2021

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Analytical Instrumentation

HORIBA Scientific Aqualog A-TEEM

The Aqualog A-TEEM from HORIBA Scientific is a fluorometer that simultaneously scans for absorbance and fluorescence excitation and emission matrix (A-TEEM). Unlike traditional scanning spectro-fluorometers that take hours, its optical technology with multichannel CCD detection allows for rapid A-TEEM scans from seconds up to minutes per sample. A-TEEM provides true, traceable molecular fingerprints as well as precise quantification for compounds of interest. Its ability for automatic inner-filter effects correction not only ensures the accuracy of the fluorescence spectra but also extends the sample’s concentration linearity range. With the combination of multivariate analysis, it complements an organics lab as an advanced tool for organic matter characterization. It is a simple, fast and powerful analytical tool that in some cases displaces laborious and expensive chromatography-based techniques. 866-562-4698;

YSI, a Xylem brand 3017M

The 3017M analyzer from YSI, a Xylem brand, continuously measures free or total chlorine in municipal drinking water or wastewater effluent using the proven DPD colorimetric method of analysis. It uses EPA-approved DPD methodology that conforms with standard method 4500-CL-G, U.S. EPA method 334.0 and ISO method 7393-2. It is compliant with U.S. EPA regulation 40 CFR 141.74 for drinking water and 40 CFR 136.3 for wastewater. The analyzer is built with Flow Injection Analysis, factory calibration and simplified tubing which lowers reagent use and maintenance requirements. It can operate as a standalone analyzer or be integrated into the IQ SensorNet system of online controllers, analyzers and sensors for better visibility and control of your process. 937-767-7241;

Control/Electrical Panels


The TOPAX MC multichannel controller from Lutz-JESCO America has a modular design that makes it an adaptable and effective solution for all measurement and control technology requirements. It offers automated efficiency — freedom from repetitive control tasks while providing accuracy and reliability. Users can actuate the dosing pumps using an optocoupler or relay and servomotors by using a relay or a 20mA output. The high-resolution, 5-inch color display offers a user-friendly operating interface with a simple touch-control and intuitive navigation menu that can be set to multiple languages. Use four analog outputs (0/4-20 mA) or the network capability to transfer measured values to a web browser or a telemaintenance point. A programmable interval timer can be used to set automatic alerts for wear-related sensor change. 800-554-2762;

Orenco Controls OLS Control Panels

OLS Control Panels from Orenco Controls come with the choice of either integrated starters or variable-frequency drives that optimize system operation. These panels are suitable for a variety of pumping applications, such as lift stations, stormwater pump stations, water boosting, dewatering or sludge pumping. They can also be used as a SCADA patch, connecting peripheral equipment to future or existing SCADA systems. Parameters can be configured via a human-machine interface and include a user-friendly startup wizard. Engineers can preprogram user interfaces to the site-specific needs of an installation, making the panel virtually plug-and-play. Maintenance staff can easily adjust settings and monitor the system remotely. These weatherproof control panels are UL 508A listed and include service-rated circuit protection, phase and voltage protection, and level controls. 877-257-8712;

Smith & Loveless SHADE AIDE

The SHADE AIDE from Smith & Loveless is an human-machine interface screen protector that easily installs onto a variety of control panels so that operators can see their HMI no matter how sunny of a day. It collapses when not in use and is fully lockable. It also protects the display from the harmful effects of constant UV ray exposure, saving the maintenance budget from replacement HMI costs due to excessive sun exposure. The product is compatible and customizable to fit every HMI screen sold today, with custom sizes available. 800-922-9048;

Flow Monitoring

Badger Meter ModMAG M2000

As a high-accuracy device, the ModMAG M2000 electromagnetic flowmeter from Badger Meter measures the flow of water and chemical additives in a wide range of water treatment and distribution applications. This meter features sophisticated, processor-based signal conversion with accuracies of +0.20% of rate +1 mm/s. Its wide selection of liner and electrode materials help ensure maximum compatibility and minimal maintenance over a long operating period. This NSF-approved, IP68-rated meter has a wide turndown range, minimal pressure loss and no moving parts in the flow stream. It offers connectivity either to BEACON advanced metering analytics software as a service via cellular-enabled endpoints or to the user’s SCADA system, providing backup redundancy. It can be used to measure both potable water and wastewater within treatment facilities and pump stations as well as water distribution and reclamation applications. 877-243-1010;

Siemens Process Instrumentation flowmeters

Leak detection technology offered in Siemens Process Instrumentation flowmeters allows municipalities to promptly and accurately locate leaks or breaks in their distribution systems. In addition, efficient pumping algorithms built into Siemens pump controllers allow implementation of economy pumping routines to best suit electricity peak pricing. High-accuracy flow measurement systems can save money and improve chemical treatment systems. Together, these technologies result in more cost-efficient plant operation, helping solve inefficient energy practices that can result in excess energy costs of up to 30%. 800-365-8766;

Gas/Odor/Leak Detection Equipment

Gas Clip Technologies External Pump

The External Pump from Gas Clip Technologies is a motorized sampling pump that allows any of the company’s diffusion detectors to take remote samples from up to 75 feet away, drawing air at two feet per second. It has a 52-hour continuous run time and takes four to six hours to recharge. Users can also perform a manual block test before taking samples in order to ensure a clean and proper draw. Audio and visual alerts will inform users of various errors including blockages and a low battery charge. The pump has an ergonomic design as well as an alligator clip so that it can sit comfortably in the hand or firmly attach to a user’s belt, jumpsuit, etc. as needed. 972-775-7577;

RKI Instruments GX-6000

The GX-6000 from RKI Instruments simultaneously monitors up to six gases, including combustibles, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. Two smart sensor slots accept PID, infrared or other toxic gas sensors. It includes an internal sample pump, man-down and panic alarm, LED flashlight and large autorotating LCD. It operates as a single-gas PID unit or a multifunctional tool using all six channels. The PID sensor comes equipped with a library of more than 600 VOC gases and can personalize a favorites list of 30 commonly used VOCs as well as a list of eight of the most recently used VOCs. A benzene-specific PID sensor is also available using a pre-filter tube for detecting low levels of benzene. Four PID sensors are available, 10.0 eV, 10.6 eV (low or high range) and 11.7 eV. Any combination of two PID sensors can be installed. 800-754-5165;


Force Flow SOLO G2 Digital Weight Indicator

The SOLO G2 Digital Weight Indicator from Force Flow, when combined with a scale or ultrasonic sensor, offers a dependable yet economical way to see exactly how much chemical is being used and how much remains in a tank. It allows readability to 0.1 lb/kg and is available as a single or dual channel unit. Housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure, it offers suitable protection against harsh environments such as chemical rooms and outdoor installations. All functions are menu driven and configuration changes are done through the keypad. It comes standard with 4-20mA outputs for remote monitoring through a PLC or SCADA system. Level alarm relays are also available. 800-893-6723;

Operations/Maintenance/Process Control Software

AllMax Software Antero

Antero from AllMax Software accurately tracks maintenance data, allowing plant operators to streamline maintenance programs, all while providing peace of mind that equipment is being maintained efficiently and effectively. The newest version of the software includes a number of new sections and a complete redesign of the entire program. The improved My Work section is a one-stop place for a user to view all assigned work, manage their workload and complete work orders. Manage maintenance tasks in new sections such as Work Management, Work Order Review and Procedures. Changes to the Parts, Calendar and Home Screen sections make the program easier to navigate. 800-670-1867;

De Nora Water Technologies DE NORA VIA

The DE NORA VIA visual assistance platform from De Nora Water Technologies connects technicians with onsite customers in real time using live video and inspections. The service provides capabilities like voice, text, document share and augmented reality to provide a fast and easy response to equipment concerns. Using their own smart devices, customers securely connect with experienced engineers and product specialists who see exactly what they see during equipment operation, seamlessly troubleshooting the issue without interrupting service. It can also be used to assist startup and installation. It can help provide an uninterrupted maintenance routine that optimizes operations and immediate equipment resolution eliminates costly, disruptive operational downtime. 215-997-4000;

Franklin Electric FE Select

The FE Select online tool from Franklin Electric makes product selection, configuration and quoting easy for contractors, engineers and wholesale distributors. It’s also secure and free to use, allowing users to input performance requirements or specs to help you find the best products to fit particular needs. It walks the user through the process from start to finish. A basic search requires only primary application data, such as flow and total dynamic head demands; an advanced selection considers factors like liquid properties, operating temperature and NPSHr values. It then recommends the necessary components, provides a list price quote for the package and offers links to related informational product documentation. With 24/7 online and mobile-friendly availability, it instantly helps formalize deliverables with printable and downloadable quotes. 866-271-2859;

Process Control Systems

Clean Water Technology GEM System

The GEM System from Clean Water Technology is a new approach to primary wastewater treatment. This flocculation and flotation system delivers results using hydro-cyclone technology in the Liquid, Solid, Gas Mixing Heads (LSGM), providing chemicals which are injected as air is dissolved into 100% of the wastewater stream while creating a vortex. The random flocculation and flotation process of a DAF becomes a managed process, resulting in the removal of more contaminants and dryer sludge. 310-380-4648;

Industrial Flow Solutions Stancor Oil Minder

The Stancor Oil Minder control and pump system from Industrial Flow Solutions allows water to be automatically pumped without the danger of ejecting potentially harmful, oily substances into sewers, rivers and waterways. There is no need for a separate oil-water separator. The product is engineered for efficient and trouble-free pumping, even under the most severe conditions. It is a plug-and-play system that is easy to install and is designed with conductive sensing technology to ensure the most reliable signal. It offers push-to-test to monitor installation. Complementary components, which are UL certified, are then designed to offer a high level of reliability from installation to operation. It does so in a modular package configured to balance performance for the best value over the lifetime of equipment. 860-631-3618;

Pulsafeeder MicroVision EX

The MicroVision EX cooling tower controller with PULSAlink communications from Pulsafeeder comes with a toroidal conductivity sensor, multiple level security codes, up to 10 digital inputs, dry contact alarm output, battery backup, USB data logging capability and optional PULSAlink communications and 4-20mA analog outputs. PULSAlink allows the user to safely communicate with the controller from anywhere on a laptop, phone or tablet. Users can receive live readings, alarm notifications and even change and customize the controller and settings over an encrypted cloud-based site. MicroVision EX and PULSAlink is also eServiceReport and Modbus compatible. It is available mounted on a fabricated panel system with pump mounts designed to provide complete and easy-to-install solutions for cooling tower applications. 800-333-6677;


Touch is SEEPEX’s adaptable solution for smart process control. It is a programmable process controller with integral touch screen and can be furnished as an accessory with SEEPEX pumps or BRAVO metering skids. It is preconfigured with a variety of control algorithms commonly associated with progressive cavity pumps, and it can also be custom programmed for specialized applications. It can be linked to a customer’s SCADA system or plant control network via TCP/IP. Process control routines are built into the controller. Pump start/stop and speed control is available with a local-remote selector. It offers lead/lag pump operation with auto alteration, tank level control, closed-loop control (pH, flow, ORP, residual, turbidity and pressure), cake pump hopper level control, ratio dosing control, pump protection interlocks, high discharge and low suction pressure, a low-flow, variable-frequency-drive fault, bridge breaker manual/auto control and boundary layer interjection manual/auto control. 844-473-3739;


Keller America Econoline

The Econoline pressure transmitter from Keller America combines a media-isolated piezoresistive silicon sensor with signal-conditioning electronics to provide a compact pressure transmitter with less than plus or minus 1% total error band accuracy over 32 to 122 degrees F. The industry standard 4-20mA analog output is compatible with most existing monitoring infrastructure and SCADA systems, and it provides meaningful output in ranges from 30 to 10,000 psi. Its design makes it suitable for use under harsh environmental conditions, including those with high levels of electromagnetic radiation, both conducted and radiated. As a result, it provides trouble-free service and sufficient accuracy for almost any application, including those involving aggressive media and/or high levels of electromagnetic interference and where small size, low weight and reasonable cost are required. It provides versatility for customer-specific applications and is produced using modern lean manufacturing methods, allowing short lead times, negating the need to maintain extra inventory onsite. 877-253-5537;

Markland Specialty Engineering Sludge Sleuth

The Sludge Sleuth sludge blanket level detector from Markland Specialty Engineering has an optical sensor that makes it suitable for diverse tanks, sumps and pits, providing accurate readings even in obstructed/constricted installations such as lamella separators, and helping plants avoid process upsets such as septic biosolids conditions, carryover from clarifiers and solids wash-out through DAF unit baffles. With simple and effective damping and concentration controls, it accommodates thin or thick biosolids and slurries, and even light flocs, automating pumps or valves when the preferred liquid-solids interface level is reached and alerting operators. It helps maximize water removal and optimize feed density and, in turn, reduce energy/haulage costs and improve outflow for reuse. 855-873-7791;

Polylok 3014AB Filter Alarm (smart alarm)

The 3014AB Filter Alarm (Smart Alarm) from Polylok is a wired indoor/outdoor filter alarm that provides audio/visual warning notifying operators that a tank filter needs cleaning. The Smart Alarm Switch activates when the filter cartridge is near capacity (approximately 90% full) with solids. The Smart Alarm Switch installed in the filter sends a signal to the panel, activating the audible and visual alarm. It offers a manual alarm test switch and horn silence, an alarm horn rated to 82 dB at 10 feet, and 15 feet of cable, with longer lengths available. 888-765-9565;

Pulsar Measurement OCF 6.1

The OCF 6.1 open-channel flow and tank level meter from Pulsar Measurement allows the user to continuously monitor, display, totalize and data log flow through any flume or weir, or measure the level or range of fluids in tanks or vessels. Use the isolated 4-20mA to transmit flow to remote chart recorders or displays, and the control relays are programmable for level/flow alarm and flow proportionate pulse for samplers, chlorinators or remote totalizers. New features include a built-in 26 million-point data logger with software for easy reporting, expanded flume and weir selections, CE approvals, and optional Modbus RTU communications. 888-473-9546;

SWAN Analytical USA AMI Turbiwell

The AMI Turbiwell from SWAN Analytical USA uses a white LED method to measure turbidity in potable water, surface water and wastewater. It includes both a source and detector that are mounted in the cover of the measurement chamber with a drain mounted in the bottom. This means sediment settles to the bottom of the flow chamber while all optics are kept out of the path of potential coating substances. The bottom-mounted drain can be opened periodically to flush out sediment before it can become a problem, with an automated drain option available to further simplify operations. When cleaning or maintenance is needed, the measuring chamber is readily accessible from the front of the analyzer, with no tools required. With a push on the locking pin, the entire measuring chamber swings out for easy access. Quick fastener screws can be hand-turned to open the chamber for cleaning or verification. 847-229-1290;

Security Equipment/System

Phoenix Contact FL mGuard 1102 and 1105

The FL mGuard 1102 and 1105 from Phoenix Contact offer easy, low-cost protection for any industrial network. The security devices have the trusted routing, NAT and firewall technology that the mGuard firmware provides. With the range of functions, even somebody with little network or security expertise can put the devices into operation, whether it’s a new subnet (with routing and NAT) or an existing network (as a transparent device). The Stateful Inspection Firewall and high data throughput demands with gigabit interfaces are suitable for applications with basic security requirements. The Easy Protect Mode network lets users block outside access completely with just a wire jumper — no virtual configuration required. The Firewall Assistant helps the user create firewall rules, and the Test Mode checks the created firewall rules without restricting system availability. 800-888-7388;   


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