Product Spotlight – Water: August 2021

Product Spotlight – Water: August 2021

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Meter enables accurate electrochemical analysis in the field

Water treatment plants typically have access to a sterile lab environment to conduct the required water quality tests needed to maintain safe drinking water. However, at times operators are required to perform quality tests in the field, so having analysis equipment capable of providing laboratory-like accuracy is a must.

With that in mind, Hach recently launched the HQ Series family of portable meters designed for water quality professionals who seek accurate, reliable and robust options to perform electrochemical analysis outside traditional laboratory environments.

“We are excited by the product launch of the HQ Series,” says Jeff Stock, vice president of marketing for Hach. “We listened to our customers who need rugged and intuitive portable meters they can depend on in challenging environments. Hach came to play with the HQ Series meters and we are ready to shake up the electrochemical analysis space with superior meters backed by the Hach legacy.”

The HQ Series secures, simplifies and accelerates the complete measurement process for field users. These portable meters are rugged and ready to take on the elements and challenges of field environments. Visual step-by-step operating guidance helps users navigate challenges on the spot, creating process efficiencies and confidence in reporting and managing results.

“We know that most measuring issues start with incorrect calibration,” says Tim Ayer, associate marketing manager for Hach. “HQ portable meters solve that problem with illustrated, step-by-step on-screen calibration and troubleshooting procedures. We are pleased to offer a new line of meters that speak directly to a customer need — these meters can have an immediate impact on someone’s workday in the field.”    

Hach’s IntelliCAL smart probes are automatically recognized by HQ meters, so users can retain calibration history and method settings to minimize errors and setup time, even when measuring challenging samples. The HQ Series can be used to measure an array of parameters including pH, conductivity, resistivity, total dissolved solids, optical dissolved oxygen, BOD, oxidation reduction potential, ammonia, ammonium, fluoride, chloride, sodium nitrate and temperature.

“It’s as easy as just a few clicks to have confidence in your data reporting,” says Emily Wright, global product manager for Hach. “The HQ Series portable meters ensure your data will be safely transferred through USB or optional Bluetooth.” 800-227-4224;


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