Product Spotlight – Water: July 2021

Product Spotlight – Water: July 2021

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Not only are municipal potable water quality testing requirements diverse, they are also constantly evolving. The quality of the water is a make-or-break, critical characteristic that determines the success or failure of your plant. The instrumentation needed to meet the needs of drinking water plants must be reliable, accurate, simple to use, and also must be extremely flexible.

The 900 Series multiparameter monitor/controller from Myron L includes a suite of signal inputs that can be configured to display a variety of measurement types, including conductivity, resistivity, salinity, TDS, pH, ORP, temperature, mVDC, flow, pulse and percent rejection. It also includes a 4-20mA current loop, two-wire transmitter input that can be defined and scaled to display measurements how you need them displayed. The instrument’s display can show from one to four of these inputs simultaneously or constantly cycle though a series of single measurements.

“The 900 Series combines accuracy, reliability, simplicity and flexibility,” according to the company. “The user-intuitive graphical user interface allows easy and complete programmability of the instrument all from the LCD touch screen. These highly accurate instruments have the ability for simultaneous monitoring and controlling of multiple inputs/outputs.”

The 900 Series’ outputs also provide flexibility. Standard outputs include a 0-10 volt DC recorder output and a single alarmable relay output. An optional output card adds a 4-20mA current loop output, an RS-485 digital data output and two additional alarmable relays. Alarm status is clearly displayed with attention-getting alerts. “Because no two applications are exactly the same, the 900 Series’ large suite of signal inputs can be configured for a variety of measurement types,” says the company.

According to Myron L, the 900 Series is a high-level performer for applications where high-level performance is an absolute requirement, designed for use in a wide range of water-related applications. “It’s designed to be exactly what is needed whether water is your end product, an ingredient, or a secondary but vital process component,” according to the company. “The design includes a variety of inputs, measurement types, and several different types of control and data outputs, all of which can be combined and configured to operate in the most complex water quality applications.” 760-438-2021;   


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