Product Spotlight – Wastewater: July 2021

Product Spotlight – Wastewater: July 2021

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Even if you have good blanket control, unsettled solids can sometimes rise and be carried over into the final effluent. The suspended solids level in the final effluent can break consent levels, leading to expensive fines for your municipality. That’s why a reliable sludge blanket level detector can be a long-term financially sound investment.

One of the newest on the market is the  Sludge Sleuth, which is the latest addition to the line of reliable sludge blanket level detectors from Markland Specialty Engineering. Its optical sensor is ideal for diverse tanks, sumps and pits, providing accurate readings even in obstructed or constricted installations such as lamella separators, and helping plants avoid process upsets such as septic sludge conditions, carryover from clarifiers, and solids wash-out through DAF unit baffles.

“The Sludge Sleuth meets the needs of customers who are seeking a fixed installation meter to provide single point detection of the sludge blanket level,” explains Scott Langstaff, general manager of Markland Specialty Engineering. “As well, it fulfills their request that it automate pumps/valves and alert operators when the preferred concentration set-point is reached. These customers do not require the more comprehensive tracking of the liquid-solids interface level as it rises and falls.”

With simple and effective damping and concentration controls, it accommodates thin or thick sludge and slurries, and even light flocs, automating pumps or valves when the preferred liquid-solids interface level is reached and alerting operators. The Sludge Sleuth helps maximize water removal and optimize feed density and, in turn, reduce energy/haulage costs and improve outflow for reuse. “It is ideal for diverse applications wherever solids are separated from liquids, including clarifiers, SBRs, inclined plate separators, DAF units, sumps, pits and more,” says Langstaff.

According to Langstaff, the Sludge Sleuth features simple installation, no moving parts, a compact design, adjustable sludge concentration set-point control, adjustable response time or damping, a relay that indicates sludge detection and pumps or valves activated, advanced self-diagnostics and an optional delay-off timer.

“Markland has a history of responsiveness to customer needs in the field, as seen with the design and manufacture of our hand-held Sludge Gun and Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detector,” he says. “The same responsiveness to customer inquiries and feedback led to the development of the Sludge Sleuth. So far feedback received by our sales staff, reps and distributors, while limited, is encouraging.” 905-873-7791;


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