Product Spotlight – Water: June 2021

Product Spotlight – Water: June 2021

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More industrial applications are requiring the use of high-purity water. The TOC-1000e online total organic carbon analyzer from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments provides high sensitivity and low-detection limits, reaching 0.1 μg/L using a mercury-free excimer lamp in the smallest and lightest casing available to provide the high-purity water needed in the manufacturing process.

“Key markets include semiconductors and pharmaceutical manufacturing,” says Kevin McLaughlin, marketing communications for Shimadzu Scientific Instruments. “Customers loosely aligned to the pharmaceutical market or use or make USP-grade water are also applicable. These could be customers in such areas as nutraceuticals, cosmetics, personal care, food/beverage, pet food, cleaning products, insecticides, automotive products and fragrances.”

The excimer lamps emit high-energy 172 nm wavelength light by inducing a dielectric barrier discharge within a xenon gas. The instrument also features active-path technology that McLaughlin says efficiently irradiates the sample inside the lamp with ultraviolet light to reliably oxidize organic matter.

The easy-to-use analyzer improves efficiency with a simple configuration designed to be maintenance-free under standard use for a year. The only parts that need to be replaced during regular maintenance are the excimer lamp and pump head. Operators can access both parts through the front door of the analyzer and easily remove or install them without any tools. Additional features include a smart user interface and large touch-panel screen that provide exceptional visibility and operability. The analyzer can be installed on a tabletop or mounted to a wall or pole using an optional bracket kit. A sampler can be attached to the side to calibrate the analyzer on site, offering the flexibility to choose the most convenient location for installation.

Using an optional vial sampler, users can calibrate or validate the analyzer at the operating site. The sampler can hold four standard solutions for creating up to four-point calibration curves. Certified standard solutions, which are suitable for calibration, validation or system suitability testing, are also available.

The TOC-1000e can output data to a USB flash drive in text or PDF format. By connecting it to a network, users can check results remotely from a web browser without the need for special software. According to McLaughlin, routine checking can be conducted from one place, even with multiple analyzers in different locations. 800-477-1227; 


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