Product Spotlight – Wastewater: June 2021

Product Spotlight – Wastewater: June 2021

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Polymers are often used in the precipitation of suspended solids in wastewater treatment. However, due to the dynamic character of many wastewater treatment works, it is difficult to measure and control the actual optimal dosing of the expensive chemicals. Fortunately, ReNu pump head technology  from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group offers accurate and repeatable flow for polymer dosing.

The ReNu PU pump head, available on Qdos metering pumps, offers accurate and repeatable flow for chemicals with a wide-ranging viscosity. Not only does it offer process chemical containment, it reduces operator risks during maintenance.

“The Qdos 20 with the ReNu PU pump head offers repeatable flow of 7.3 gph at a pressure rating of up to 60 psi for fluids of wide-ranging viscosity whilst metering accuracy is assured to ±1%,” says Rob Martindale, industrial product manager for Watson-Marlow. “It is primarily designed for accurate polymer metering applications in the water and wastewater treatment sector.” 

The Qdos 20 ReNu PU responds to a growing worldwide demand for polymer dosing systems in wastewater treatment, according to Martindale. The majority of these systems use polymers to dewater sludge to minimize its bulk, thus reducing the cost associated with the disposal and storage of the cake by up to 75%. Martindale says that users of the pump head have already seen significant process improvements for dosing polymers, when compared to diaphragm metering pumps. 

“Several customers came to us looking for a pump solution that could accurately meter oil-based polymers with various levels of viscosity, and a pump that contains the polymer upon tube failure, as polymer spills are difficult and time-consuming to clean up,” Martindale says. “In addition, this pump is extremely quick and easy to maintain.”

As Martindale pointed out, the ReNu PU pump head is designed to deliver maximum process uptime. This is facilitated by rapid, safe and easy pump head removal and replacement. There is no need for special tools and no requirement for specially trained on-site maintenance technicians. 

Moreover, the ReNu PU pump head offers integral leak detection and chemical containment; an important point as not only can cleaning up polymer spillages be hazardous and time-consuming for operators, the chemicals are also quite expensive, making waste control all that much more important. 800-282-8823;


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