Product Spotlight – Wastewater: May 2021

Product Spotlight – Wastewater: May 2021

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When infrastructure wears out, it needs to be replaced. But your wastewater treatment duties aren’t going to pause to allow your crew to swap out equipment. That’s why quality plug-and-play replacements are important in keeping downtime to a minimum. Howden recently launched the Roots EasyAir Rotary factory package blower with this in mind. With its state-of-the-art features and easy-to-install plug-and-play design, the EasyAir Rotary is configurable to meet the unique requirements in both pressure and vacuum wastewater applications.

The EasyAir Rotary is integrated with controls and has variable-speed drive capability while maintaining easy maintenance and fully removable enclosure panels for 360-degree access. The small footprint and side-by-side installation allow for more efficient use of available space, all while having limited free field noise levels to 80 dBA.

“The EasyAir Rotary was designed with the end-user in mind,” says Matthew Vail, product manager, rotary blowers for Howden Roots. “The enclosure panels can be opened on one side and hinged for access, or can be opened on both sides and completely removed. The enclosure’s acoustical barrier is specifically selected to target noise signatures typical of rotary blowers and limiting noise emitted. It provides one of the most extensive performance envelopes, reaching 5,000 cfm in a single package.”

According to Vail, the EasyAir Rotary provides the customer with air at a given pressure and flow. He says the most common municipal wastewater treatment application is for basin aeration. “The EasyAir Rotary package provides the air, therefore oxygen, to the microorganisms which work to treat and break down the organic matter,” he says. “Units are also utilized as channel aeration blowers to help deter settling and keeping the solids suspended in the wastewater.”

The unit can come equipped with analog gauges or an integrated color display controller for EasyAir Rotary package health monitoring. Its enclosure design allows the EasyAir Rotary to be installed in either indoor mechanical rooms, or outdoors closer to the customer’s process. According to Vail, noise mitigation is consistently a point of focus for the engineering team. “We selected a material that has good characteristics for mitigating both higher and lower frequencies,” he says. “Noise was also important as we were developing the flow paths through the enclosure. We needed to ensure we were getting proper cooling of the package, but also limiting that noise allowed to escape the package. The EasyAir Rotary does a good job of finding that balance.” 800-557-6687;


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