Product Spotlight - Water: April 2021

Product Spotlight - Water: April 2021

Radar level measurement is a safe solution even under extreme process conditions and vapors. But as with any measurement device, accuracy is key. VEGA Americas has introduced a series of noncontact radar sensors designed to virtually eliminate any unwanted or interfering reflections thanks to its precise 80 GHz focus. Getting accurate level measurements suddenly became much easier and more reliable.

VEGAPULS instruments work with both liquids and bulk solids. These sensors are available in a compact version with cable connection housing and in a standard version with a fixed IP68 cable connection. The radar sensors maintain steady, accurate measurements, unaffected by external influences like solar heating, air temperature fluctuations, fog and mist, buildup, and condensation. Users can choose from 420mA, HART, SDI-12 or Modbus as the direct output signal, and ATEX versions are also available. These units are used for level measurements and pump control in lift stations in collections, and also for chemical tank level measurements where they can read through the tank lid to provide accurate and reliable measurements to the maximum fill height.

“VEGA took our 80 GHz technology and placed it into smaller sensors at an affordable price,” says Steve McCuskey, VEGA’s municipal industry manager. “Municipal facilities use these radars in digesters, solids collection, and in bulk tanks of all kinds. They’re even used for flow measurements in flumes and weirs, where their accuracy and reliability are key due to regulatory reporting needs.”

The sensors are compact devices, and optional VEGAMET controllers complement them. The controllers feature a large graphic display that can be used to visualize all measured values. They allow simple implementation of pump control, flow measurement in open channels, and overfill protection. These are designed for operation in outdoor environments and are supplied in a weather-resistant housing.

Both the sensors and the controllers can easily be operated via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet. This makes setup, display, and diagnostics considerably easier, especially in harsh environments or hazardous areas. According to McCuskey, the VEGAPULS series offers reliability in any environment, along with ruggedness and simple operation.

“Changing a process or a technology can be difficult, especially when operators are used to a certain technology or type of sensor,” he says. “But the feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Hesitant customers will often purchase only one sensor to start, and we know they’re pleased with the results when they come back for more.” 800-367-5383;


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