Product News - April 2021

Product News - April 2021

Franklin Electric VR SpecPAK Pressure Boosting System

Franklin Electric’s VR SpecPAK Pressure Boosting System is a pump-and-drive package that combines the benefits of its high-performance VR Series Vertical Multi-Stage Pump with an efficient TEFC motor and variable frequency drive specifically designed for pump applications. It is ASHRAE 90.1-2010 compliant and is designed with NSF/ANSI 61 and 273 certified isolation valves. Users can easily configure it to comply with pressure-boosting needs in most commercial, industrial or multiresidential applications for constant-pressure operation with several available options according to flow needs, control enclosures, interfaces (Touchscreen HMI/PLC) and additional communication ports. 260-824-2900;

QED Environmental PolarGuard insulating wellhead cover

QED Environmental Systems’ PolarGuard insulating wellhead cover protects and prevents frozen condensation on wellheads and gas collection hoses by tightly wrapping them. The PolarGuard cover allows for quick and easy installation using Velcro closures and web buckle straps, allowing for convenient monitoring and maintenance. The covers are available for both Precision Control and Accu-Flo wellheads and can accommodate wellheads of up to 3 inches. 800-810-9908;

Greene Tweed WR and AR pump components

Greene Tweed offers Wear Resistant and Abrasion Resistant pump components engineered from high-performance thermoplastic composite materials for centrifugal pumps and magnetic drive pumps. These composites are available across a variety of materials, temperature ranges and operating pressures to meet pump requirements across numerous applications. The WR line offers excellent wear and friction properties, along with superior nongalling and nonseizing performance. The AR composites are a recommended abrasion-resistant solution when pumping in a watery media with the presence of abrasive materials like sand or sludge. 800-220-4733;

RWI Enhanced Evaporation PittBoss evaporation system

RWI Enhanced Evaporation’s Apex 2.0 system, the PittBoss, enhances pond evaporation rates without pumps, filters, or nozzles that clog, or other costly maintenance issues. The PittBoss uses a powerful fan to take less-humid air from above the containment pond and force it down onto the water’s surface, boosting evaporation in several ways. The high volume of moving air increases evaporation rates, as a strong wind would. The drag from subsurface liquids causes waves that crest and crash, forming droplets that increase surface area, thereby boosting evaporation. The ripples also increase surface area, further enhancing natural evaporation. By evaporating the water content, the system significantly reduces the volume and weight of the waste material, reducing disposal costs, and without releasing any particulate pollutants into the air. 970-245-7104;   


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