Product Spotlight - Water: March 2021

Product Spotlight - Water: March 2021

Remote locations can make water quality monitoring an expensive and complicated task. Traditionally, engineers would visit a site and manually monitor the water quality instrumentation. However, the traditional approach isn’t capable of alerting you to water quality issues as they happen. That’s where MetriNet from Analytical Technology can provide an answer.

MetriNet is a low-power, modular system for monitoring water quality parameters and collecting data at remote locations. This system is suitable for monitoring drinking water distribution systems, greenhouse water delivery systems, produce section misting systems, and other clean water applications. It provides a monitoring package of up to eight different parameters, with reliable collection and transmission of the acquired data.

“We provide end-users with greater flexibility in water quality monitoring and data transfer,” says William Popp, national sales manager for Analytical Technology. “Smart water systems require water quality data that is generated in multiple locations throughout the distribution system. Each of these locations can present unique demands for monitoring, data collection and data transfer. MetriNet is designed to provide a solution to these monitoring challenges.”

At the heart of the MetriNet system is a series of smart digital sensors. M-Nodes are a complete sensor and transmitter housed in a miniaturized body. They operate as independent modules that can be linked via a communication bus. Sensor and bus connectors are IP-67 rated for maximum signal protection. The controller allows setup and calibration of M-Nodes, as well as storing data and transmitting data to either local or remote locations. All nodes plug directly into MetriNet systems and are powered directly from the communications bus. Nodes may be added or removed as needed, and removal of a node will not affect system measurements. Data sampling rates are user selectable to minimize power consumption. Data is stored locally in standard .csv file format for easy manipulation with spreadsheet programs.

“This project was truly customer driven as several years of market research, by way of customer interaction and feedback, went into MetriNet design and development,” Popp says. “Reliable, real-time water quality data that helps end-users improve their treatment process benefits the entire community. As more municipalities move toward a smart water distribution system, we feel that water quality is a critical component, and MetriNet is ideally suited to meet their water quality monitoring needs.” 800-959-0299;


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