Product News - March 2021

Product News - March 2021

Duperon Dual Auger System

The Duperon Dual Auger System is a solution to pump clogging caused by flushable wipes and other pump-fouling debris. The patent-pending DAS uses three proven Duperon technologies to remove flushable wipes at or near where they enter the collections system, before downstream equipment can be impacted. The DAS, which offers a mechanical solution that reduces hands-on labor, can be installed easily in manholes as small as 17 inches. The system captures, dewaters, compacts and conveys solids in a single system. It features completely contained screenings for odor control and aesthetics. Above- or below-grade discharge options offers flexibility for each application and a built-in bypass eliminates sewer backup during power outages. 800-383-8479;

U.S. Submergent Technologies SediVision imaging system

U.S. Submergent Technologies’ SediVision is a sonar imaging system designed especially for wastewater conditions. SediVision allows for greater visibility under dark water due to excessive turbidity in tanks. This information can be used to guide the allocation of limited resources and direct cleaning efforts toward structures with the highest accumulation, resulting in a more efficient cleaning process. The system provides comprehensive pre- and post-cleaning inspection images and reports, and offers recommendations for the best course of action for removal of material. 844-765-7866;

Shimadzu FTIR plastic analysis system

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments’ new Fourier Transform Infrared spectrophotometer plastic analysis system includes proprietary UV- and thermal-damaged plastics libraries to facilitate highly accurate qualification and determines the state of deterioration when analyzing foreign substances, contaminants and microplastics. The system features Shimadzu’s IRSpirit FTIR spectrophotometer, QATR-S single-reflection ATR attachment and the plastic analyzer method package. The plastic analyzer method package includes FTIR spectral libraries for plastics degraded by UV rays and heat. The UV-damaged plastics library includes more than 200 spectra from the UV degradation of 14 types of plastics, unirradiated and UV irradiated for one to 550 hours. The thermal-damaged plastics library includes more than 100 spectra from the degradation of 13 types of plastic heated to between 392 and 752 degrees F. 800-477-1227;

Alfa Laval CM wireless condition monitor

Alfa Laval’s CM is a condition monitoring system for rotating equipment such as pumps, mixers and agitators, used in hygienic process environments. Compact, easy to use and easy to install, it tracks equipment vibration, temperature and total runtime: three of the most widely used parameters for detecting and diagnosing equipment faults. Powering the system are equipment sensors that transmit data to a connected compatible mobile device for predictive maintenance analysis, supporting decision-making with advanced diagnostics such as trend monitoring. Equipment vibration and temperature can be checked by visible notification on an LED indicator on the monitor or through a mobile app on a connected iOS or Android device within a 20-meter range during a periodic walkaround. 866-253-2528;

Watson-Marlow Qdos chemical metering pumps

Qdos chemical metering pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group now feature four configurable outputs to help cut down on the need for additional PLCs and provide extra flexibility when communicating with SCADA or other external monitoring systems. This provides for access to increased options for connectivity, enabling improved communication regarding pump performance and function status. The configurable outputs will sit alongside the current 4-20mA for a total of five outputs. 800-282-8823;

KROHNE OPTISONIC 6300 V2 ultrasonic flowmeter

The OPTISONIC 6300 V2 ultrasonic flowmeter from KROHNE has a stationary, clamp-on design ideal for a wide range of systems. New to the OPTISONIC 6300 V2 is a viscosity range of up to 200 cSt, so no need for re-greasing due to solid coupling material, a next generation signal converter for enhanced application range, Namur NE107 diagnostics, and integrated thermal energy calculation. The flowmeter is suitable for diameters ranging from 1/2 to 160 inches. It has a process temperature range of negative 40 to 392 degrees F. The flowmeter is constructed as a submersible stainless steel sensor rail (IP 68/NEMA 6P). For the complete diameter range, the OPTISONIC offers flexible configurations: single and dual ultrasonic sensors; wall and field signal converter housing; and V-, W-, Z-, and X-mode measurement modes. 800-356-9464;

FTI Flow Technology QCT_PA2 Series flowmeters

The QCT_PA12 Series of in-line liquid ultrasonic flowmeters from FTI Flow Technology are compact, lightweight and designed for use in low-viscosity liquid applications requiring excellent accuracy and reliability at an economical price point. The meters’ construction and Nylon-12 (PA12) material make them the meters of choice for many high purity and corrosive liquids. The flowmeters have non-wetted sensors and no moving parts. They are available in sizes 1/8- to 2-inch, accurate to positive/negative 0.5% of reading positive zero stability, and repeatability is positive/negative 0.2% over 10-to-1 calibration range. It has a 0.035 to 250 gpm flow range, 14 to 176 degree F temperature range, and analog, scaled frequency and Modbus RTU outputs. 480-240-3400;

Hydro-Thermal‘s Hydrive Linear Actuator

Hydro-Thermal‘s Hydrive Linear Actuator was designed from the ground up to optimize the performance of Hydro-Thermal’s direct steam injection fluid heating and cooking systems, to deliver accurate and precise temperature control. It features ultrasmooth and precise movement in a compact yet robust package, and advanced sensors and smart digital connectivity to achieve the perfect temperature. The Hydrive is designed to meet 3-A standards, has a clean and compact design weighing just 30 pounds, and features an adjustable stroke length for up to 1.5-inch of travel enabling its use on a broad array of heater sizes. 800-952-0121;

Patterson Manufacturing davit cranes

New davit cranes are available from corrosive environment and safety experts, Patterson Manufacturing. Give your operations a lift with models in 1/2- and 1-ton capacities. The cranes exhibit the company’s hallmark safety, simplicity and durability, with key features such as a reliable brake with long life and readily available parts, a hot-dipped galvanized finish, and no plastic sheaves or pulleys. They put safety and simplicity within your reach with a low maintenance, easy-to-assemble design that is made in the U.S.A. For over 160 years, Patterson has been a trusted supplier of winches, rigging, fittings and custom products for lifting applications in the marine, construction and mining markets. These davit cranes continue to deliver the company’s promise of helping businesses run safer, easier and faster. Find out how our team and products can improve employee safety and positively impact your bottom line. 800-322-2018;

Flomatic wafer-style check valves 

Flomatic’s Model 888VFD wafer-style check valves can be close coupled with a butterfly valve, allowing for operation of the butterfly valve in an open or closed position with no interference. Its unique poppet design operates quietly and efficiently across a wide range of flow velocities, which makes it ideal for varying flow rates in VFD-controlled pumping systems. The design helps minimize flow losses and hydraulic shocks in the pump system. The spring-loaded poppet system is guided in an oversized sleeve for stability, resulting in quiet and efficient operation regardless of flow rate. The valve begins to close as flow is reduced and fully closes at zero velocity stopping reverse flow, helping to reduce water hammer shock. It is suitable for direct mounting of butterfly valves, eliminating the need for a 2- to 6-inch spool piece. The valves save energy and maintenance costs, and are rated NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372, and they meet MSS-SP 125. 800-833-2040;   


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