Product Spotlight - Water: February 2021

Product Spotlight - Water: February 2021

Popular check valve now available in larger size 

Water wells require heavy-duty infrastructure components designed to operate in high-stress situations for long periods of time. Because much of that infrastructure is located below ground, water treatment operators need to have the confidence to install components that they know will continue working properly over long periods. And with larger wells with increased flow rates now a necessity in growing communities, the infrastructure to deliver that water needs to grow as well.

The Model 80DIVFD submersible pump check valve is an industry-proven heavy-duty in-line poppet-style valve designed to prevent flow reversal. When pumping from a well, water is allowed to flow through the valve, which then closes automatically when the pump is shut off to prevent backflow. Flomatic recently expanded their AIS-compliant Model 80DIVFD submersible pump check valve offerings to include a 10-inch size. With the addition, the submersible pump check valve is now available in an extended size range from 1 through 10 inches for use with variable-frequency drive control submersible pumps or conventional systems. 

Standard check valves will “chatter” and be noisy when a VFD goes to low flow, causing premature wear and eventual failure. The Model 80DIVFD valve is designed to minimize flow losses and hydraulic shocks in the submersible pumping system. It includes a standard epoxy coated (ANSI/NSF 61 approved powder) ductile iron body to support deep-set pumps. A stainless steel guided poppet system ensures that the valve automatically adjusts noiselessly from high to very low flow rates. The radiuses of the valve seat allow a self-cleaning “one point swiping action” by the radius-edged custom molded rubber seal disc. 

“The whole internal assembly can be actuated up and down very easily with minimal pressure required,” says Brian Allen, engineering manager/design engineer with Flomatic Valves. “It is a very smooth, stable mechanism, with no vibration during normal flow conditions.”

All internal parts are made from corrosion-resistant materials and have a high-strength durable design. An optional 1/2- or 3/4-inch break-off plug, the Model “PLG”, is available for easy, safe, and quick pulling of the pump for servicing. The Model 80DIVFD is designed to be more flow efficient than standard check valve models, and is rated to 600 psi and 180 degrees F max. It is also available in an all-stainless steel version, Model 80S6 VFD.

“There is no noise, and no turbulence, with very low friction losses,” says Allen. “That’s all with that high psi rating and at very high flow rates.” 800-833-2040;


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