Product Spotlight - Wastewater: February 2021

Product Spotlight - Wastewater: February 2021

Ultrasonic technology helps control algae

Algae and biofilm often cause headaches for water and wastewater facility operators. They can cause issues such as increased pH, as well as high BOD and TSS, causing discharge issues, and pushing permit limits to the brink of compliance. Ultrasound technology, though, is proven to reduce algae, which can lower potential fines and compliance concerns. The Mezzo-DB from Sonic Solutions is an ultrasonic device designed specifically for algae and biofilm control in water and wastewater applications.

The Mezzo (bidirectional) DB (dual bandwidth) offers a bidirectional sound output achieved with a piezo sound emitter that operates in two different bandwidths for better control of green algae and diatoms in the lower bandwidth and blue-green algae in the higher bandwidth, making it ideal for use in water and wastewater.

“There are two unit sizes in the Hydro BioScience product line — the Quattro-DB and Mezzo-DB,” says Devon Taylor Assael, vice president of sales and marketing for Sonic Solutions. “They can be used widely across multiple applications in the municipal water industry, from drinking water reservoirs, holding lagoons, clarifiers and basins at the treatment plant, to wastewater lagoons, discharge ponds, aeration basins and cooling towers.”

The Mezzo-DB, part of Sonic Solutions’ Hydro BioScience product line, offers a 360-degree range with a single unit. The technology emits over 2,000 frequencies in dual bandwidth, with the range of a single unit covering up to 120 acres of a blue-green algae issue with a single unit. It can be run off a simple 180-watt solar panel floating system that offers a continuous charge. According to Assael, Sonic Solutions has more than 17 years of research and development invested in the Hydro BioScience line.

“Ultrasound is a great fit for the municipal water treatment industry because it helps to reduce chemical use, and assists with customers to keep in compliance,” she says. “There are few instances where ultrasound would not be a good solution, and the sales and customer service team at SonicSolutions Algae Control will help with making sure that ultrasound would be a viable solution for each customer’s application.”

Maintenance on the unit is relatively simple as well. “Our customers love the ease of install, the reduction of chemical required throughout their system, and the more permanent solution,” says Assael. “The return on investment for a typical installation, when compared to ongoing chemical costs, is approximately 1 1/2 years.” 866-562-5423;


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