Product News - October 2020

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Product News - October 2020

Parkson Corp. IGNITE integrated nitrification process

Parkson Corp. offers a nonactivated sludge lagoon treatment solution, the IGNITE integrated nitrification process, that combines Parkson Corp.’s Biofuser lagoon aeration system with the TumbleOx nitrification reactor. The IGNITE offering provides an option to achieve low effluent biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids and ammonia limits from existing lagoons without converting to an activated sludge process. 


Sanitaire - a Xylem Brand Digital Pressure Monitor

Xylem’s new Sanitaire - a Xylem Brand Digital Pressure Monitor transforms wastewater diffusers into smart diffusers. The DPM maximizes diffuser operation and increases energy savings through strategic fine-bubble aeration system monitoring and intelligence. The solution offers users an enhanced digital interface that provides diffuser health data, engineering and economic calculations, and asset management recommendations. The DPM monitors pressure in the aeration system and provides asset recommendations via a user-friendly human-machine interface, providing a continuous measurement of aeration pressure. Sanitaire’s DPM also enables utilities to extend the useful life of system blowers by optimizing diffuser performance. 


Aquatic Informatics web-based Linko cloud service

The web-based version of Aquatic Informatics’ Linko ensures compliance for FOG management. The cloud-based solution is simple to use and uniform across any connected device, and data integrity is maintained with the latest security. Linko tracks food service establishments’ compliance, giving program administrators clear visibility into a city’s FOG program and centralized access to FSE details like compliance history and cleaning schedules. Linko’s web-based solution automatically determines noncompliance by analyzing inspection results and other data to prioritize facilities that require the most attention. 


Badger Meter Dynasonics TFX-5000 ultrasonic clamp-on meter

The Dynasonics TFX-5000 ultrasonic clamp-on meter from Badger Meter accurately measures the volumetric flow of clean liquids and those with small amounts of suspended solids or aeration, such as surface water or raw sewage. It is ideal for water and wastewater applications such as lift stations, booster pump stations and water mains. The meter provides accuracy up to plus or minus 0.5% and flow rates ranging from 0.07 to 33,000 gpm on pipes from 1/2 to 48 inches. Designed to clamp onto the outside of pipes, the TFX-5000 meter does not contact the internal liquid, allowing for installation without shutting down operations in new and retrofit applications. It is equipped with an internal clock and built-in 8 GB data-logging capabilities to log water flow down to one second. The TFX-5000 meter is also compatible with BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics and AquaCUE Flow Measurement Manager from Badger Meter. 


Endress+Hauser Turbimax CUS50D sensor

The CUS50D sensor from Endress+Hauser is a reliable absorption sensor for turbidity and suspended solids measurement in unfavorable environments. Its design is made to withstand aggressive media and is an ideal solution for applications in industrial wastewater or processes. Digital signal processing in the sensor and Memosens protocol provides reliable measurement results. The measuring principle is based on the attenuation of light and provides reliable measuring values. The measurement results can be achieved, for most applications, from a single-point calibration. The sensor is also already precalibrated from the factory for turbidity and absorption measurements and includes various application models. 


CAS DataLoggers dataTaker DT90 Series data loggers

The dataTaker DT90 Series of compact, cost-effective and low-power data loggers from CAS DataLoggers are designed to provide an all-in-one data collection system with an integrated modem, specifically for remote applications. The rugged enclosure and wide operating temperature range provides reliable operation in virtually any environment. There are two models available, the DT90N and DT90L. The DT90N is perfect for smaller applications with digital or multiparameter sensors with a serial output. The DT90L is designed for larger applications with the ability to measure both analog and digital output sensors. 


Flomatic Valves break-off plugs

Flomatic Valves expanded its break-off plug selection on its stainless steel Model PLG and composite Model PPLG. Designed for domestic well water pump systems, municipal well water systems, and irrigation and sprinkler system applications, the plugs are available in sizes 1/8-, 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-inch, all in an NPT male connection. The plugs are designed to drain the well water in the riser pipe to make the pulling of a submersible pump lighter and more convenient. The break-off plugs are field replaceable after use and made of corrosive-resistant materials. 


Asahi/America wafer check valves

Asahi/America’s wafer check valves are installed on the discharge side of pumps to prevent backflow flooding that could seriously damage pump systems. The wafer check valve’s body, disc and stopper assembly are machined from solid PVC plate stock, which conforms to ASTM D1784 Cell Classification 12454A. This material was selected based on its excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties. The valve body automatically centers on the mating flanges, once the stud pack is installed. A directional flow arrow on the valve body indicates the upstream and downstream sides of the valve. The design of the disc and stopper permits the disc to fully open when upstream flow is present, without interfering with schedule piping and mating flanges. 


Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group pumps with EtherNet/IP control

The 530, 630 and 730 peristaltic pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group now feature EtherNet/IP control. This protocol provides access to fast, accurate performance data and seamless connectivity to modern PLC control systems and the Internet of Things. Real-time communication makes processes secure and flexible. The pumps also include a direct interface to third-party pressure and flow sensors, which provides network access to sensor data. Local limits on pump operation can be set, providing a solution for safeguarding process integrity by independently monitoring performance. The sensors can bring the pump to a safe stop should the predefined limits be exceeded. 



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