Product Spotlight - Water: June 2020

Product Spotlight - Water: June 2020

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In the municipal segment of the water treatment industry, systems help unify complex processes that require precision and reliability throughout multiple stages of treatment.

ProSeries-M CHEM-FEED polyethylene engineered skid systems from Blue-White Industries are complete solutions designed to dose liquid chemicals from a tank to an injection point in the process. The systems can be equipped with the ProSeries-M pump of the user’s choice, and both diaphragm-type and peristaltic-type pumps are offered. If requested, the metering pumps can be installed on the skids before shipment.

“These systems are specifically designed for municipal water treatment applications,” says Bill McDowell, vice president of operations for Blue-White Industries. “These SCADA-ready pumps have feed rates from 0.0002 to 158 gph, with a 10,000-1 turndown ratio and discharge pressures to 125 psi.”

Single- and two-pump units are available on skids constructed of chemical-resistant polyethylene with a drop-in-place design. Components include a visual flow indicator and an optional chemical feed flowmeter. Plast-O-Matic components include vented ball valves, gauge guard and pressure relief valve. They also feature Flex-A-Prene tubing designed to stay flexible and leak-free in chemical environments.

ProSeries-M pumps are designed for water and wastewater treatment, and use smart technology to communicate together seamlessly. Flex-Pro M-2, M-3 and M-4 peristaltic metering pumps are built to deliver precise doses of chemicals. The automated dosing helps to ensure consistently accurate chemical delivery.

A tube failure detection system alerts users to failures and shuts down the pump if a failure occurs. A variable-speed brushless DC motor and washdown enclosure minimize maintenance and enhance reliability. Diaphragm-type pumps offer feed rates to 40 gph and include a DiaFlex single-layer PVDF diaphragm designed for zero breakdown or delamination. According to McDowell, the diaphragm pumps offer increased discharge pressures.

“These pumps can offer up to a 175 psi pressure rating,” he says. “In addition, they come with a variable-speed DC motor and a 200-1 turndown ratio.”

According to McDowell, the skid system is also compatible with the CHEM-FEED MS-6 precision chemical feed flowmeter, which accurately measures the chemical being dosed to critical water and wastewater treatment applications.

“These systems are flexible enough to be catered to many applications,” he says. “They are designed to make the dosing process easier for operators.” 714-893-8529;


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