Product Spotlight - Wastewater: May 2020

Product Spotlight - Wastewater: May 2020

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In modern wastewater treatment, odor control is no longer an afterthought. Those living in close proximity won’t tolerate nuisance odors, which means that wastewater professionals need to address odor as a primary concern in the design and operation of collection and treatment facilities.

Simple Solutions Distributing is branching out with the release of its first recirculating molecular air scrubber, the RMS-800. This two-stage filter is self-contained and requires no external ventilation. It is suitable for a large array of odor control needs, including wastewater applications like sludge press rooms and screen rooms, but it can also be utilized to remove any odor associated with a volatile organic compound in any enclosed room, which means it can be used in places like kennels, rendering plants, morgues, evidence rooms, hospitals, cannabis grow and processing rooms — nearly anywhere where there’s an odor problem associated with VOCs in an enclosed environment.

“We’ve had many calls over the years for a self-contained unit, something you could move easily from one location to another and yet still be able to move the volume of air needed,” says Andrew McGibbon, Simple Solutions Distributing president. “The other benefit is that the customer doesn’t have to cut through a wall to install venting.”

The odor solution offers a combination of a high airflow of 800 cfm and volume of carbon (7.5 CF). This increases the life of the carbon and results in a high contact time of 0.56 seconds. The scrubber uses a pressure blower instead of a centrifugal fan, making it more durable to backpressure. The unit can provide two air exchanges per hour when used in a 50- by 50- by 10-foot room.

“Our focus has always been on residential and municipal wastewater and landfill odor control caused by hydrogen sulfide gas emissions from things like lift station odor, septic tank odor and landfill odor,” McGibbon says. “Our standard units typically have a lower range in flow rates, but we’ve always offered larger scrubber systems as a special order.”

The RMS-800 comes with a MERV 7 prefilter for removal of mold spores, dust and other contaminants; voltage in one phase or three phase; a Magnehelic pressure gauge; a NEMA magnetic motor starter; four lift points for mounting to a winch to hold above the workplace; a built-in skid with forklift tong slots for easy maneuvering; and 250 pounds of GC-4 activated carbon. 973-846-7817;


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