Product News - May 2020

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Product News - May 2020

KH Industries CRK series cord reels

The CRK series cord reels from KH Industries are available in three models. The cord reels are versatile enough to work in a variety of environments including models suited for indoor or outdoor usage. The enclosed cord reels are UL listed in both the U.S. and Canada. The 20-foot cord retracts efficiently into the reel to reduce trip hazards in the workspace. All models have two-pole, three-wire grounding, a built-in circuit breaker and reset button. Additionally, the fixed L-shaped mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware keep the reel mounted safely and securely to the wall or ceiling. The enclosure is constructed of black, UV- and moisture-resistant engineered thermoplastic. 


Endress+Hauser Proline Flygt - a Xylem Brand 

MAS 801 pump monitoring system

Flygt - a Xylem Brand launched its next generation pump monitoring system, the MAS 801, with enhanced functionality for more precise station diagnostics, maximizing system performance. Several features of the MAS 801 provide superior asset monitoring, including three-axis vibration sensor, current measurements, temperature sensor, moisture sensor, black-box sensor data to ensure better operation planning and greater control of maintenance cycles, and combined power and communication signals through a single cable for easy installation and setup. 


Sensaphone temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor

Sensaphone’s new combination temperature, humidity and CO2 sensor measures and provides real-time values to any Sensaphone monitoring device that accepts a 4-20mA or Modbus signal. When the sensor registers that a monitored condition falls outside of the programmed range, the system sends an alert with the current value to the operator. It utilizes a highly accurate and reliable dual-channel nondispersive infrared sensor to monitor CO2, a precision thermistor to monitor temperature, and a thermoset polymer-based capacitance sensor to measure humidity levels. Each combination sensor is encapsulated in a pod that can be easily replaced in the field. It is protected from moisture by an IP65-rated enclosure that can either mount on a wall or suspend from the ceiling. 


Franklin Miller SPIRALIFT SR septage receiving system

The SPIRALIFT SR from Franklin Miller is a complete multifunction septage receiving system that automates plant receiving operations. The processed solids are conveyed to a convenient elevation for discharge into a bin, bag or conveyor. The SPIRALIFT SR features a S270-SR automatic control system that controls and monitors all system operations and also an optional S270-SRH hauler station control system that collects transaction data, authenticates haulers, tracks loads and supplies a receipt via a card swipe system. The units are housed in a stainless steel tank enclosure with a quick-disconnect inlet flange for fast connection to septage trucks. 800-932-0599;

FCI - Fluid Components International ST80 Series thermal flowmeter

The ST80 Series thermal flowmeter from FCI - Fluid Components International has been expanded to provide a new Profibus-DP solution along with its existing Profibus-PA capability. The added Profibus-DP protocol expands communication options between a plantwide Profibus communications system for air and gas flow metering measurement and control. The meter provides air/gas flow rate, totalized flow, temperature and instrument health diagnostics over the Profibus digital bus. It is suitable for pipe diameters from 1 to 99 inches and air/gas temperatures up to 850 degrees F. The transmitter enclosure is NEMA 4X/IP67 rated, selectable for NPT or metric conduit port threading, and available in both aluminum and stainless steel. 


Grundfos WellConnect app

The WellConnect app from Grundfos efficiently manages a pump or well business by completing daily water system management tasks on one digital platform, including drilling logs, completion and downhole data, pump history, and maintenance history. The app integrates into one digital platform with five sections: clients, projects, wells map, calculators and pump resources. The WellConnect app is available on Apple iOS, Google Play and PC on the Grundfos website. 


CAS DataLoggers ADS-261 wireless bridge sensor end node

CAS DataLoggers’ new AERINOS ADS-261 wireless sensor end node from Infinite Informatics is designed to transmit data via the Sigfox Internet of Things network and is targeted at remote monitoring applications. It offers one analog input and one digital/counter input. The analog input is designed for bridge-type sensors and offers a high-gain instrumentation amplifier for low-level voltage signals, plus a selectable 5- or 10-volt excitation source. The digital input can be used as either on/off state input to record events, such as contact opening or closing, or as a digital counter input to capture pulses from a device like a flowmeter. 


Prosonic Flow G 300/500 ultrasonic flowmeter

The Proline Prosonic Flow G 300/500 flowmeter from Endress+Hauser can be supplied with either of two different transmitters: as a compact version, Proline 300, or as a remote version, Proline 500, with up to four inputs and outputs. These inputs and outputs provide flexibility with the ability to output not only flow, but also pressure, temperature and numerous other process variables. The flowmeter is ideal for demanding applications, measuring both dry and wet gases with high precision, plus or minus 0.5%, even when process and ambient conditions fluctuate significantly. The meter operates at process temperatures up to 302 degrees F and pressures up to 1,450 psi and can be ordered with built-in pressure and temperature sensors.



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