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Chemical Feed Pumps

Grundfos Pumps SMART Digital

Grundfos Pumps SMART Digital dosing pumps deliver reliable, safe and cost-effective chemical dosing for water and wastewater treatment. The pump’s built-in sensor and variable-speed stepper motor solves off-gassing chemical issues, safety and reliability concerns, and system maintenance costs. Advanced monitoring and self-analyzing options offered by several control variants provide intelligent process control that looks beyond the pump and keeps an eye on the entire system. 913-227-3400;

Pulsafeeder PULSAtron

PULSAtron diaphragm chemical feed pumps from Pulsafeeder have a guided check valve system with a seat-and-ball design that ensures reliable and accurate metering year after year. Their fin-cooled solenoid enclosure dissipates heat, ensuring that the pressure-handling capability of the pump can be maintained. The thermally protected solenoid protects the pump from seizing up in extreme heat conditions with an automatic reset feature, allowing the pump to resume operation upon cool-down. Units are tested and rated under hot conditions so flow and pressure ratings meet specifications. They offer flows up to 600 gpd and pressures up to 300 psi, with a wide range of flows and pressures. Agency approvals include CE, ETL, ETL san. and NSF 61 approval on PVDF material and degassing head models. 800-333-6677;

Dewatering/Bypass Pumps

Cat Pumps stainless steel triplex pumps

Cat Pumps stainless steel triplex pumps mounted to a gear motor can provide thousands of hours of maintenance-free slip pump service. Direct-coupling a pump to a gear motor provides many advantages, including a smaller footprint, reduced noise and increased ease of service with no belts to maintain. A 316 stainless steel manifold, paired with elastomers like NBR, FPM, EPDM and PTFE, allow for many chemical and fluid compatibility options. Performance specs range from 0.1 to 100 gpm and 100 to 10,000 psi. Custom-built power units include pump(s), motor, base, pressure regulator, safety relief valve, pulsation dampener and gauge. Custom builds typically have a three- to four-week lead time. 763-780-5440;

Gorman-Rupp ReliaPrime 

Designed to deliver the benefits of sound-attenuated silent pumps, the ReliaPrime emergency bypass station from Gorman-Rupp operates on natural gas. The engine-driven pump comes with autostart and level controls that allow it to start and stop in response to the liquid level. The unit includes a 3-inch Ultra V Series pump capable of passing a 3-inch spherical solid, and it offers a soundproof, lightweight aluminum enclosure with lockable door panels that can be removed for maintenance of the pump or engine. The unit is a complete backup package ready for hookup for primary pump repair and additional pumping capacity, or during emergencies and power outages. 419-755-1011;

Effluent Pump

Ashland Pump effluent pumps

Heavy-duty effluent pumps from Ashland Pump are available in multiple horsepower sizes for various performance requirements, with efficient permanent split-capacitor motors. The oil-filled pumps have an upper and lower ball bearing design and handle up to 3/4-inch solids. They are made of cast iron, with cast iron impellers and equipped with a piggyback switch (20-foot standard cord) or in manual configurations. They are offered in 3/10, 2/5, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1 1/2 hp models. 855-281-6830;

Rotary Lobe Pump

Boerger BLUEline

The BLUEline rotary lobe pump from Boerger is a self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pump used to convey viscous and abrasive materials. There are 21 pump models in six series with pulsation-free operation, fully reversible rotation, dry-run capabilities and flow rates up to 7,500 gpm. The pumps are stable and wear resistant with a maintenance-in-place design that allows for all wetted parts to be easily replaced through the front cover without the removal of pipe or drive systems. 612-435-7300;

Solids/Sludge Pump

Vertiflo Pump Series 2100

Series 2100 trash- and solids-handling self-priming pumps from Vertiflo Pump offer easy access to the impeller and case to remove debris. They have an oversized, tapered bore and a self-flushing seal chamber. An optional external flush can result in extended seal life. A back pullout design with external impeller adjustment, plus a replaceable case wear-plate, allows for continuous high-efficiency performance. They have capacities to 1,300 gpm, heads to 112 feet TDH and are available in 3-, 4- and 6-inch sizes. They are capable of handling up to 3-inch solids, and the suction lifts to 25 feet. Standard construction is all iron and all CD4MCu. 513-530-0888;

Submersible Pump

Polylok PL-CPE4A

The Polylok PL-CPE4A is a submersible, 4/10 hp, 115-volt, single-phase effluent pump with a 2-inch NPT vertical discharge. It has a maximum head of 38 feet and a maximum flow of 56 gpm. The pump is designed with a 3,450 rpm oil-filled permanent split-capacitor motor and has an amp rating of 6.6 for 115 volts, a rugged cast iron housing and volute equipped with a cast iron vortex impeller capable of passing a 3/4-inch-diameter solid. The stainless steel shaft is supported by two single-row, oil-lubricated ball bearings. The shaft seal is an inboard design with a secondary Exclusion V seal. It has a 20-foot UL/CSA-listed power cable suitable for submersible service and fitted with a three-prong plug. The unit is supplied with an integrated clip for the included piggyback mechanical float switch for automatic operation. 888-765-9565;

Vertical/Lift Station Pumps

ScreencO Systems Patz Shaft Drive Pumps

Patz Shaft Drive Pumps, distributed by ScreencO Systems, are vertical pit pumps that can be used in aboveground or underground storage tanks and include choices of single- or three-phase electric motors. They have high solids and grit capacities with large centrifugal pumps and hardened steel impellers. High capacities include the 3333 series up to 500 gpm and the 4444 series up to 1,580 gpm. They can be deployed in depths from 3 feet to 12 feet 8 inches. The 6000 and 8000 series have a three-point hitch with PTO drive and can offer up to 3,500 gpm at depths from 6 to 12 feet. They can be used with an agitator nozzle to mix and pump fast. The 616 vertical prop agitator is capable of mixing at 9,000 gpm, keeping grit and solids mixed at pit depths of 6 to 16 feet. 208-790-8770;

SRS Crisafulli System vertical pumps

SRS Crisafulli System vertical pumps are designed for stationary applications, such as sewage digesters and lift stations, manure tanks, chemical sumps and dry docks. They are submersible, centrifugal pumps that range in size from 2 to 24 inches. The pumps require no priming, check valves, suction pipes or screens, and they are self-drained. Steel construction assures long life and trouble-free operation. The pumps pass large solids and pump high-weight/high-viscosity fluids with ease. Standard Duty pumps move relatively clean water and are equipped with grease-lubricated and sealed bearings. Severe Duty vertical pumps move sand, silt, mud, sludge or abrasives; are constructed with abrasion-resistant, heat-treated steel (450 Brinell hardness); have dual mechanical shaft seals (to prevent contamination); and an enclosed, oil-filled bearing frame, allowing the pump to perform in demanding environments. 800-442-7867;


Eurus Blower ZG

The ZG blower package from Eurus Blower includes an internal sound-dampening feature lowering both sound and pulsations in blower packages with or without a sound enclosure. The package includes an integrated silencer, base frame, inlet filter/silencer with automatic belt tensioning and vibration isolators. Other components include a motor, drive, valves, flex connections and controls that are provided site specific and interchangeable. The complete blower skid package does not need to be sent to a blower repair facility in the event one item fails or needs rework. All critical components may be quickly replaced, substituted or repaired directly by the original supplier. 630-221-8282;

Gardner Denver Tri-Flow 825

The Gardner Denver Tri-Flow 825 blower for combination sewer jetter trucks achieves 19 inches Hg vacuum and delivers 4,311 cfm at 18 inches Hg and weighs less than 1,500 pounds, making it suitable for jetting and excavation work. Paired with the company’s product-tuned silencer, the unit is quiet and uses 70% less space than a traditional silencer, according to the maker. For greater work site efficiency, it provides 6% higher flow and 7.2% more fuel efficiency at 18 inches Hg. 866-428-4890;

Howden 827 DVJ

The 827 DVJ dry-vacuum blower from Howden is a heavy-duty unit with integral ductile iron impellers. The casing headplates, gear cover and drive-end are gray iron. Carburized and ground spur timing gears are taper-mounted on the shaft and secured with a locknut, cylindrical roller bearings, splash lubrication on both ends, and easy-to-read sight glasses for maintenance. The blower is capable of handling high inlet temperatures for rough applications. An efficient discharge jet plenum design allows cool atmospheric air to flow into the cylinder, so the blower continues to run under blank-off conditions. It comes in a compact, lightweight package and delivers more than 5,700 cfm in an 8-inch gear diameter frame, as well as 28 inches Hg. 800-557-6687;

NamWon Turbo One blowers 

Blowers from NamWon Turbo One are equipped with high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motors, boosting their maximum efficiency of around 98%. They include the latest innovations in air bearing, precision, machining impeller, high-speed high-efficiency permanent magnet motor, high-speed control inverter, automatic control logic and system design. They use an airfoil bearing that employs air as a lubricant, meaning they do not need separate lubricant and have a long service life. Maintenance costs are low because only the suction filter is replaced. There is no vibration and no need for separate sound proofing with a noise of 70 to 80 dB. 821-544-2280;

Pump Controls

Delta Treatment Systems CP20/40/50 Series

CP20/40/50 Series control panels from Delta Treatment Systems provide intelligent monitoring and alarm functions for residential, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment systems. They are easy to install and operate and are available in several models engineered for use with advanced wastewater treatment systems and custom packaged plants. Customized control panels are also available, and all panels can be supplied with UL and/or Canadian UL 508A listings upon request. They monitor air pumps and effluent pumps on the Delta Whitewater treatment system. Additional options include the Series CP22, which monitors the air blower on Delta ECOPOD systems with options for controlling and monitoring UV lights for disinfection after treatment. Series CP8000/9000 control the Delta ECODRIP Pre-Engineered Disposal Systems’ headworks filter system and effluent dosing pump using a PLC for time-dosing drip disposal fields. 800-219-9183;

Flygt - a Xylem Brand MAS 801

As part of a complete Flygt - a Xylem Brand pumping system, the MAS 801 pump monitoring system helps reduce costs over a pump’s lifetime. Thanks to its 24/7 on-site overview of pump data that simplifies methods for diagnostics, this technology enables continuous station health checks on pump operation. In addition, with three-axis vibration, current measurement, and temperature and leakage measurements, you can take timely, preventive measures for increased lifetime of the pumping equipment. 704-409-9700;

IMI Sensors, a division of PCB Piezotronics, Swiveler ICP

Treatment plant operators can be confident that the vibration sensor selected for submersible pumps is impervious to water ingress when using the Swiveler ICP accelerometer from IMI Sensors, a division of PCB Piezotronics. It has a waterproof housing and an IP68 ingress protection rating backed by an integral cable and polyurethane over mold. The product has a 360-degree swivel mount with a floating locknut that allows for easy cable positioning. The accelerometer has small footprint and low-profile design for trouble-free mounting in tight spaces. There are 10-, 20-, 30- and 50-foot versions available. 800-828-8840;

PRIMEX KwikSwitch

The KwikSwitch quick-release float switch connection system from PRIMEX improves reliability and reduces installation and float switch replacement time. It is designed to be installed directly in a wet well. The four-port manifold easily connects one to four float switches for level control applications, and its color-coded wiring pairs and corresponding colored caps make installation and maintenance easy. It is rated for temporary submersion, and its dual-seal design provides improved protection against water ingress and corrosive gases typically found in sewage lift stations. It includes a single manifold multiconductor direct burial rated cable and stainless steel mounting bracket for the manifold. Sealing plugs for unused ports and mechanically activated float switches are available. It is CSA certified. 844-477-4639;

Pump Part/Supply/Service

Smith & Loveless WaveStart

WaveStart, an enhanced pump prime sensing system from Smith & Loveless, is designed to enable faster and more reliable pump priming while eliminating nuisance maintenance associated with flushables rampant in today’s wastewater collections systems. Efficient pump priming allows wastewater pumping to be accomplished at ground level in a safe environment, eliminating confined-space entry for all routine maintenance and inspection. Designed for its complete line of vacuum-primed, nonclog, solids-handling S&L Pumps and EVERLAST Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations, it offers Multi-Variable Sensing, which senses the wastewater profile and determines the pump prime status. Rags, strings, wipes, films, flushables and other debris do not prevent it from sensing the pump’s prime status. Priming speed is increased with a reaction time of less than 100 milliseconds. 800-898-9122; 

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