Product Spotlight - December 2019

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As smart technology continues to be implemented into the wastewater treatment stream, Godwin Pumps, a Xylem brand, had introduced the NC100S and CD100S dewatering pumps. Equipped with interchangeable, application-specific impellers and a new generation of cloud-based Field Smart Technology, these 4-inch, surface-mounted centrifugal pumps deliver enhanced control and flexibility for dewatering applications.

“The Godwin NC100S and CD100S Dri-Prime pumps are designed to be versatile, multipurpose dewatering pumps, for use in the industry’s most challenging construction, municipal, industrial and emergency response applications,” says Hunter Powell, Americas Godwin product manager with Xylem. “Due to these pumps’ unique design and interchangeable impellers, the customer can now select a single versatile pump that can handle complex solids — from 1 7/8-inch solids to modern stringy waste — across a variety of applications.”

While each is ideal for a specific application, the pumps enable operators to switch from a NC100S to a CD100S, and vice versa, due to the interchangeable impellers. This provides a two-in-one solution for each pump to increase the application range and remove the need to invest in multiple fleet models. The CD100S pump is designed for utility and construction applications and emergency response dewatering. The impeller can be exchanged with a Flygt N-Technology self-cleaning, nonclog impeller to deliver sustained hydraulic efficiency.

“Digital technology is creating bold new possibilities to address the challenges of water affordability, scarcity and resilience,” Powell says. “Field Smart Technology allows customers to monitor and control the pump remotely, at any time and from anywhere in the world. The customer knows the exact location, status and condition of the pump, enabling proactive maintenance for increased uptime and reduced service time and mitigating costly pump failures. Remote monitoring and control also supports more effective deployment of labor, as it removes the need for on-site pump watch.”

In addition, the NC100S and CD100S models have a redesigned pump-end, yielding 20% greater pump uptime and 40% reduced service time. Both models also come equipped with a Final Tier 4 engine, cutting diesel particulate emissions by 90%.

Field Smart Technology comes as standard on all NC100S and CD100S pumps in North America. There is also an improved graphical user interface, providing greater choice in remote monitoring and control. 800-247-8674;


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