Product News - November 2019

FCI - Fluid Components International Modbus option for compact air and gas flowmeters

The newly extended lines of ST51A and ST75A flowmeters from FCI - Fluid Components International offer the ability to communicate flow measurement information over Modbus about air or gases flowing in line sizes from 0.25 to 24 inches in a highly accurate, rugged and compact instrument. They combine dependable surface-mount, lead-free RoHS-compliant electronics with accurate, repeatable, all-welded, equal-mass flow sensors. The no-moving-parts design is virtually maintenance-free and leads to a longer life. The Modbus option meets the EIA/TIA-485 standard and provides mass flow rate, totalized flow and temperature data. They’re ideal for use with single-function PLCs, pilot plant projects or large SCADA systems or complex plant distributed control systems. 


Palmer Wahl differential pressure chart recorders

Palmer Wahl differential pressure chart recorders feature an edge-welded, rupture-proof pressure cell for up to 30% added life span and improved linearity. The fully mechanical differential pressure cell with dual-bellows design requires no power and is made of 316L stainless steel. The pressure cell features overrange protection and pulsation dampening to compensate for variations in line pressure, as well as a temperature compensator to protect the unit from drift caused by ambient temperature changes. Available in 12-inch chart sizes, the pressure recorders are ideal for monitoring flow, filtration and liquid levels. Differential pressure ranges from 20 to 400 inches of water are available. 


Neutra-Safe condensate neutralizing pump

Neutra-Safe NSP-50 condensate neutralizing pump combines the functions of two accessories — high-efficiency gas appliance condensate neutralization and condensate pumping — in one easily maintained accessory. It is sufficient for appliances with input capacities up to 500,000 Btu/h. A transparent chamber top is provided for visual inspection of the neutralizing chamber. The cover snaps on and off for easy replacement of neutralization media, which is contained in a disposable fabric sack for quick recharging. The NSP-50 features separate inlets for acidic condensate and nonacidic condensate. 


Centrisys/CNP CalPrex phosphorous removal system

CalPrex from Centrisys/CNP is a high-rate, predigestion phosphorus-removal and -recovery technology that adds calcium hydroxide without ammonium. It is a high-value solution for facilities that need phosphorus removal and recovery before thermal hydrolysis, waste activated sludge and/or primary sludge prior to anaerobic digestion and post-aerobic digestion. The technology, licensed from Nutrient Recovery and Upcycling by Centrisys/CNP, incorporates a thickened sludge fermentation tank or acid digester to increase the amount of soluble phosphorous. Recovered phosphorus can come in the form of brushite or dicalcium phosphate dehydrate. 



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