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Analytical Instrumentation

Hach EZ Series analyzer

The Hach EZ Series analyzer covers a unique range of parameters on a single analyzer platform. Five measurement technologies (colorimetry, titration, ion-selective electrode, voltammetry and chemiluminescence) allow for a wide selection of measuring ranges and applications. It comes in a rugged mainframe with a compact footprint. The user interface is easy to use and keeps training efforts low. Administrator access and activated/deactivated menu keys provide security. Various analog and digital communication outputs support easy integration into systems. Online analysis at programmable intervals ensures low reagent consumption and eliminates cross contamination. 800-227-4224;

KSB SES System

The SES System from KSB can show an operator ways to increase the energy efficiency of pump systems and prolong their service. By recording extensive measurement data, it is possible to evaluate the system operation and identify potential savings and any causes of damage. The operating range can be assessed regardless of the installation type or manufacturer. It can record process variables and vibration levels through on-site measurements, including pressure, rotational frequency, fluid and bearing temperature, analog signals 0/4-20mA and vibration, performing frequency analyses to identify causes of damage. The report and presentation of findings include an action plan and profitability analysis. 804-222-1818;

Control/Electrical Panels

AdEdge Water Technologies InGenius

InGenius control panels from AdEdge Water Technologies are custom-engineered programmable logic control panels designed to meet site specifications for monitoring and integrating treatment systems with auxiliary equipment and controls for water systems. The panels integrate the process in one place for safety, monitoring, ease of service and installation. They are NEMA 1-4, 4X, 12 and 13 certified and constructed from thermoplastic, stainless steel, painted steel and fiberglass. They have a hand on/off selector, backwash indicator, LED lamps, a security key latch and probe-mounted displays for flow, pH, chlorine, TDS and turbidity. They include level and relay controls, auxiliary power supplies, power converter (110- to 24-volt or 12-volt and AC to DC), surge protection, Ethernet networking, audible/visual alarm indicators and a SCADA interface. 866-823-3343;

Delta Treatment Systems CP20/40/50 Series

CP20/40/50 Series control panels from Delta Treatment Systems provide intelligent monitoring and alarm functions for residential, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment systems. They are easy to install and operate and are available in several models engineered for use with advanced wastewater treatment systems and custom packaged plants. Customized control panels are also available, and all panels can be supplied with UL and/or Canadian UL 508A listings upon request. They monitor air pumps and effluent pumps on the Delta Whitewater treatment system. Additional options include the Series CP22, which monitors the air blower on Delta ECOPOD systems with options for controlling and monitoring UV lights for disinfection after treatment. Series CP8000/9000 control the Delta ECODRIP Pre-Engineered Disposal Systems’ headworks filter system and effluent dosing pump using a PLC for time-dosing drip disposal fields. 800-219-9183;

Orenco Systems 4-in-1 Controller

The 4-in-1 Controller from Orenco Systems supports numerous electrical configurations and dosing schedules within a single panel. Both Simplex (MVP-S2DM) and Duplex (MVP-DAX2DM) models are available and can be configured in the field for timed or demand dosing. While the control circuit operates on 120-volt power, the pump circuit is dual-rated for both 120- or 240-volt power, meaning installers and service providers can reduce their panel inventories for new installations and repairs. It includes a programmable logic unit with multiple timing intervals for changing flow conditions, and a built-in elapsed-time meter and counter. It also displays float position and has a float error indicator. Each panel includes a reference chart to assist with troubleshooting during installation and testing, as well as wiring diagrams. It is completely touch-safe. 877-257-8712;

Pulsafeeder MicroVision EX

The MicroVision EX cooling tower controller with PULSAlink communications from Pulsafeeder comes with a Toroidal conductivity sensor, multiple level security codes, up to 10 digital inputs, dry contact alarm output, battery backup, USB data logging capability, and optional PULSAlink communications and 4-20mA analog outputs. PULSAlink allows the user to safely communicate with the controller from anywhere on a laptop, phone or tablet. Users can receive live readings, alarm notifications, and even change and customize the controller and settings over an encrypted cloud-based site. MicroVision EX and PULSAlink is also eServiceReport and Modbus compatible. It is available mounted on a fabricated panel system with pump mounts designed to provide complete and easy-to-install solutions for cooling tower applications. 800-333-6677;


ABB all-compatible drives

All-compatible drives from ABB provide mobile freedom by allowing users to use a Bluetooth-enabled assistant control panel. There’s no longer a need for a ladder for those difficult-to-reach work areas, as users can access drive information from ground level. Because the drive registers within 250 feet of the smartphone or tablet, users can skip all the extra steps and protect personnel by allowing them to stay out of hazardous (arc flash) or loud areas when commissioning and tuning drives. Bluetooth compatibility works on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. 800-752-0696;

Schneider Electric Altivar Process

Altivar Process drives from Schneider Electric deliver added value services to enable business and process optimization through improved life-cycle asset management and optimized energy consumption. The variable-speed drives are aimed at improving overall process performance and enabling full information and operational technology convergence. In the event of the diagnostic functions detecting abnormal conditions, the dynamic QR codes provide a fast troubleshooting method resulting in minimal downtime. The drives are focused on fluid and gas handling applications and are available with a UL Type 12 rating for installation in more demanding environments. They are available for 240-, 480-, 575- and 690-volt three-phase and 240- and 480-volt single-phase applications. 800-788-1704;

Flow Control and Software

AllMax Software Operator10

Operator10 operations data management software from AllMax Software is designed to centralize operational data into one database. Whether from plant rounds, SCADA and Historians, LIMS or other sources, the database can store operational data for easy review later. Calculations, reports, trending and review of data from any time period make it quick and easy to make sense of plant operation and efficiency. Technical support, program setup and training all combine to make it a trusted and reliable software solution in the water and wastewater industry. 800-670-1867;

Smith & Loveless Force Main Sync

Force Main Sync from Smith & Loveless can assist industrial and municipal end users and water companies when faced with problems installing multiple wastewater pump stations on a common force main. Force main pressures vary, and without accounting for the variable conditions, reduced service life and a multitude of issues arise. These phenomena result in impeller and volute erosion, reduced bearing and seal life, excessive pump noise and vibration. The program monitors hydraulics in the common force main to keep pumping at the required flow rate. Utilizing a PLC touch-screen human-machine-interface controller, a variable-frequency drive and a force main sensor, the PLC constantly senses force main pressure and automatically adjusts the VFD to maintain a constant flow rate no matter how many stations are online. 800-898-9122;

Flow Monitoring

Badger Meter Dynasonics TFX-500w

The Dynasonics TFX-500w transit time ultrasonic flowmeter from Badger Meter measures volumetric flow of clean water. It is suited for building automation, water distribution and wastewater collection in new and retrofit applications. In addition to having lower installation costs than an in-line flowmeter, by clamping on the outside of the pipe, it can be installed while the system continues to operate. It has a large, easy-to-read display, provides Modbus RTU and BACnet MS/TP connectivity, and integrates with BEACON and AquaCUE Advanced Metering Analytics cloud-based software suites. Users can program the meter through the front panel or USB cable using SoloCUE configuration software. It is available in sizes of 1/2 to 10 inches and handles flow ranges of 0.1 to 9,800 gpm and temperature ranges of 40 degrees below zero to 250 degrees F. 877-243-1010;

FCI – Fluid Components International ST80 Series thermal mass flowmeter

Designed with wastewater treatment aeration and digester systems in mind, the next-gen ST80 Series thermal mass flowmeter from FCI - Fluid Components International has Adaptive Sensing Technology that combines the advantages of thermal dispersion constant power and constant temperature technologies into one precision-accuracy, rugged meter with the industry’s most extensive selection of application-matched flow sensors available. Its versatile transmitter outputs are compatible with DCS, PLC, SCADA, recorder or alarm systems. They include traditional 4-20mA analog or digital bus communications such as HART, Foundation Fieldbus, PROFIBUS or Modbus. The meter’s intuitive, easy-to-read local display is a graphical, backlit LCD that shows what’s happening in the pipe by providing flow rate, totalized flow and temperature data, which are continuously displayed in a digital and bar graph presentation. Alarms and/or diagnostic messages are displayed as needed to alert operators. 760-744-6950;

Greyline Instruments PDFM 5.1 Portable Doppler flowmeter

The PDFM 5.1 Portable Doppler flowmeter from Greyline Instruments can be mounted on the outside of a pipe to show flow rate instantly. Use it for flow troubleshooting, spot checks or balancing flow. Simply enter pipe diameter with the five-button keypad and it will display, totalize and data log in the choice of gallons, liters or any engineering units. This compact, hand-held flowmeter includes 4-20mA output and 300,000-point data logger with USB output and Windows software. A rechargeable NiMH battery powers the unit and push-button sleep mode extends battery life for long periods of operation. It employs the latest technology in Doppler signal processing with an improved ability to filter out noise and produce flow measurement accuracy far greater than previously possible. 888-473-9546;

Gas/Odor/Leak Detection Equipment

Force Flow Chlor-Scale and Halogen Eclipse

To protect chlorination systems from dangerous leaks, the Halogen Eclipse emergency valve shut-off system instantly closes the container valve when a signal is received from a leak detector, panic button or SCADA. The actuator quickly installs on the tank without the use of any tools and allows manual operation of the valve while in place. During an emergency shutdown event, the system measures the actual torque applied to the valve to ensure that the valve is closed to Chlorine Institute recommended standards and provides remote confirmation that the emergency close operation successfully closed the valve. The Chlor-Scale from Force Flow safely cradles a chlorine ton container while providing critical feed and chemical inventory information. Know in real time exactly how much chlorine has been fed and how much remains in the tank. It can warn of excessive or insufficient feed rates and can be remotely monitored from a PLC or SCADA system. 925-893-6723;


AMETEK Drexelbrook DRX500 Series

The DRX500 Series from AMETEK Drexelbrook is a set of 80 GHz radar transmitters that covers applications with liquids, slurries and solids for both hygienic and nonhygienic requirements. All 80 GHz radar transmitters are especially beneficial for level measurements in narrow tanks with internal obstructions due to their small beam angle. The transmitters, with their flush-mounted polyether ether ketone lens antenna and wide process connection options, are suitable for hygienic liquids. They include a large, backlit LCD screen with a four-button keypad that can be assessed with a bar magnet without opening the housing cover. Each uses software that has a quick setup assistant for easy installation. Each conforms to NAMUR recommendations NE 21, NE 43 and NE 53 and can measure fast-moving processes. The transmitters are available with aluminum or stainless steel housings. 215-674-1234;


Keller America LevelRat

The LevelRat from Keller America proves that wastewater level transmitters don’t need to be bulky, nonstick diaphragms don’t need to be large and fragile, lead times can be short and transmitters can be protected from lightning. It offers 0.5% FS TEB accuracy and dual outputs — analog and RS485 digital. Models equipped with a 4-20mA analog output include lightning protection carrying a lifetime guarantee against damage from electrical surge. 877-253-5537;

Sealevel Systems SeaConnect 370W

The SeaConnect 370W from Sealevel Systems is an Industrial Internet of Things edge device that remotely monitors and controls the status of real-world I/O processes. The module features a powerful, integrated event engine that is configured using an intuitive web-based interface to send alerts and trigger actions when specific conditions are met. The 370W is designed to work with the Sealevel SeaCloud IIoT platform. It features a TI SimpleLink CC3200 ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller unit with a certified Wi-Fi interface and WPA2 encryption for a secure connection to your wireless network. The module includes a variety of I/O interfaces and two 12-bit A/D converters. An optional QuickStart module is available for demonstration and testing purposes. 864-843-4343;

Operations/Maintenance/Process Control Software

PRIMEX icontrol

The icontrol system from PRIMEX is a suitable solution for operators seeking all the benefits of a full automation and control system without the expense and hassle of owning and maintaining these technologies. The cloud-based solution provides full SCADA functionality with secure remote access to an existing control infrastructure through our managed data center. There is no SCADA-related hardware, software or licensing to buy, manage or maintain. It interfaces to an existing local PLC control and telemetry network, offering accessibility, full SCADA/HMI, process control, monitoring and alarming, data and reporting, and asset management. Process information is transferred via secure data connection (cellular, broadband, satellite, etc.) to a data center. Each client then has secure access to its individual system from nearly any internet-enabled device. 844-477-4639;

Process Control Systems/Equipment

Activated Carbon Services - PACS Remaining Carbon Service Testing

Remaining Carbon Service Testing from Activated Carbon Services - PACS provides an estimate to every activated carbon user as to how much longer their carbon beds will last. Carbon beds are expensive and require operational changeout and planning. The testing compares starting activated carbons against used activated carbon. Starting activated carbon is important, as most clients do not save a sample to put in their adsorbers. Three ASTM tests are performed, including received and dry apparent densities, iodine activity, and number and heat of immersion. Each of the tests provides specific information. Test results are then provided to each client. 412-334-0459;

Gorman-Rupp Integrinex Advanced

Integrinex Advanced lift station controls from Gorman-Rupp are custom-engineered to meet unique system requirements. When equipped with FloSmart technology, the control system can detect a pump obstruction and run a cleaning cycle until the debris clears. Upon detection, the device initiates a cleaning operation without interfering with the operation of the pump station. When the cycle is complete, the pump is ready to return to normal operation. If the clog remains, the cleaning sequence repeats until the blockage is cleared. FloSmart helps maximize uptime while reducing maintenance costs. 419-755-1011;

Markland Specialty Engineering Duckbill Automatic Composite Sampling System

The Duckbill Automatic Composite Sampling System from Markland Specialty Engineering automates composite sampling of tanks, nonpressurized pipes, sumps, open channels and sewers, and it facilitates monitoring of effluent for environmental regulatory compliance. Inherently explosion-proof and self-cleaning, it uses compressed air (no pumps; no vacuum system) to move samples up high lifts (79-plus feet vertically) and over long runs (98-plus feet horizontally), even in freezing temperatures. The controller can be located far from the sampling site and can collect from multiple sites simultaneously. Lines are blown clear and dry after each sample. Users program the system to sample based on time or by a flowmeter. Manual samples can be called in at any time without affecting the normal sampling interval. The sampler can be customized for each application. For example, the sampler head is available in aluminum, stainless steel and PVC to accommodate specific pH levels. A compressor is supplied, if unavailable at the site. 855-873-7791;

Pollardwater Grundfos SMART Digital

Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pumps, distributed by Pollardwater, ensure safe and economical chemical dosing in a variety of applications, from the disinfection of drinking water to the treatment of industrial waterlines. The cost-effective, entry-level DDE series is equipped with a manual output control and a maximum turndown ratio of 1,000-1. The DDA series can be used for more complex projects, offering multiple control functions and an anti-deaeration mode for optimal chemical injections. 800-437-1146;

Siemens Process Instrumentation SIMATIC PCS neo

SIMATIC PCS neo from Siemens Process Instrumentation is a distributed control system, or DCS, that brings benefits to engineers and operators in the form of mobility, usability and collaboration. By leveraging web-based technologies, users can access the control system from any device such as laptops, tablets or mobile phones without installing local DCS software and licenses. The system opens up new opportunities in engineering by allowing multiple users to work on the same project at the same time from any location. The intuitive user interface has one common workbench for all DCS applications to facilitate efficient engineering for both new users and experts. The system’s object-oriented data model streamlines the process for making updates to the automation project. When a change is made in one area of the project, it is automatically reflected everywhere. Its flexible plant architecture scales to support applications of all sizes, from small processes to large-scale plants. 800-365-8766;

Thermal Edge air conditioners

Thermal Edge manufactures enclosure air conditioners suited to the environmental conditions of a wastewater treatment facility. Not only are the enclosure air conditioners fully equipped with standard features that protect valuable electrical equipment from corrosive-prone environments, but they can also be customized based on cooling capacity and sizing requirements and more. The 2-inch Louvered Security or Sliding Filter Frames are two options that utilize stainless steel filters to help the enclosure withstand chlorine exposure. 972-580-0200;

SCADA System

Trihedral Engineering VTScada Historian

VTScada Historian from Trihedral Engineering eliminates the complexity and cost of third-party historical databases for systems of any size. Small single-server applications include advanced history with an integrated suite of trending, reporting and alarm management tools. Massive multiserver systems take advantage of the system’s powerful redundancy and synchronization features. Easily configure each server to be an up-to-the-second backup of your process history. Set the order of failover to ensure only one machine polls the I/O at any time. When offline servers are replaced or repaired, all missing history is bidirectionally synchronized automatically without choking your network. Servers that are geographically distributed across a WAN provide complete offsite disaster backups of an entire application. This approach can reduce computer hardware while increasing levels of redundancy for the whole system. 800-463-2783;


Massa MassaSonic FlatPack sensors

MassaSonic FlatPack sensors from Massa are built for durability and versatility with sensing capabilities for close ranges and uneven surfaces. The housing has a slender design, only 1.06 inches thick for the short-range model and 1.25 inches thick for the midrange model, slim enough to fit in virtually any pipe, drain, tank or tight area. These noncontact sensors provide continuous distance measurement while under harsh environmental conditions. The sensing technology enables high accuracy when reading measurements of turbulent/uneven surfaces of water, chemicals or solids. The short-range FlatPack 160 kHz sensor detects distances from 1 inch to 5 feet, while the midrange FlatPack 95 kHz sensor detects distances ranging from 4 inches to 13 feet. The plug-and-play setup, coupled with the customer-friendly interface, makes the user’s experience simple and easy. Customer service and consultation is available to ensure sensor selection is optimized for each application. 781-740-6117;

PMC Engineering Therm-Alert

The Therm-Alert from PMC Engineering is a flexible and highly customizable alarm system intended to warn employees when temperature or dew point in either an industrial or domestic working area reaches dangerous levels. The system is comprised of a high-performance capacitive humidity sensor with temperature element, coupled to a display with one or more switch outputs to control functions such as single or stackable warning lights and/or audible alarms. The system displays and annunciates temperature, dew point, relative humidity or any combination. Setpoints are customer programmable. Operating range is from 40 degrees below zero to 140 degrees F. The display is mounted in a NEMA 1 enclosure for indoors or NEMA 4 for outdoors. The sensors can be installed within the main enclosure or in separate remote enclosures with or without a secondary display. 203-792-8686;

Sensaphone sensors

Monitoring sensors from Sensaphone indicate when conditions fall outside of a safe range. They are compatible with most Sensaphone remote monitoring systems, which provide alerting and data logging functionality. Instant notification ensures prompt corrective action to keep water safe and equipment working properly. ORP sensors measure water cleanliness by detecting contaminants. PH sensors detect changes in pH that can reduce water quality and damage equipment. Toroidal conductivity sensors measure water purity based on ion counts. They monitor chemically aggressive process solutions in applications where conventional contacting sensors may become fouled or corroded. 877-373-2700;


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