Enhanced Performance Management

Enhanced Performance Management

InSight from SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions

It can be easy to get bogged down trying to decide what data is needed to determine optimum efficiency in your plant. But utilizing an automated asset performance management system like InSight from SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions can help ease that burden. Its secure, cloud-based interface uses data and analytics to ensure assets operate at higher levels of reliability, efficiency and output. 

Incorporating modern digital design trends and best practices, InSight offers users greater visibility and transparency into their wastewater treatment operations. Recent improvements — including a geomap feature and simplified navigations — aim to make it easier to use while expanded reporting and file management features enable sharing and analysis of key data points at all levels of an organization.

“For chemical customers, InSight can monitor fill tanks, track reorder data and has the ability to link to other enterprise systems to automate reordering when the chemicals cross below a preset threshold,” says Ashish Aneja, digital innovation leader at SUEZ. “For customers operating SUEZ equipment, InSight can monitor key performance indicators to alert operators of a problem or blockage before it impacts operations; it can also be used to determine the optimal cleaning schedules for membranes or even replacement timing.”

Enhancements to the system include a geomap and asset fleet view that provide enhanced views of all the assets managed and key performance indicators across multiple plants; a modernized user interface and navigation that provides new data-oriented views with easy access to the information used on a daily basis; expanded multisite reporting capability that provides a new level of visibility and transparency to an organization; and additional structure and flexibility within the file management feature. According to Aneja, the base platform by itself is suited for almost all applications where visibility to data and acting on the data is useful, including troubleshooting pervasive issues, optimizing chemical and/or energy usage, and maximizing asset life.

“In addition, there are analytics designed to help achieve greater system efficiency, reduce operating costs and maximize production in targeted water and process applications,” he says. “Because InSight was designed to be flexible in terms of data sources, it can suit a variety of different needs for wastewater treatment right off the shelf or add on customized analytics for more specific uses. Wastewater treatment systems face numerous challenges, including source water changes, changing government regulations and budgetary pressures. InSight has proven an effective tool to help wastewater customers meet these challenges head-on.” 866-439-2837; www.suezwatertechnologies.com


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