Total Control in Tough Environments

Total Control in Tough Environments
SEL-2411P pump automation controller from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

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The SEL-2411P pump automation controller from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories is a preconfigured SCADA-ready device built for unforgiving water and wastewater environments.

“It can withstand 15 G of vibration, 15 kV of electrostatic shock, and temperatures from 40 to 185 degrees F,” says Farah Habashneh-Brooks, an industrial marketing specialist with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories. “It has Class 1, Division 2 hazardous area approval and is available with a conformal coating option to protect against atmospheres where corrosive gases, fumes or liquids are present.”

Terminal labeling helps make installation easy. The controller provides secure, user-accessible programming to facilitate system upgrades and expand functionality. It can monitor and control liquid levels for simplex, duplex or triplex applications in wells and reservoirs or lift stations. It can also control constant speed, variable speed and alternating pumps, and it is compatible with analog level sensors, floats or a combination of both.

“Is easy to set up and install, and it provides shorter commissioning time for water utilities,” says Habashneh-Brooks. “With its preloaded template, technicians and operators can easily set it from the operator interface without the need for a computer. The easy-to-understand terminal labeling simplifies installation in new or retrofit pump applications.”

In addition, the SCADA-friendly device provides industry-standard communications protocols like Modbus and DNP3 over Ethernet and serial interfaces for scalable SCADA communications using most existing or new communications infrastructure. That’s a feature that has impressed users, according to Habashneh-Brooks.

“Customers appreciate its ability to monitor and report power data that can help them protect their assets,” she says. “This unit can monitor and locally record power data — like sags, swells, and phase imbalance and loss — and reports to a SCADA system.”

Habashneh-Brooks says that customers also like that even if they lose communication with SCADA, the SEL-2411P will keep a record of events and alarms on its internal memory. Some customers are even using the unit to lower electrical bills by programming demand periods into the device to avoid using large pump resources during peak energy demand hours.

“This unit comes fully featured for most industry-standard applications but also has the flexibility to be customized by the user,” says Habashneh-Brooks. “We offer free technical support to assist with first-time setup and customized features to meet their specific needs.” 509/336-2527;


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