Providing multiparameter control

Providing multiparameter control
Capital Controls MicroChem3 from De Nora Water Technologies

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You need to keep accurate tabs on the chemical elements added in the water and wastewater treatment process. As regulations and limits are adjusted on a constant basis, the ability to adjust on the fly is paramount. The Capital Controls MicroChem3 from De Nora Water Technologies is designed to do just that.

The multiparameter water analysis system offers both measurement and control of chlorine-based compounds and other critical elements in one instrument that can be specifically tailored to individual applications. According to Ray Mahoney, a product engineer for De Nora, the unit is a fit anywhere that chlorine needs to be measured and controlled for water disinfection.

“The system is used to measure and/or control the primary chlorination system in a municipal water treatment plant as well as monitor conditions in the distribution system,” he says. “In municipal wastewater applications, it monitors or controls disinfection portions of the treatment process. It is also a solution for measurement and control in nonmunicipal process water systems, including applications like pulp and paper plants, and food and beverage operations.”

Features include a color touch-screen display, menu-driven software for setup and operation, and a USB interface for software updates and data log downloads. It was specifically designed to ease and improve the user experience, starting with the simplicity of one single solution for chlorine management that functions as both analyzer and controller. It can be used in conjunction with De Nora’s range of wet ends to measure and control any combination of chlorine, chlorine dioxide, pH, ORP, conductivity and 4-20mA flow.

“This unit is the result of direct market feedback, particularly from customers who wanted an instrument that would be easy and very user-friendly for operators,” says Mahoney. “Customer feedback also indicated the need for a modular system with true customization to measure and control chlorine levels. And they wanted to be able to choose from multiple parameters.”

Additional channels are easily added and field sensors can be changed to achieve new measurements, making it very versatile and customizable. Customer feedback has indicated that the MicroChem3 is easy to set up and use, and that using the instrument as either a controller or an analyzer with multiple parameters that can be selected and changed is ideal.

“We feel that makes this a very comprehensive system that will transition customers into future needs,” says Mahoney. 215/997-4000;


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