Universal analyzer designer for hazardous areas

Universal analyzer designer for hazardous areas
X80 universal transmitter and S88 intelligent sensors from Electro-Chemical Devices

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Every wastewater treatment plant contains hazardous areas where explosive or combustible gases could potentially be present. That’s why the X80 universal transmitter and S88 intelligent sensors from Electro-Chemical Devices are housed in a sealed barrier made with heavy-duty construction materials for the reliable measurement of pH, ORP, DO, turbidity, conductivity or resistivity and 13 specific ions. The X80 is the next generation of the company’s long-popular T28 transmitter.

“This unit takes the same feature set as the T28, and encloses it in an explosion-proof housing and uses optional digital communication technology,” says Robert Wek, president of Electro-Chemical Devices. “That makes it a better fit for applications such as wastewater treatment where you’d see it deployed in hazardous areas.”

The X80 is available as either a single- or dual-channel instrument for continuous measurement with standard MODBUS or optional HART digital communication and three optional alarm relays. It communicates with any Model S88 intelligent sensor, automatically configuring the transmitter’s menus and display screens to the desired measurement parameter.

“It was designed with ease-of-use in mind,” says Wek. “The menus are very easy to use and navigate.”

With its rugged 316 stainless steel housing and large easy-to-read sealed display, the X80 with S88 sensors eliminates the need to inventory multiple instruments. The sensors facilitate two-way communication with the transmitter and automatically convert it to the chosen parameter. Sensors are pre-calibrated at the factory, so they’re ready to use right out of the box and can be immediately connected to the X80. The sensors are waterproof and submersible with all internal components epoxy encapsulated. They are available as either insertion/submersion or valve retractable with flared end to prevent blowout.

“They also come in a replaceable cartridge, which means that when fouling happens, you are replacing the cartridge and not the whole sensor, saving time and money,” says Wek.

The X80 is designed with a 2.75- by 1.5-inch easily viewable LCD display with three easily switchable main display screens for data, millivolt and graphics. The display comes with a gray background and black lettering for loop-powered instruments or with a blue background and white lettering with LED backlighting on 24-volt instruments. The unit was launched in late 2016, and according to Wek the feedback has been positive.

“We have several of these units in the field internationally, and the response has been great,” he says. “We feel it’s a great option for wastewater treatment applications.” 800/729-1333; www.ecdi.com


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