Hach Portable Parallel Analyzer Tests Multiple Parameters at Once

Hach Portable Parallel Analyzer Tests Multiple Parameters at Once
SL1000 portable parallel analyzer (PPA) from Hach

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The SL1000 portable parallel analyzer (PPA) from Hach is designed to quickly and consistently test multiple parameters in drinking water systems. The analyzer can simultaneously test four colorimetric and two probe-based parameters by inserting the appropriate Chemkeys into the sample for one to two seconds. Status bars on the analyzer display time remaining until test results are complete.

“Instead of having to run separate tests for chlorine, monochloramine, free ammonia and nitrite, you can run all of those at the same time, taking the testing time in many instances down from about 20 minutes to eight minutes,” says Ursula Jessee, Hach global product manager — instruments.

EPA-approved for reporting free and total chlorine in drinking water applications, the analyzer uses no powder pillows or glass vials. All chemicals and processes are contained in the Chemkeys.

“As an operator, especially when there are multiple operators running a test, there is some variability,” Jessee says. “The SL1000 greatly reduces that variability because everyone performs the test the exact same way.”

Chemkeys can test for free and total ammonia, free and total chlorine, monochloramine, nitrite, copper, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, fluoride, nitrate and pH, as well as newly released hardness, alkalinity, orthophosphate and dissolved iron.

“As an operator going from site to site gathering samples and doing the testing, you would have to run each of the tests one by one and wait for them to finish before you could move on,” Jessee says.

Probes can test for conductivity, dissolved oxygen, fluoride, nitrate and pH.

“If there were any problems, you’d have to start over. With the SL1000, you’re able to get your sample, insert the Chemkeys into the instrument, attach the probes for pH and conductivity, for example, dip the instrument in the sample cup and start the reading. Two minutes into the test you can start driving to your next location. Instead of spending 20 or 30 minutes at each location, you’re now spending five.”

The analyzer also captures sample time, temperature, site and operator ID. Data is downloadable to an Excel or similar format and transferred via USB cord to a laptop computer.

“It takes away the need to write down data in the field or in the lab,” Jessee says.

The portable analyzer includes the SL1000 meter, carrying case, instrument sample cup, two probe sample cups, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (200 Chemkey tests per full battery charge), instrument manual and USB cable. 800/227-4224; www.hach.com/ppa.


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