Global Pump's 6GST with Soundguard Solves Suburban Problems

Durable, portable trash pump from Global Pump can be used for a variety of wastewater applications.
Global Pump's 6GST with Soundguard Solves Suburban Problems
Attendees look at the 6GST standard trash pump with SoundGuard enclosure, designed to handle a wide range of liquids in wastewater application.

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Wastewater treatment plants must move liquid in various states quickly and efficiently. The 6GST standard trash pump with SoundGuard enclosure from Global Pump drew ample attention at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show for its efficiency, durability and ease of use.

The pump is designed for liquids from water to sewage and biosolids. “The pump has been through a range of performance testing at various duty points,” says Mark Vogel, general manager. “This pump design has been in the market for about 10 years and has been a very successful model.”

The unit achieves flows up to 3,000 gpm and total head up to 202 feet while handling solids up to 3 inches in diameter. It is powered by a water-cooled, four-cylinder diesel engine; alternative drives include natural gas engines and electric motors.

The SoundGuard enclosure makes it a fit for urban areas or plants near residential neighborhoods. The enclosure is made of 12-gauge galvannealed or stainless steel with double-sided-galvanized sheet panels insulated with a 1.25-inch-thick acoustical fire-retardant composite foam barrier. Noise levels are no more than 68 dBA at 30 feet.

The enclosure uses upward exhaust of combustion gases and cooling air. The panels are easily removable for maintenance and repair. The panel doors come with locks and allow easy access to the pump, engine, priming system and controls for routine service.

The heavy-duty pump is portable for applications including emergencies and sewer bypass. A nonreturn valve uses only one moving part to allow flow with minimal restriction. The engine control panel provides preset emergency shutdown protection; an automatic level control can be added.

The unit includes a fully guarded coupling. Pump casings are hydrostatically tested to 50 psig above the peak casing design pressure. Systems arrive mounted on a highway trailer with integral fuel cell, chassis, lights, fenders, tie-downs, lifting bail and front and rear jacks. Trailer brakes are optional.

“The pump is a robust design that provides a dependable and highly efficient solution for municipalities,” says Vogel. “Customers can’t believe how efficient the pump is and how low the cost of operating is.” Options include:

  • Auto Prime automatic compressor-fed venturi priming or diaphragm priming
  • Mechanical seal with biodegradable glycol quench that allows the pump to start and run dry
  • Environmental Box that separates and silences air exhaust and returns liquid to the pump suction for added efficiency
  • Fuel cubes for extended runtimes in remote locations
  • Skid-mounted formats with tie-downs, lifting bail and fork pockets
  • Hose racks and accessory containers
  • Range of suction and discharge fittings, including QD Quick Disconnect fittings and accessories

“The WWETT Show was solid for Global,” Vogel says. “We met several potential customers along with some established customers.” Global engineers are developing innovations to roll out for the 2017 show, including a new compact model.

“We will have our SAE-mounted centrifugal pump at next year’s show,” Vogel says. “This will reduce the unit’s footprint and will not require a traditional alignment. We’re excited about it.” 866/360-7867;


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