Smith & Loveless Everlast Above-Grade Pump Station Offers Easy Access

Smith & Loveless Everlast Above-Grade Pump Station Offers Easy Access
Everlast pump station from Smith & Loveless

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The Everlast above-grade pump station from Smith & Loveless is housed above and outside the wet well, making operator maintenance safer, simpler and more economical.

Designed to handle up to 3-inch solids, features include the Duro-Last stainless steel baseplate, Quicksmart touch-screen station controls, X-Peller non-clog impeller and RapidJack quick-clean check valve, which enables operators to access the check valve by removing four bolts, and be up and running within 10 to 15 minutes.

“One of the unique things about the pump station is it’s installed right at ground level,” says William Flores, vice president of municipal systems, Smith & Loveless. “All the pump station equipment is outside of the confined space wet well. It saves time inspecting and maintaining the pump station.”

For safety purposes, submersible pump stations often require two or three people to perform an inspection.

“With ours, you can send just one employee, which saves on labor hours,” Flores says.

Because of its X-Peller feature, the above-ground pump station easily handles flushable, disposable wipes.

“It’s a single-port impeller so there’s no plugging,” Flores says. “Everything goes straight through the pump. You don’t have to go on a daily basis and remove the submersible station, remove the pump, unclog it and put it back in service.”

The Quicksmart PLC control system enables users to track amperage and input/output status and receive text alerts for high water levels.

“Operators can easily pinpoint a problem by just looking at the touch screen. You can remotely be in your truck visiting one station and communicating with another,” Flores says of the system that includes maintenance reminders.

The pump station is available in four specialized models, from the Series 5000 high-capacity (4- to 10-inch pipes, up to 3,000 gpm and heads to 255 feet) to the high-capacity Capsular for 4- to 30-inch piping, up to 12,500 gpm flows and up to 350 feet of head. Also available are the Series Hi-Head with four S&L pumps in series (up to 1,300 gpm and 316 feet of head) and the Triplex higher-capacity/flex station with three pumps that deliver up to 2,600 gpm and 158 feet of head. Both the Hi-Head and Triplex models are designed for 4- to 6-inch piping.

“A lot of the stations we manufacture these days have the Duro-Last stainless steel baseplate, which is one of the most popular options,” Flores says. “Under the pump you have gases from the wet well. Historically, manufacturers have used epoxy-coated steel baseplates and over time the gases will start chipping the paint. The Duro-Last baseplate prevents that from happening.” 800/898-9122;


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