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Flint Timeline: Trouble in the Making

The water-quality crisis in Flint, Michigan, didn’t happen overnight. Instead, its roots go back more than four years. In this online exclusive — a timeline of the Flint crisis — we’ve compiled many of the major political moments, pulling from various media sources. It’s a chilling look at the who, what, when and where of this catastrophic manmade crisis.


“The lead poisoning in Flint is, at the end of the day, a failure of water treatment.”

-The (So Far) Untold Story of Flint Lead Pollution Tpomag.com/featured

Oh, Deer!: 9-Point Buck Rescued From Clarifier

When a 9-point whitetail buck took a dive in a clarifier at Springfield City Water, Light & Power in Springfield, Illinois, an assistant operator’s daily rounds become a little complicated. Take a look at this video, which has gone viral on social media, and see how plant staff and emergency rescue teams managed to free the water-trapped cervine. Tpomag.com/featured

They Said What?: The Nitty-Gritty of Plant Tours

Water and wastewater plant tours are an essential part of any public education program. In this online exclusive, we get a glimpse into what it’s like to explain wastewater to the public. Find out what grade school students ask while on a tour, learn why it’s important to serve tap water to plant visitors and more. Tpomag.com/featured





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