Worth Noting - September 2015

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Greg Hall Jr., superintendent of the Conroe (Texas) Wastewater Treatment Plant, received the Employee of the Year award for the Conroe Public Works Department for streamlining operations, improving training, implementing technology and educating the public.

Jeffrey Bailey, assistant supervisor at the Allen Harim Harbeson Wastewater Plant (Delaware), was named 2014 Wastewater Professional of the Year by the Water and Wastewater Professionals group. Bailey also has duties at the Dagsboro spray irrigation wastewater facility.

Tim Dumas was named chief plant operator at the Wastewater/Water Plant in the Village of Massena, New York. Dante Romeo was appointed to an operator position at the plant.

Aaron Zahn was named 2015 Young Floridian by the University of Florida Bob Graham Center. As president and CEO of BCR Environmental and NuTerra, Zahn has counseled the U.S. EPA, the World Health Organization, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and state and local leaders on the economic and environmental impacts of innovative wastewater and organic waste infrastructure.

The CH2M global engineering firm received an honor award from the American Council of Engineering Companies for project developments at the Wilson Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant in Collin County, Texas.

The City of La Plata Wastewater Treatment Plant received the Wastewater System of the Year award from the Maryland Rural Water Association for improved quality and consistency of treatment and quality and consistency of wastewater service to customers.

The City of St. Charles Wastewater Treatment Facility, operated by Woodard & Curran, was named small treatment facility recipient of the 2014 Safety Survey Award by the Missouri Water Environment Association.

The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources presented the Ellsworth Air Force Base, City of Vermillion, City of Sturgis and City of Mitchell with 2014 Operation and Maintenance Wastewater Treatment Awards.

Madison County Public Water Supply District (PWSD) 1 was honored for the best tasting water in the state at the Missouri Rural Water Association (MRWA) Annual Open House.

Frederica Water Department’s Dustan Russum was named the 2014 Water Professional of the Year by Delaware Water and Wastewater Professionals. Allen Harim Harbeson Wastewater Plant’s Jeffrey Bailey was named Wastewater Professional of the Year. WWES Associates owner Brian C. Carbaugh was named On-Site Professional of the Year. The Allen J. Williams Lifetime Achievement Award went to David Austin, owner of Delaware Log Homes, and W. David Harrington of Artesian Resources.

Stephen Morton was promoted to water plant superintendent for the City of Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Glenn Clifford was named 2015 Australia New South Wales Water Industry Operator of the Year.

The Village of Van Etten, New York, received the 2015 Water System of the Year award from the New York Rural Water Association.

Harold Henderson of Mud Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was named by Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP) as TopOp for District 7.

Reynaldo Aldava, lead wastewater operator for Surprise, Arizona, was recognized as 2015 Large System Treatment Plant Operator of the Year by the Arizona Water Association.  

Brian Bruce was appointed president of New York American Water.

The Newton (North Carolina) Water Treatment Plant was honored for the 13th consecutive year with the Area-Wide Optimization Program Award by U.S. EPA.

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The American Water Works Association is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 2 – Cross-Connection Control: Plans and Troubleshooting Webinar
  • Sept. 9 – Managing Cyber Risks to Water Utility Business and Control Systems Webinar
  • Sept. 14 – Nov. 13 – Water Treatment Operator Level 1 - Fall 2015, online
  • Sept. 14 – Nov. 13 – Water Treatment Operator Level 2 - Fall 2015, online
  • Sept. 14 – Nov. 13 – Water Treatment Operator Level 3 - Fall 2015, online
  • Sept. 14 – Nov. 13 – High-Tech Operator Course 1 - Fall 2015, online
  • Sept. 16 – Managing Leakage With Advanced Practices Webinar
  • Sept. 24 – Operations Innovation: Driving High Performance Results, Denver, Colorado
  • Sept. 28-29 – Wetland Construction: Planning and Functional Design, Bordentown, New Jersey

Visit www.awwa.org.


The Arkansas Environmental Training Academy is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 1 – Water Treatment Exam Prep, Fayetteville
  • Sept. 2 – Water Math Exam Prep, Fayetteville
  • Sept. 2-3 – Customer Service Inspector, Texarkana
  • Sept. 3 – Water Distribution Exam Prep, Fayetteville
  • Sept. 8-11 – Basic Water Math (Night Class), Fort Smith
  • Sept. 8 – Basic Water Math, Camden
  • Sept. 9 – Applied Water Math, Camden
  • Sept. 10 – PWS Compliance, Camden
  • Sept. 10 – Backflow Prevention Association of Arkansas Seminar, Fayetteville
  • Sept. 14-18 – Backflow Assembly Tester, Little Rock
  • Sept. 15 – Backflow Assembly Tester Recertification, Little Rock
  • Sept. 15-17 – Advanced Water Treatment, Greers Ferry
  • Sept. 22-24 – Intermediate Water Distribution, Rogers
  • Sept. 22-24 – Backflow Assembly Repair, Fayetteville
  • Sept. 22-25 – Applied Water Math (Night Class), Fort Smith
  • Sept. 23 – Backflow Assembly Tester Recertification, Fayetteville
  • Sept. 29-Oct. 1 – Advanced Water Distribution, North Little Rock

Visit www.sautech.edu/aeta/.

The Arkansas Rural Water Association is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 2-3 – Water Exam Review, Lonoke
  • Sept. 22-24 – Intermediate Distribution, Lonoke

Visit www.arkansasruralwater.org.


The California-Nevada Section AWWA is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 2 – Water Use Efficiency Grade 3 Workshop, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Sept. 8 – D1-D2 Review, West Sacramento
  • Sept. 9 – 8-Hour D1-D2 Math Review, West Sacramento
  • Sept. 10 – Cross Connection Workshop, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Sept. 10 – D3-D4 Review, West Sacramento
  • Sept. 11 – 8-Hour D3-D4 Math Review, West Sacramento
  • Sept. 11 – Backflow Refresher, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Sept. 14 – Backflow Tester Course, West Sacramento
  • Sept. 14 – Backflow Tester Course, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Sept. 14 – D2-D3 Review, Riverside
  • Sept. 15 – D2-D3 Math Review, Riverside
  • Sept. 15 – D4-D5 Math Review, Riverside
  • Sept. 16 – D4-D5 Review, Riverside
  • Sept. 23 – Behind the Curtain of Drinking Water, Rancho Cucamonga

Visit www.ca-nv-awwa.org/.


The Illinois Section AWWA is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 1 – Phosphate Technology and Biofilm Control, Carpentersville
  • Sept. 1 – Water Loss and Hands-On Meter Testing and Leak Detection, Channahon
  • Sept. 2 – Keeping the Water Inside Your Pipe and the Dirt Outside, Peoria
  • Sept. 2 – Intro to EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance History Online Webinar
  • Sept. 2 – Backflow Codes, Installation and Repair, Elgin
  • Sept. 3 – SCADA 101, Park Forest
  • Sept. 16 – Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Webinar
  • Sept. 23-Nov. 11 – Water Distribution System O&M 8-Week Night Class, Westmont
  • Sept. 29 – Planning, Design and Construction, Pittsfield Water Treatment Plant, Pittsfield

Visit www.isawwa.org.

The Illinois Environmental Resources Training Center is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 9 – Locates for Water and Sewer Lines, Edwardsville
  • Sept. 15-18 – Cross Connection Control, Rockford
  • Sept. 21-25 – Wastewater Short School, Rockford
  • Sept. 28 – Class D Water Operations 1, Geneva
  • Sept. 29 – Class D Water Operations 2, Geneva

Visit www.siue.edu.


The Michigan Water Environment Association is offering these seminars:

  • Sept. 8 – Fundamentals of Activated Sludge I, Linden
  • Sept. 10 – Collections Seminar, East Lansing
  • Sept. 24 – Fundamentals of Maintenance Practices II, Manistee

Visit www.mi-wea.org.

The Michigan Section AWWA is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 1-3 – Basic Math and Hydraulics Short Course, Roscommon
  • Sept. 10 – Advanced Cross Connection Seminar, Lansing
  • Sept. 28-30 – Distribution System Short Course, Roscommon

Visit www.mi-water.org.


The Missouri Water Environment Association is offering a Lab Practices Workshop Sept. 17 in Jefferson City. Visit www.mwea.org.

New Jersey

The New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Office of Continuing Professional Education is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 1-3 – Operation and Maintenance of Pumps, New Brunswick
  • Sept. 9 – Electricity, Motors and Meters, New Brunswick
  • Sept. 9, 2015-May 20, 2016 – Advanced Water Operations, North Brunswick
  • Sept. 10, 17, 24 – Drinking Water Operator Review Course, New Brunswick
  • Sept. 16 – Introduction to Backflow Prevention, North Brunswick
  • Sept. 16 – Introduction to Odor Assessment and Control, North Brunswick
  • Sept. 17-18 – Ladder Logic, New Brunswick
  • Sept. 21 – Writing Skills for Utility and Operations Personnel, New Brunswick
  • New Jersey (continued)
  • Sept. 22 – Water Loss Management, New Brunswick
  • Sept. 24-25 – Management Skills for Supervisors, New Brunswick
  • Sept. 28 – Variable Frequency Drives, New Brunswick
  • Sept. 28 – Introduction to RFPs: The Do’s and Don’ts, North Brunswick
  • Sept. 28 – Operations Math: The Basics, North Brunswick
  • Sept. 28 – Introduction to Management and Supervision, North Brunswick

Visit www.cpe.rutgers.edu.

New York

The New York Section AWWA is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 1 – Guidance With Rev. Total Coliform Rule/Harmful Algae/UCMR, Ballston
  • Sept. 2 – Guidance With Rev. Total Coliform Rule/Harmful Algae/UCMR, Utica
  • Sept. 2 – Automatic Control Valves, Troy
  • Sept. 9 – Water Meter Technology, Woodbury
  • Sept. 14 – Basic Laboratory Skills, Poughkeepsie
  • Sept. 14 – Basic Laboratory Skills, Troy
  • Sept. 15 – Hydrants, Valves and Meters, Springville
  • Sept. 15 – Process Verification and Calibration, Troy
  • Sept. 17 – Basic Laboratory Skills, Utica
  • Sept. 18 – Process Verification and Calibration, Utica
  • Sept. 29 – Automatic Control Valves, Norwich
  • Sept. 30 – Automatic Control Valves, Wayne County

Visit www.nysawwa.org.

The New York Water Environment Association is offering a Fundamentals of Wastewater Asset Management Seminar Sept. 15 in Watertown. Visit www.nywea.org.

North Carolina

The North Carolina Section AWWA-WEA is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 10 – NCWPCSOCC Exams, Kenansville, Morganton, Raleigh, Salisbury, Williamston
  • Sept. 14 – 2015 Eastern Collection and Distribution School, Durham
  • Sept. 22-24 – Customer Service Representative Training, Lillington

Visit www.ncsafewater.org.


The Oklahoma Environmental Training Center in Midwest City is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 4 – Proctored Exam
  • Sept. 14-17 – A/B Water Lab Operator
  • Sept. 21-22 – D-Water Operator
  • Sept. 28-Oct. 1 – A/B Water Operator

Visit www.rose.edu.

Accurate Environmental in Oklahoma is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 1-3 – D Water and Wastewater Operator, Stillwater
  • Sept. 4 – Open Exam Session, Stillwater
  • Sept. 11 – Open Exam Session, Tulsa
  • Sept. 14 – General Refresher for Water Lab Operators, Stillwater
  • Sept. 21-24 – A/B Water Laboratory, Stillwater
  • Sept. 22-24 – D Water and Wastewater Operator, Tulsa
  • Sept. 28-Oct. 1 – C Water Laboratory, Stillwater

Visit www.accuratelabs.com/classschedule.php.


The Texas Water Utilities Association is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 8 – Wastewater Collection, San Marcos
  • Sept. 15 – Utility Safety, Gatesville
  • Sept. 22 – Basic Wastewater, Victoria
  • Sept. 22 – Wastewater Collection, US Water, Austin
  • Sept. 29 – Water Distribution, Longview
  • Sept. 29 – Math Concepts, online

Visit www.twua.org.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Engineering Professional Development is offering these courses:

  • Sept. 9 – Advanced Communication Skills, Madison
  • Sept. 21-22 – Managing Snow and Ice Control Operations, online
  • Sept. 23 – Management Assessment, Madison

Visit www.epdweb.engr.wisc.edu.

The UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education is offering a Design and Maintenance of Infiltration Practices course Sept. 24-25 in Milwaukee. Visit www4.uwm.edu.

The Wisconsin Rural Water Association is offering a General Safety course Sept. 1 in Plover. Visit www.wrwa.org.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is offering these courses:

Sept. 1 – Groundwater Supply and Distribution Certification, Fond du Lac
Sept. 22 – Groundwater Supply and Distribution Certification, Chippewa Falls

Visit www.dnr.wi.gov.   


Sept. 10 - Florida Section AWWA Region V Eighth Annual Water and Wastewater Expo, Harborside Convention Center, Fort Myers. Visit www.fsawwa.org.

Sept. 13-16 - Rocky Mountain AWWA/Rocky Mountain WEA Joint Annual Conference, Embassy Suites, Loveland, Colorado. Visit www.rmwea.org.

Sept. 14-15 - Odour Management Conference and Technology Showcase, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto. Visit www.odourconference.com.

Sept. 14-17 - Virginia AWWA WaterJAM 2015, Virginia Beach. Visit www.vaawwa.org.

Sept. 15-16 - The Water Expo, Miami, Florida. Visit www.thewaterexpo.com.

Sept. 15-17 - Michigan AWWA Annual Conference, Kewadin Hotel and Convention Center, Sault Ste. Marie. Visit www.mi-water.org.

Sept. 15-18 - Western Canada Water 2015 Annual Conference and Exhibition, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Visit www.wcwwa.ca.

Sept. 16-18 - Intermountain Section AWWA Annual Conference, University Inn and Conference Center, Logan, Utah. Visit www.ims-awwa.org.
Sept. 21-23 - 2015 OU International WaTER Conference, Norman, Oklahoma. Visit www.ou.edu.

Sept. 22-24 - Tri-State Seminar, South Point Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, sponsored by the California Water Environment Association, Nevada Water Environment Association and Arizona Water Association. Visit www.tristateseminar.com.

Sept. 26-30 - Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC), McCormick Place, Chicago. Visit www.weftec.org.

Sept. 30-Oct. 1 - Texas Desal 2015, Austin. Visit www.texasdesal.com.


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