Bar screen with oversized rakes eliminates bottom sprockets for reduced maintenance

Bar screen with oversized rakes eliminates bottom sprockets for reduced maintenance
Screenmaster CS from Franklin Miller

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The Screenmaster CS (chain screen) mechanical bar screen from Franklin Miller provides efficient cleaning and removal of solids from channel installations. The screen features a continuous rotary motion and rake heads that penetrate the screen slots as they reach the channel bottom and lift accumulated debris to a discharge height of 38 feet. Screenings drop from the discharge chute into a bin, conveyor or Franklin Miller screenings conditioner.

“The rakes themselves are oversized so you can pick up larger objects and need fewer rake heads because you get more solids out per revolution,” says Bill Galanty, president, Franklin Miller.

Powered by a 3/4 or 1 hp electric motor, the bar screen can operate continuously or be activated by a S320 program controller on a timed basis or when an ultrasonic level sensor indicates high water levels.

Made from 316L as well as 304L stainless steel for corrosion resistance, the bar screen has no bottom bearings or sprockets for reduced maintenance and smooth operation.

Each rake head features UHMW slotted backing that eliminates metal-to-metal contact for quiet operation. The unit is available with slot openings from 1/4 to 2 inches and is custom built for up to 78-inch-wide channels.

“If an operator wants a 1-inch slot between the bars, we can accommodate that, or even 1/4 inch,” Galanty says.

Designed to replace manual bar screens as well as older, high-maintenance mechanical screens, the Screenmaster CS has a 10- to 20-year estimated life span. Options include ultra-fine screen, screw conveyors and Spiralift SC Wash Press that grinds, washes and compacts solids for disposal in landfills. 800/932-0599;


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