Mobile App Suggests Coatings For Specific Plant Structures

Mobile App Suggests Coatings For Specific Plant Structures
Water & Wastewater App from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

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The Water & Wastewater App from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings provides protective coating recommendations for conventional water treatment, membrane water/wastewater treatment, water storage, water conveyance, sewer collection and wastewater treatment operations.

The free app is designed to help engineers and treatment plant operators access up-to-date coating information via mobile technology. If a new product is introduced or an old product is no longer manufactured, the app displays the updated information.

“Once you find the structure in need of coating, all of the product information can be accessed in just one click,” says Kevin L. Morris, Sherwin-Williams water and wastewater market segment director.

From conventional treatment to membrane treatment, digesters to clarifiers, the app provides coating suggestions for over 35 functional areas across six water and wastewater management sites.

The app’s home screen enables the user to select the type of functional area in need of coating. Recommendations include a primary coating system (primer, intermediate and topcoat), dry film thickness for each coat and total mils. Surface preparation tips and process descriptions are included. Clicking on a product name downloads a detailed product data sheet.

“A key feature of the app is we’ve broken it down by structure,” Morris says. “It can also be referenced for new construction and maintenance. It can be used by a municipality’s in-house engineering design team or plant operator to see what they should use for a specific structure instead of generic concrete.”

The Conventional Water Treatment page provides coating information for raw water intake, booster pump stations, coagulation tanks, flocculation basins, sedimentation basins, filtration basins and pipe galleries.

In the raw water intake structure and pump station, areas of application include cast-in-place concrete, steel and piping. Recommended applications include new construction and rehabilitation/repaint.

Coating options in booster pump stations and pipe galleries include moisture tolerant epoxy for application to condensating pipe, moisture-cured polyurethanes for low temperature cure to 20 degrees F, surface tolerant epoxies for marginal surface preparation and polyamide epoxies for economical protection.

Coagulation tank, flocculation basin, sedimentation basin and filtration basin coatings include polyamide epoxy, low-temp cure phenalkamine epoxy, high-build amine cured epoxy for filling minor surface imperfections, and high-build aromatic polyurethane elastomer for filling surface imperfections and quick return to service.

In membrane treatment operations, coating options for carbon steel tanks and concrete basins include atmospheric and immersion.

The app is optimized for iOS tablet devices and all Android devices. It can be downloaded from the Apple or Android store. 800/524-5979;


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