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Cleveland Sustainability: It’s the Year of Clean Water

From sweepstakes to family-friendly educational events, the City of Cleveland is primed for a year of celebrating clean water. This “thriving green city on a blue lake,” has plenty in store for its residents in 2015. Find out how the Northeast Regional Sewer District will participate, and what the utility hopes to teach the public about clean water, the role of wastewater treatment and more. tpomag.com/featured

Overheard Online

It’s estimated that a ton of treated sludge could contain several hundred dollars of metal. In a city of 1 million people, that could add up to $13 million a year.

- Gold Rush! Could Biosolids Contain Millions in Precious Metals? tpomag.com/featured

Showing Appreciation All You Need Is Love... And Clean Water

Why should your town or city love its wastewater and water operators? Find out what TPO readers had to say on the matter in this blog post. Here, we reveal five reasons why we should all say “thank you” to our operators. After all, your job is critical. Everything upstream, downstream and in between depends on clean water. tpomag.com/featured

Burn Free: The Fuel Cell Alternative

Could cars one day run on energy produced at your plant? Could your home be powered by biogas? Learn more about fuel cells and how some wastewater treatment plants are using the technology to produce electricity and heat — without relying on combustion. With payback in as little as four to seven years, it’s an option worth considering. tpomag.com/featured


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