No-Valve Metering Pumps Reduce Maintenance And Chemical Exposure

No-Valve Metering Pumps Reduce Maintenance And Chemical Exposure
Qdos chemical metering pumps from the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group

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No-valve Qdos chemical metering pumps from the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group deliver flow rates from 0.001 to 15 gph (0.1 to 1,000 mL/min) at 100 psi (7 bar) while reducing maintenance by eliminating the pulsation dampener, diaphragm pump, float switch, backpressure valve, foot valve and strainer.

“Each component in any system requires maintenance,” says Bill Schiller, district sales manager, Watson-Marlow Pumps Group. “When an ancillary item — be it foot valve, degassing head or backpressure valve — is eliminated, the maintenance time and cost is eliminated as well. Each of these ancillary items also has an install point that can leak, adding to the housekeeping and maintenance. This cost also is eliminated when you eliminate the component.”

Designed as a drop-in replacement, the Qdos pump has a ReNu sealed pumphead that eliminates fluid leakage and operator exposure to chemicals.

“If a tube were to fail, an integral optical leak sensor turns off the pump and sends a fault signal to the control room, alerting the operator,” Schiller says.

Tool-free maintenance enables the pumphead cartridge to be replaced in less than five minutes without exposing personnel to hazardous chemicals. Combined with fluid recovery functionality, the pumphead reduces chemical waste, delivering accurate and repeatable flows over a range of viscosities.

Pumps are available in manual (without analog or I/O signals), remote (runs only with 4-20 mA output, no manual option or backup) and universal models (4-20 mA analog input with open collector, 24VDC dry contact, and 110VAC-powered contact I/O options).

Options include the Universal+ for 4-20 mA output and scalable calibration and for fully digital control logic. All models are IP66 rated.

The pumps weigh from 9 to 11 pounds, depending on the model, and are 10 inches wide, 9.2 inches tall and 8.4 inches deep.

A 3.5-inch color display provides instant pump status and can be configured to display in nine languages. Advanced control features include fluid level monitoring, fluid recovery, line priming and intuitive flow calibration. 800/282-8823;


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