Product News - June 2014

Product News - June 2014
SafeGuard Sentinel safety monitoring software from ACM Facility Safety

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WEDECO performance upgrade UV kits

Ecoray upgrade kits from WEDECO - a Xylem Brand, reduce the energy consumption of an ultraviolet disinfection system by up to 30 percent. Kits include Wedeco Ecoray UV lamps with ballasts that enable the lamps to perform at their best for more than 14,000 hours. Sensors guarantee accurate measurements and support optimum operation. Wipers and sleeves keep the sensors free from dirt. 704/409-9700;

NK Technologies APT power transducers

APT Series power transducers from NK Technologies measure three phases of current and voltage, producing an industry standard analog signal proportional to the watts used. They are externally powered, offering 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC output. The transducers can be configured to accept 5 A secondary current transformers or ProteCT low voltage output sensors. 800/959-4014;

Pump Solutions Group AODD pumps

Almatec E-Series air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps from Pump Solutions Group feature a plastic, solid-body design for general chemical transfer, while AH-Series AODD pumps in high-pressure configurations are designed for charging filter presses with chemical waste and sludge. 909/557-2900;

Allen-Bradley Micro820 PLC

The Allen-Bradley Micro820 programmable logic controller from Rockwell Automation features embedded Ethernet and serial ports and microSD slot. Connected Components Workbench software simplifies the configuration, design and maintenance of the controller. 414/382-2000;

Atlas Copco ZS oil-free screw blower

The ZS screw blower from Atlas Copco Compressors has an integrated variable-speed drive and features ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certification for 100 percent, oil-free air. 866/546-3588;

Chemineer static mixer

The Kenics KMX-V state mixer from Chemineer is designed for fluids with extreme viscosity or volume ratios. Features include cross-stream mixing and flow splitting for rapid blending. Other features include proprietary V-shaped blades, liquid dispersion/gas-liquid contacting, standard dimensions to 24 inches, injectors designed to optimize process and high volumetric flow ratios between mainstream and additive. 800/643-0641;

Grundfos Sewer Chewer grinder

The Sewer Chewer grinder from Grundfos Pumps is designed for wastewater and sludge-handling systems and features a durable ductile iron frame and high-pressure pipe flanged seal. Submersible up to 90 psi, the grinder has a NEMA 4X FRP controller and PLC keypad operator interface. 800/921-7867;

PRIMEX Web-based remote monitoring system

The Pump Watch remote monitoring system from PRIMEX Controls enables lift stations and wastewater collection systems to be managed remotely on a PC, tablet or smartphone via a secure cellular network. Alarms are monitored and service personnel notified by email or text messaging. Data and trending can be monitored 24/7 from the website. 800/746-6287;

Smith & Loveless non-clog pump

The S&L Non-Clog pump from Smith & Loveless has an oversized, stainless steel pump shaft that minimizes overhang for less shaft deflection. Shaft runout is limited to 0.003 inches. The full-diameter back shroud prevents stringy material from wrapping around the shaft. 800/898-9122;

Hach portable data collection

Support for mobile devices from Hach automatically collects data and imports it to the WIMS management system, enabling doForms and AuditMatic software to collect information from water and wastewater processes. Data can be collected on Android, iPad and iPhone (Android and IOS operating systems) mobile devices. AuditMatic also runs on Windows Mobile hand-held computers and Windows tablets. 800/227-4224;

ACM safety monitoring software

SafeGuard Sentinel safety monitoring software from ACM Facility Safety continuously measures, monitors and alerts operations and management to process safety risks. The software also delivers contingency plans that can be immediately executed to address issues and reduce risk. The program runs on a Windows-based server in a plant network and can be accessed by any device capable of running a browser, including DCS workstations, operator terminals, tablets and smartphones. 403/264-9637;

Conveyor Components belt alignment

The Model VA belt alignment control from Conveyor Components features a conveyor roller with sealed bearings, four bar linkage and double pole/double throw microswitch. The roller detects belt runoff and triggers the first pole of the microswitch to sound a warning alarm, illuminate an indicator light or stop the conveyor completely when the vertical belt strays beyond 10 degrees from horizontal. The second pole is triggered when the belt strays 25 degrees from horizontal and can be wired to stop the conveyor motor. 800/233-3233;

HEMCO containment work area

The HazMax containment work area from HEMCO Corp. is engineered to isolate large equipment distillation procedures, pilot plant requirements, sampling, weighing and dispensing operations. The varaflow baffle system and bypass inlets safely vent vapors, odors and powders. The ventilated work area is constructed of corrosion-resistant composite resin surface panels. Other features include vapor-proof or explosion-proof lighting, secondary containment basin and raised fiberglass grate deck floor. 800/779-4362;  


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