NEMA 4X Field-Mounted Meters Keep Critical Data In Clear View

NEMA 4X Field-Mounted Meters Keep Critical Data In Clear View
Vantageview series from Precision Digital Corp.

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The Vantageview series of NEMA 4X field-mounted meters from Precision Digital Corp. offer the functionality and features of its ProtEX explosion-proof meters in an injection-molded plastic, NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure for protection against dirt, dust and water.

“Safe area field meters tend to be displays placed inside big, square plastic boxes, which isn’t very convenient,” says Joe Ryan, marketing manager for Precision Digital. “We took what we learned designing our explosion-proof enclosures and made a custom plastic housing. So what we have are the same electronics, but inside a convenient packaging for safe area applications.” The packaging is also less expensive.

The Model 6700 process meter features dual-line LCD for viewing critical process variables at a distance and in direct sunlight, while the 6701 level meter displays information in feet and inches, including fractions (1/8 or 1/16 inch), along with a 20-segment tank level bar graph. The tank level indicator can be scaled independently of the analog input scale. The upper display of the PD6700 or PD6730 rate/totalizers are 0.7 inches high and show five digits of flow rate. The lower display is 0.4 inches high and shows either flow total or a tag with seven (14 segment) alphanumeric characters.

“Generally, you’re not going to get a field-mounted level display that gives the operator a clear understating in feet and inches,” he says. “While I know it sounds simple, it’s a lot easier for operators to understand that a tank level is 28 feet 9 inches, rather than 345 inches.”

Built-in, SafeTouch through-window buttons enable the meters to be programmed and operated without opening the housing. The buttons can be disabled for security with a switch located inside the enclosure. The meters are available in 4-20 mA loop-powered and pulse input models powered by the output loop, DC or battery. The meters weigh 1.65 pounds and are 5.67 inches wide by 5.25 inches high and 4.18 inches deep. Operating and storage temperatures range from -40 to 167 degrees F (-40 to 75 degrees C).

“The two biggest applications I see for these products in wastewater treatment plants are field flow indication and tank level,” Ryan says.

The PD6700 Series has a 90-degree rotatable display with an 80-degree viewing arc. All meters can be password protected and have a high or low alarm indicator that flashes a HI or LO symbol. Several have open collector output options. Three 3/4-inch, NPT-threaded conduit holes enable the meters to be wired from any direction. 800/343-1001;


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