Process Performance Optimizer Designed To Reduce Energy Costs

Process Performance Optimizer Designed To Reduce Energy Costs
OSCAR process performance optimizer from Sanitaire - a Xylem Brand.

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The OSCAR process performance optimizer from Sanitaire - a Xylem Brand, is designed to reduce energy consumption at wastewater treatment plants by as much as 65 percent. The system’s intuitive interfaces provide instant, real-time process information, enabling operators to optimize process performance. It also can organize and present data for trend analysis and compliance reporting, as well as monitoring equipment usage.

“We didn’t want it to be just another software system. We wanted it to be something customers felt they could depend on — and people typically depend on people,” says Sarah Elger, process engineer at Xylem, of the product’s cartoon-like logo. “Therefore we decided we would give personality to it — hence the name and animated OSCAR character.”

OSCAR also was designed to portray certain personality traits. “He’s obviously techy, but he’s also friendly, approachable, a member of the team and always eager to help operators make their plants run at their best.”

The process system continuously monitors parameters in the influent, treatment zones and final effluent. It stages and fine-tunes blowers, pressure, air flow and solids waste to deliver the desired effluent quality at considerable savings. A test at a plant in Sweden achieved energy savings of 65 percent.

“A new aeration system was installed at Sterno Wastewater Treatment Plant. One of two treatment lines was updated with a new screw blower, new Sanitaire Silver Series Low Pressure diffusers and an OSCAR performance optimizer,” Elger says. “The aeration system in the second treatment line, consisting of a lobe blower, fine bubble tube diffusers and DO control without cascade, was kept in place. This line was used as a reference in regards to energy consumption and nutrient removal.”

Energy savings were gained from a combination of the airflow reduction, installation of a more efficient blower, as well as a reduced system headloss gained from the new aeration system and implementation of OSCAR’s aeration control logic.

Elger says while potential benefits vary by plant, most facilities can improve both process performance and energy efficiency. “That is also why Xylem offers a condition audit as part of Sanitaire TotalCare services,” she says. The report highlights improvement potential and recommendations for areas of improvement. “One plant might have massive energy savings to be capitalized upon, but another plant may benefit even more from optimizing and stabilizing the treatment performance either to meet more stringent requirements or even to increase capacity.”

OSCAR can be implemented in a single SCADA system for the entire plant or installed to work without a SCADA and run with a smaller human-machine interface (HMI) screen. The modular system can be designed and upgraded to fit individual plant needs. 414/365-2200;


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