Product News - March 2014

Product News - March 2014
Anua zero-energy biofiltration system

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Redline high-speed wireless system

The Redline Transport Gateway (RTG) Connect high-speed wireless system from Redline Communications is designed to securely connect industrial SCADA systems, providing real-time data collection from and control of devices such as programmable logic controllers, remote terminal units, natural gas meters and pump controllers. 866/633-6669;

Evoqua Water Technologies BioMag System

The BioMag magnetite ballasted system from Evoqua Water Technologies (formerly Siemens Water Technologies) infuses magnetite into conventional biological floc to make it heavier, dramatically improving settling rates, capacity and secondary biological performance without the addition of capital-intensive new tankage.

FCI air/gas biogas digester flowmeter

The ST51 mass flowmeter from Fluid Components International provides precise air/gas flow measurement in demanding environments, including biogas digester systems. The explosion-proof instrument requires little maintenance and no moving parts. Its nonclogging design operates over a wide flow range from 0.3 to 400 SFPS (0.08 to 122 MPS) with low-flow sensitivity. Available for use in line sizes from 2 to 24 inches in diameter, the meter operates in temperatures from 0 to 250 degrees F (-18 to 121 degrees C) and withstands pressure up to 500 psig. 800/854-1993;

Endress+Hauser multiparameter transmitter

The Liquiline CM44x multichannel transmitter from Endress+Hauser features EtherNet/IP connectivity for seamless integration with the Rockwell Automation PlantPax process automation system. The integrated Web server enables the operator to remotely view diagnostic data, perform configuration or access device parameters. The modular four-wire transmitter is available in one- to eight-channel expandable versions. 888/363-7377;

Neptune clear bromine feeders

Model CLR-25 and CLR-50 clear bromine feeders from Neptune Chemical Pump Co. are designed to feed solid biocide or other corrosive water treatment chemicals into a closed-loop system in cooling towers. The CLR-25 has a total capacity of 11.3 kg (25 pounds) with an outlet feed rate of 2.5 to 4.8 kg (5.5 to 10.6 pounds) and flow range of 3.8 to 37.8 lpm (1 to 10 gpm). The CLR-50 has a total capacity of 22.7 kg (50 pounds) with an outlet feed rate of 3.6 to 7.3 kg (8 to 16 pounds) and flow range of 3.8 to 37.8 lpm (1 to 10 gpm). 215/699-8700;

Thomas & Betts interconnection systems

Russellstoll interconnection systems by Thomas & Betts Corp., a member of the ABB Group, range from 20 to 600 amps. Maintenance free, they are fully polarized for exact voltage, frequency and phases. Solderless, pressure screw terminals and rear access, combined with take-apart housings, provide quick wiring access. 901/252-5000;

LWT amphibious dredge

The Mud Cat Traxx amphibious dredge from Liquid Waste Technology has a 115 hp John Deere engine and dual-track drive, enabling it to maneuver over ground and into lagoons, lakes, rivers or canals. Options include tools for mechanical excavating and hydraulic dredging down to 10 feet, as well as weed cutting, raking and collection. 800/243-1406;

Schneider Electric mobile programming app

The Altivar 212 mobile programming app and drive to iPad converter cable from Schneider Electric enables users to perform Altivar 212 and S-Flex drives programming through Apple iPads. The free app, which can be downloaded from Apple iTunes, contains menu-driven parameter sets that walk users through the drive configuration process. 888/778-2733;

Stanley Vidmar 5S cabinets

5S cabinets from Stanley Vidmar are designed to fulfill lean and Kaizen storage requirements. Features include Plexiglas or solid hinged doors with metal pegboard inserts, heavy-duty lock and difficult to duplicate key system to safely secure valuable items. 800/523-9462;

Rotork explosion-proof actuators

ExMax quarter-turn, explosion-proof actuators from Rotork Schischek are designed for use in Ex areas for all gases, mists, vapors and dust. The 90-degree turn damper and valve electric actuators have a temperature range of -40 to 50 degrees C (-40 to 122 degrees F) and watertight IP66 ratings. Options include spring-return configuration, stainless steel housing, two external auxiliary switches, terminal box, safety temperature trigger and manual override. 336/659-3493;

Pulsafeeder polymer makedown systems

Polymer makedown systems from Pulsafeeder are available in automatic and manual versions. The systems feature a three-step, static blending system that provides dilution without harming polymer chains. Systems are available in 0-5 gpm, 5-10 gpm and 10-plus gpm water flow rates. The system is custom-sized to activate all type of polymers with five neat polymer pump flows available. Systems include an auto-fill calibration column, adjustable flowmeter and neat polymer back pressure regulator. 585/292-8000;

Ergodyne head protection

The Skullerz head protection line as well as the Skullerz 8950 bump cap and 8960 bump cap with LED lighting from Ergodyne are designed for applications with overhead hazards but do not require a hard hat, protecting workers from bumps, bruises and cuts. The hats feature a flanged shell that expands or contracts to fit the worker’s head for a secure fit. Thermo-formed foam and a ventilated shell provide optimized breathability. The shell also can be removed for cleaning. 800/225-8238;

Rockwell Automation electronic overload relay

The Allen-Bradley E300 electronic overload relay from Rockwell Automation integrates communications, including EtherNet/IP, current measurement technology and I/O options in a modular design. The dual-port EtherNet/IP option enables overload relays to be daisy-chained and eliminates the need for an Ethernet switch. 414/382-2000;

Industrial Test Systems hand-held photometer

The eXact iDip hand-held photometer from Industrial Test Systems uses Bluetooth Smart wireless technology to connect with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, enabling test data to be shared via email, while the built-in GPS provides easy retrieval of water locations. 800/861-9712;

DeZURIK severe service knife gate valve

The KSV severe service knife gate valve from DeZURIK Water Controls features ANSI B16.34 Class 150 and 300 pressure ratings, bidirectional dead end shut-off capability, bidirectional drip tight seal, bonnetless design for ANSI 300 service and hardened seat materials. 320/259-2000;

Miox on-site chemical generators

On-site chemical generators from Miox Corp. are designed for water and wastewater disinfection. Mixed oxidant solution (MOS) and hypochlorate generators are available in a variety of sizes. The vault uses salt and power to generate 15 to 100 gpd or pounds per day of chemical at the point of use. The generators feature air-cooled power supply, corrosion-resistant cabinet and touch-screen display. 800/646-9426;

Xylem process performance optimizer

The OSCAR process performance optimizer from Sanitaire — a Xylem Brand, is designed to help reduce a facility’s energy consumption by 65 percent. The system provides a detailed overview of plant operations and performance. Combining real-time analytics with smart process control programming, the system monitors influent, in-basin and effluent parameters. It also can fine-tune aeration control and use sludge inventory management systems (SIMS) software to maintain optimal solids retention time. With up to 20 sensors, the modular design can be adapted for future requirements. 414/365-2200;

Palmer Wahl custom dial faces

Custom dial faces from Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group are available on bimetal and direct drive dial thermometers and pressure gauges with screw-on bezels. Custom options include dial scales with different units of measure, color scales, high visibility markings, color pie-wedge sectors, bands or lines. Warnings or quick reference instructions for operators or QR codes are available. 800/421-2853;

Greyline multi-sensor area-velocity flowmeter

The AVMC 5.1 multi-sensor area-velocity flowmeter from Greyline Instruments is designed for municipal stormwater, combined effluent, raw sewage and irrigation water. The flowmeter uses three submerged ultrasonic sensors to continuously measure velocity at different points in the channel and provide an average velocity reading for flow monitoring. One of the sensors also can monitor the water level or a separate, noncontacting ultrasonic level sensor can be used in the system. 888/473-9546;

Anua zero-energy biofiltration system

The Compact Monafil zero-energy biofiltration system from Anua uses granular, high-density peat media to remove odors, VOCs, sulfur and nitrogen-based compounds. The system also uses shell-based media to maintain a neutral pH within the prepackaged biofilter. 800/787-2356;

Sensorex direct fit replacement probes

S420 Series probes from Sensorex Corp. are designed as a direct replacement for Strantrol pH and ORP probes. Made of CPVC, the chemically resistant probes have a measurement range of 0-14 pH or -1,000 to 1,000 mV for ORP, temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees C (32 to 120 degrees F) and maximum pressure of 100 psig. The threaded 1/2-inch NPT connection enables inline installation. Both probes are available with 30-inch or 10-foot cable. 714/895-4344;

FreeWave wireless I/O networking

The WaveLine 10i, Class I, Division I (C1D1) certified high-performance wireless I/O networking from FreeWave Technologies is designed for applications in hazardous environments in water and wastewater industries. The system monitors pressures, temperatures and liquid levels, while eliminating the need for conduit and installation outside of the C1D1 area. 800/548-5616;  


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