Pumps, Drives and Valves

Clean-water operators depend on quality pumps, drives and valves to move clean, fresh water out to their customers. Here are several of the products on the market designed to keep the water flowing smoothly and efficiently.
Pumps, Drives and Valves
High-temperature regenerative blower

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Clean-water operators depend on quality pumps, drives and valves to move clean, fresh water out to their customers. Here are several of the products on the market designed to keep the water flowing smoothly and efficiently.


  Bypass pump

The Yakka150i bypass/dewatering pump from AllightPrimax has replaceable wear plates and impellers in stainless steel. It operates quietly, emitting only 65 dBA at 23 feet. The body is impact resistant and requires minimal maintenance. The strong tubular frame design provides side and end protection. Lockable gull wing doors are wrapped over the body for security and easy access. All controls are inside the lockable module. 877/477-4629; www.allightprimax.com.

  High-temperature regenerative blower

H Series regenerative blowers from All-Star Products include high-temperature components to combat premature failures, adding a temperature safety margin to ensure continued operation despite momentary high amperage or load conditions. Features include bearing lubricant rated 385 degrees F, Class H motor insulation rated 355 degrees F and Viton seals rated 500 degrees F. 800/431-8258; www.all-star-usa.com.

  Self-priming pump

STX Series self-priming pumps from Cornell Pump Company are available in 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch sizes and can pump up to 2,400 gpm. They are made of ductile iron, and include a semi-enclosed impeller, an oversized oil reservoir that enables high-speed operation, heavy-duty bearings and frame, stress-proof shafts and Cycloseal mechanical seal technology to increase seal life. 503/653-0330; www.cornellpump.com.

  Battery-powered chemical pump

The EF Series pump from Finish Thompson is powered by a 12-volt lithium-ion battery. An optional 12-volt car charger allows the pump motor to be recharged between stops. The combination of a chemical duty EF Series pump tube and the cordless motor make it well suited for remote chemical transfer in water distribution systems. 814/455-4478; www.finishthompson.com.

  Pump backup system

The ReliaPrime emergency bypass station from Gorman-Rupp Company operates on natural gas, making it quiet, efficient and environmentally friendly. It includes a 6-inch Super T Series pump, and offers a soundproof lightweight aluminum enclosure with lockable door panels that can be removed for maintenance. It is a complete backup package, ready for hookup for emergencies and power outages, primary pump repair and additional pumping capacity. 419/755-1011; www.grpumps.com.

  Diaphragm dosing pump

The MEMDOS LP motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump from Lutz-JESCO America Corp. offers capacities to 270 gph; a 115 VAC, positive 5 or negative 5 percent, 60 Hz power supply; pressures up to 232 psig; greater than 90 percent motor efficiency; dosing control and diaphragm rupture inputs; batch dosing with interval and timer functions; infinitely adjustable stroke frequency from 0 to 100 percent; and external control via standard signal 0/4-20 mA. It is available in PVC, PVDF, polypropylene and stainless steel construction with an Ethernet interface. It can be outfitted with a double diaphragm system. 800/554-2762; www.lutzjescoamerica.com.

  Regenerative blower

The 4RB regenerative blower from Republic Blower Systems is low-maintenance, oil-free and energy efficient. It is available with one or two impeller stage configurations. Airflows range from 33 to 777 cfm. It has a low noise range of 62 to 88 dB. 800/847-0380; www.republicsales.com.

  Four-inch submersible pump kit

Four-inch submersible pumps from Pentair / Myers can be prepackaged with a Pentek Intellidrive variable-frequency drive in a contractor-friendly kit for well water applications requiring constant pressure. The kit combines the pump, motor and drive. The VFD extends pump and motor life with soft start/coast-to-stop functionality. The kit is three-wire compatible, with one- or three-phase output. 888/416-9513; www.femyers.com.

  Disinfection skid metering system

Packaged skid disinfection metering systems from seepex eliminate the costs of engineering, procuring, assembling and commissioning flow control systems. They can deliver thin to highly viscous liquids as well as corrosive and solids-laden chemicals. All components resist acidic and caustic environments. Nonpulsating flow assures accurate and reliable metering without pulsation dampeners. The progressive cavity pumps do not have ball valves, are not prone to vapor lock and do not require back-pressure valves or priming chambers. Units are delivered complete with controls and skids for floor or wall mounting. 937/864-7150; www.seepex.com.

  Water booster pump station

Packaged water booster pump stations from Smith & Loveless include piping, valves and controls, service, and jockey and fire pumps. Capacities range from 50 gpm to more than 10 mgd. Service lines from 2 to 20 inches or larger are available. Multiple shell configurations are available. Widths and lengths can be sized to specifications, with a maximum width up to 12 feet for factory-assembled units. Fiberglass, steel or prefabricated housings are available. 800/898-9122; www.smithandloveless.com.

  High-pressure pump

The PKX201H high-pressure pump from Subaru Industrial Power Products combines an overhead-cam engine with high-pressure capabilities and heavy-duty construction. Powered by a 6 hp Subaru EX17 engine, the 2-inch pump offers a lift height of up to 275 feet and a maximum delivery volume of 127 gpm. It uses a large-diameter impeller with shallow vanes to attain high pressure. A hardened cast-iron volute withstands suspended particles and small solids sucked through the strainer, while an abrasion-resistant, cast-iron three-blade impeller and a replaceable wear plate extend life and reduce maintenance. 847/540-7300; www.subarupower.com.

  AODD pump parts

Aftermarket AODD pump parts from ThinQk Pump Parts fit Aro, Blagdon, Depa, Graco, Sandpiper, Versa-Matic, VerderAir, and Yamada air-operated diaphragm pumps. All aftermarket parts are honored with the same warranty as OEM parts. www.thinqk.com.


  Variable-frequency drive

The NEMA 4X/IP66-rated AQUA Drive variable-frequency drive from Danfoss VLT Drives can be installed directly at the equipment location without a protective enclosure. Drives are suitable for installations that require protection against windblown dust and rain or splashing water. All cast aluminium parts are powder coated with durable epoxy. The drives include a conformal-coated circuit board for added protection in corrosive environments and all-stainless steel screws. Units can be installed near a motor or blower to facilitate modular plant design and have short 1,000-foot motor cable runs. 800/432-6367; www.danfossdrives.com.

  Grounded bearing isolator

The SGi bearing isolator from Garlock Sealing Technologies uses maintenance-free, shaft voltage mitigation technology that provides bearing protection by preventing contamination, lubrication loss and electrical damage in variable-speed drives. It combines a GUARDIAN bronze non-sparking, noncontact labyrinth seal and an AEGIS shaft-grounding ring to protect bearings and reduce maintenance. Fitted with a standard fluoroelastomer (FKM) rotor O-ring, it can be supplied with alternate O-ring materials on request. It can replace both contact lip seals and traditional bearing isolators and is available in flanged, flangeless and custom configurations. 800/448-6688; www.garlock.com.

  Versatile AC drive

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750 Series AC drives from Rockwell Automation are designed for ease of use, simplified integration and application flexibility. With a power range of 0.75 to 1,500 kW and 400/480 and 600/690 volt capability, the drives offer predictive diagnostics and built-in protection. They have a slot-based hardware architecture that reduces unnecessary add-ons and lets users select option cards to suit an application and expand the drive for future needs. 414/382-2000; www.rockwellenergycalc.com.

  Adjustable-speed drive

The P9 low-voltage adjustable-speed drive from Toshiba International Corp. uses Virtual Linear Pump (VLP) Technology, which creates a linear system curve by automatically tuning the drive to a system and assigning maximum and minimum operating points. Using transducer feedback, the process control mode maintains a setpoint with minimal rise time and virtually no overshoot, settling time or steady-state error. This mode can be used to maintain pressure, flow, level or temperature. Benefits include running the device at its best efficiency point, load sharing over multiple devices, sleep-timer control and the ability to turn on secondary devices. It is best suited for pump and blower applications. 800/231-1412; www.toshiba.com/ind.


  Efficient aerator and mixer motor

Endura Series motors from Aqua-Aerobic Systems are high- and premium-efficiency options for Aqua-Jet surface aerators and AquaDDM direct-drive mixers. They are available in a variety of power ratings and operate under severe conditions. They require no greasing and limited maintenance. 800/940-5008; www.aqua-aerobic.com.

  Submersible motor

Reliance submersible motors from Baldor Electric Co. can be used for wet- and dry-pit applications. Wet-pit motors use effluent for cooling and can run for 15 minutes in air. Dry-pit motors run continuously in air or submerged. The motors are corrosion resistant with cast-iron frame and end shields, 316 stainless steel hardware and 416 stainless steel shafts. They are U/L listed and CSA certified for Class 1 Division 1 Groups C & D, with a T3C temperature code. Manufactured with a Type 21 tandem seal design, they withstand 100 psi at the lower/outer seal. Dual moisture probes detect moisture in the oil chamber. 800/828-4920; www.baldor.com.

Motor and Pump Controls

  SCADA-enabled control panel

TCOM control panels from Orenco Systems are low-cost/high-value SCADA systems for utilities. They can be used as a SCADA patch, connecting peripheral equipment to an existing SCADA. Panels include built-in communication protocols supported by most existing SCADA systems. Features include color touch screens with built-in programming and real-time data acquisition and control over an Internet, cell or phone line connection. TCOM Viewer software works on Windows PCs. 800/348-9843; www.orencocontrols.com.

  Compact controller

The ILC 1x1 compact controller from Phoenix Contact makes advanced control options available for small- to medium-sized water systems, including remote assets such as water towers, remote pumping and lift stations, and other distant monitoring sites. It supports the Modbus TCP protocol: users can configure and commission in two steps. It also has an SD card slot that allows the user to increase the flash memory size up to 2 GB. This supports data logging applications and makes it easier to integrate advanced features via function block libraries into the controller. 800/322-3225; www.phoenixcontact.com.

  Process optimization system

The Clearlogx process optimization system from Siemens Water Technologies is an automated chemical motor feed system that optimizes soluble organic removal, reduces chemical costs and enhances water treatment plant performance. Using a proprietary controls approach, it optimizes a plant’s water chemistry, reducing formation of disinfection byproducts and limiting membrane fouling. It can maximize TOC removal up to 50 percent, even after enhanced coagulation, enabling plants to comply with the DBP Rule. It can be integrated with the Memcor membrane system to support greater membrane performance, especially for difficult-to-treat water sources. 978/614-7111; www.water.siemens.com.

  Configurable control panel

The Endura SL (Slim Line) control panel from SJE-Rhombus has a VFDC-4100 controller for commercial pressure booster applications using a variable-frequency drive and across-the-line starters. It can be configured for simplex, duplex, and triplex pump control applications using a single VFD for up to three pumps. Features include a NEMA 1 wall-mount enclosure; cooling fan, filter and thermostat for ventilation; panel-mounted VFD; VFDC-4100 controller mounted on the door; 0-200 psi pressure transducer with 20-foot cable; low-water alarm terminal (low suction/level); and a slim-line design for confined-space applications. 888/342-5753; www.sjerhombus.com.

  Process control software

Pump Genius process control software from WEG Electric Corp. provides multiple pump control and protection plus system monitoring and protection. It can be applied to any system that requires constant flow or pressure. Benefits include reduced system component and maintenance cost, improved system reliability, and energy and installation cost reduction. Features include a motor preheat function, adjustable acceleration and deceleration, a controlled speed range of 40:1, critical frequency rejection, torque limiting of 30 to 180 percent, auto restart after power loss or resettable fault, floating point control capability and stationary motor auto-tuning. 800/275-4934; www.weg.net/us.


  Bearing protection ring

The AEGIS SGR bearing protection ring from Electro Static Technology supports predictive and preventive maintenance programs on AC motors and large DC motors controlled by variable-frequency drives. By protecting bearings from electrical damage, the ring extends motor life, preventing bearing noise, downtime and motor repairs/replacements. It simplifies predictive/preventive maintenance programs. Its conductive microfibers work with virtually no friction or wear; are unaffected by dirt, grease or other contaminants; and last for the life of the motor. A mounting kit simplifies installation on any NEMA or IEC motor. It prevents bearing damage by safely channeling shaft currents to ground. 866/738-1857; www.est-aegis.com.


  Two-way diaphragm valve

The Type 2030 from Burkert Fluid Control Systems is a pilot-controlled diaphragm valve with piston actuator and diaphragm seal. The two-way diaphragm valve with a PVC or PVDF body provides high flow rates and chemical compatibility. The diaphragm and valve body are the only components in contact with the fluid. It can be combined with any Burkert pilot valves, on/off top control or element controllers, valve blocks, manually operated valves or solenoid valves. It includes a removable radial true union, spigot and flange connections. 800/325-1405; www.burkert-usa.com.

  All-plastic control valve

The Model 2060 2-inch flanged plastic control valve from Collins Instrument Company has a body of PVDF or polypropylene and an actuator/yoke of glass-filled polypropylene, making it suitable for harsh fluids or corrosive environments. It can be equipped with a pneumatic positioner, a positioner with integral I/P or an electric actuator. It has 150 psi flat-faced ANSI flanges, accommodates 300 psi maximum operating pressure at ambient temperature, and handles fluids including hydrochloric acid, caustic, sulfuric acid and others. 979/849-8266; www.collinsinst.com.

  Non-clogging air valves

The AirPro Max air valve line from Henry Pratt Company resists clogging. The float/linkage design is suitable for higher pressures. It eliminates seat leakage and float mechanism failures and includes close-tolerance machined parts, stainless trim, and hoods or threaded caps. Valves have a large orifice to break vacuum or a small orifice for air release under pressure. 877/436-7977; www.henrypratt.com.

  Electric modulating actuator

CMA Series electric modulating actuators from Rotork Instruments are sized for linear, quarter-turn, and rotary operation of pump, damper, and control valve applications requiring precise position control and continuous modulation. They are powered by single-phase or direct current, eliminating air hoses and compressors. Setup and configuration is easy via pushbuttons and an internal six-segment LCD display. Resolution is 0.20 percent on linear and quarter-turn applications and 2 degrees on the multi-turn configuration. Other features include a permanently lubricated and maintenance-free drive train, a 4-20 mA loop-powered feedback signal and multiple digital communication options. 336/659-3493; www.rotork.com.

  Pressure-reducing valve

The SRD Pressure Reducing Valve from Singer Valve provides smooth, steady and precise pressure control from maximum to near-zero flow without low-flow bypass valves. The effective area of a single rolling diaphragm remains constant, so the bonnet is smaller and lighter than a flat diaphragm version. A measured quantity into the bonnet control chamber gives the same smooth movement of the inner valve through the stroke. A smaller bonnet also makes the valve lighter and safer for maintenance, while a smaller control chamber enables it to respond faster to changing pressures. Sizes range from 6 to 36 inches. 604/594-5404; www.singervalve.com.


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