Septage Screening System Cuts Truck Unloading Time

Septage Screening System Cuts Truck Unloading Time
Septage Screening System Cuts Truck Unloading Time

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A screening system from Enviro-Care for septage and heavy sludges is designed to address wastewater treatment plants’ desires for high uptime, low maintenance cost, and short truck unloading times.

The Flo-SeptageStation DM unit is engineered for screening large volumes of septage and other materials with heavy inorganic solids loadings. It separates, washes and dewaters the materials to prepare them for final disposal. The company offers the technology through an exclusive license with Italy-based SAVI S.R.L. Units are available in 525 gpm, 650 gpm and 875 gpm capacities.

“The system is based on rotary drum screen technology that has been proven worldwide since 1999 in wastewater treatment and membrane bioreactor pretreatment,” says Alan Spratt, regional sales engineer. “It has been adapted for use in septage applications. The bottom-line goal was to get trucks in and out as quickly as possible. Septage is often a source of revenue for a treatment plant, and the more trucks they can serve in a day, the more revenue they can generate.”

As septage enters the unit, it is fed directly into the rotating drum screen. The inlet area is sloped on the bottom and curved to eliminate corners that could trap material and lead to clogging. As the screen rotates, solid objects are captured on flights that carry them around the drum and deposit them in an auger trough. The collection trough extends beyond the screen opening to allow better collection of solids and reduce solids recycle. The system uses no auger brushes. The auger conveys the solids into the washing zone and then to dewatering.

A dual drive system allows the screen and auger to work independently. Screen speed is reduced to improve screening efficiency, and auger speed is increased to evacuate solids from the system faster. The drum screen sits at a 25-degree angle to increase capture and transport of solids and enable faster unloading.

The screen is supported at the drive end by a heavy-duty industrial bearing assembly.

No support members are required at the influent end. Maintenance costs are reduced because the units use no grinders, rock traps or other ancillary equipment. 815/636-8306;


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