Product News - April 2013

Product News - April 2013
18|Bingham & Taylor valve box sealed system

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Pentair tablet enclosure and stand

The Hoffman tablet enclosure and stand for iPad devices from Pentair Equipment Protection provides industrial-strength shielding and security for iPad 2 and 3 devices in demanding environments. The tablet accommodates a multitude of application requirements, adjusting to four different heights without the use of tools. The modular stand can be disassembled for portability. Accessories include carrying case, key lock, caster kit and charging cord. 763/421-2240;

Sage thermal mass flowmeter

The RIO ATEX Zone 1 thermal mass flowmeter from Sage Metering features the In-Situ field zero calibration check, wide turndown, drift-free operation, high-contrast graphical flow rate display and explosion-proof, dual-sided NEMA 4X enclosure. Flow rate is displayed graphically in a horizontal bar graph format. The meter is powered by 24 VDC (115 VAC/230 VAC optional). 831/242-2030;

ConShield concrete waterproofing

Crystal-X concrete waterproofing additive from ConShield Technologies protects new and existing concrete sewer pipe and manholes, as well as dams, reservoirs, bridge decks, foundations, sewage and water treatment plants. 877/543-2094;

Siemon surface mount boxes

Z-MAX surface mount boxes from The Siemon Co. are designed to support Z-MAX category 6A shielded and UTP, category 6 UTP and category 5e shielded connectors, category 7A TERA connectors and LC fiber connectors without additional mounting bezels. The boxes are available in one-, two-, four- and six-port configurations. 860/945-4200;

Endress+Hauser point level switches

The Liquiphant FailSafe FTL8x series of point level switches from Endress+Hauser has two relay outputs — a 4-20mA output that connects to a fail-safe switching unit with a two-channel output, safety contacts and a safety locking function. The 4-20mA output can be connected directly to a safety PLC or similar system from MIN and MAX safety applications up to SIL3. 888/363-7377;

FCI air/gas flowmeter

The ST785 air/gas mass flowmeter from Fluid Components International delivers flow measurement while reducing the consumption of energy fuel gases, specialty gases and pneumatic air. When installed with multiple gas compressors, the meter enables operators to compare compressor usage and adjust for optimum efficiency. The meter is designed for line sizes from 0.25 to 2 inches. 800/854-1993;

ICONICS MobileHMI app for Windows 8

The MobileHMI app from ICONICS enables users to visualize plant operations from Windows 8 devices, including animated graphics, or respond to alarms and alerts in real time. Multi-touch gestures can swipe through operations and zoom or drill down into areas that need attention. The app integrates and communicates with ICONICS GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA and building automation servers, enabling OPC, OPC-UA, BACnet, SNMP and Modbus TCP/IP compliance. 508/543-8600;

KROHNE Optiflex C/F level meter

The Optiflex 2200 C/F level meter for liquids and solids from KROHNE features software-based dynamic parasite rejection technology that eliminates false reflection caused by environmental disturbances and product buildup. The two-wire device for tank and silo applications is available with a variety of probes to measure liquids up to 137 feet and solids up to 66 feet in temperatures to 570 degrees F and pressures to 580 psig. 800/356-9464;

Graver Technologies High Flow filters

High Flow series filters from Graver Technologies are certified and tested by NSF International under ANSI/NSF Standard 61 as a drinking water system component. The filters are 6 inches in diameter, and available in 40- or 60-inch lengths. Made of 100 percent polypropylene, they contain no binders, adhesives or surfactants. 888/353-0303;

Sandpiper pump support mobile app

The Sandpiper mobile app from Warren Rupp enables users to locate information related to a specific pump using My Pump Details by scanning the QR code on the pump tag. Users also can view the spare parts installation video and service manual for a specific pump. Additional features include the ability to review chemical compatibility and watch service and training videos. 419/522-0988;

Xylem CentriPro 4-inch submersible motor

The CentriPro Xtreme Duty 4-inch submersible motor from Xylem Applied Water Systems is designed for sandy wells and coal bed methane applications. A silicon carbide mechanical seal and felt diaphragm filter prevent coal fines and other abrasives from entering the motor. Available in single-phase (2-5 hp, 230 volt) and three-phase (3-7.5 hp, 230 volt and 3-10 hp, 460 volt), all sizes have a 17-4PH stainless steel shaft and 1,500-pound thrust bearings.

KSB gate valve with pressure seal bonnet

The ZTS gate valve with pressure seal bonnet from KSB has a hammer-forged steel body, enabling it to handle water, steam and other non-aggressive fluids at pressures up to 8,700 psi and temperatures to 1,200 degrees F. For internal sealing, the valve features a movable, double-wedge design. 804/222-1818;

Videx Vault 20 key control cabinet

The CyberKey Vault 20 FX key control cabinet from Videx features weatherized input modules and embedded Flex System Hub for improved performance. The vault is designed to manage, program and dispense CyberKey smart keys, programming keys with individualized access privileges for each user. 541/738-5500;

Detcon wireless gas detection system

The stand-alone SmartWireless Site Sentinel battery-powered gas detection system from Detcon is designed for fixed, semi-fixed and transportable use in light and heavy industrial environments. The system monitors for toxic and combustible gases and can be customized. Each system can handle 32 detectors, consisting of any combination of wired or wireless devices. Fault diagnostics are available locally or through a link to other members of the network. Power options include disposable batteries, rechargeable battery packs with solar options, and line power. 713/559-9200;

Ty-Rap polyester-coated ball-lock cable ties

Ty-Rap polyester-coated stainless steel ball-lock cable ties from Thomas & Betts Corp. features a low-smoke, halogen-free polyester coating that releases fewer toxins if burned. Additional safety features include rolled edges on the strap that eliminates the risk of damage to cables and injury to installers. Made of marine-grade 316 stainless steel, the ties are corrosion-, impact- and abrasion-resistant with a temperature range of -40 to 302 degrees F. 901/252-5000;

Sensorex chlorine dioxide sensors

CLD500 chlorine dioxide sensors from Sensorex Corp. use amperometric measurement technology to monitor chlorine dioxide in disinfection applications. An integral two-wire loop-powered transmitter with 4-20mA output delivers readings to process control systems such as PLC or DCS. The CLD502 covers the 0-2 ppm range, while the CLD510 covers 0-10 ppm. 714/895-4344;

Denso air cartridge gun

The Protal air cartridge gun from Denso North America sprays 1,000 mL cartridges and is designed for easy setup, and minimal material waste and maintenance. The gun includes a swivel handle and optional shoulder strap. 888/821-2300;

Bingham & Taylor valve box sealed system

The Buffalo no vac valve box sealed system from Bingham & Taylor Corp. features valve box stabilizer and debris trap (available together or separately). The stabilizer fits all round valve box bells and bases. Designed for use with cast iron or plastic valve boxes, the stabilizer prevents the intrusion of dirt, backfill or sand from below. The debris trap eliminates maintenance and service issues caused by debris intrusion through and around the valve box cover over time. 540/825-8334;

SJE-Rhombus lift station control panel

The 331 Lift Station control panel from SJE-Rhombus is designed for standard duplex applications, covering three phases (up to 32 amps each) and three voltages (208, 240, 480) with one panel. Available in a stainless steel or fiberglass wall-mounted enclosure, features include single-point power connection, IEC hp rated motor starter with adjustable overload module, Class 10 ambient compensated overload relay, tri-voltage step-down control transformer and separate alarm/control fuses. 888/342-5753;

Blue-White T-Track flowmeter mounting system

The T-Track mounting system for Sonic-Pro hybrid ultrasonic flowmeters from Blue-White Industries features NEMA 4X quick disconnects. The meters measure flow using Doppler or Transit Time methods and work with clean or dirty fluids. They are available for pipe sizes down to 0.5 inches or up to 100 inches. 714/893-8529;

Fluid Imaging particle analysis system

The At-Line FlowCAM ES imaging particle analysis system from Fluid Imaging Technologies automatically extracts, dilutes and runs samples from within the production or processing line to eliminate manual sampling, speed the process and maximize line uptime, while removing the risk of human error in data acquisition. The system detects thousands of particles and microorganisms in seconds; takes a hi-resolution, full-color digital image of each; and reveals the size and shape using 30 different measurement parameters in real time. The system can be mounted and operated remotely.

Biowater cold weather contaminant cleaning system

The continuous flow intermittent cleaning (CFIC) biofilm process from Biowater Technology removes BOD, TSS and other nutrients in temperatures to 39 degrees F. The packed bed process acts as a filter to capture solids for a smaller secondary clarification footprint and enhances filtration and separation technologies for higher-quality effluent suitable for reuse. 401/305-3622;

Electro Static split universal mounting kit

The AEGIS SGR bearing protection ring split universal mounting kit (Split uKIT) from Electro Static Technology protects VFD-driven motor bearings from electrical damage and allows quick retrofitting of the ring on most AC motor shafts without decoupling attached equipment. The kit includes split AEGIS ring and mounting hardware (screws, washers, Allen wrenches and four styles of brackets). Brackets can be attached to NEMA or IEC motor faceplates by drilling, tapping or conductive epoxy (available). 866/738-1857;

Graphic Products pipe marking guide

The free DuraLabel wastewater treatment pipe marking guide from Graphic Products provides a standard color coding system to identify pipe contents. 888/326-9244;

Omega DC current data logger

The OM-CP-PROCESS101A low-cost DC current data logger from Omega Engineering has a 10-year battery life, 4 Hz reading rate, multiple start/stop functions, high-speed download, 1 million reading storage capacity, memory wrap, battery-life indicator, optional password protection, and programmable high and low alarms. The data logger is available in 20mA and 160mA input ranges. 800/826-6342;

Schneider Electric drive selection app

The drive selection mobile app from Schneider Electric enables users to find a specific drive without using a catalog or product number. Users can select complementary accessories and view additional information on product specifications and capabilities. 888/778-2733;

Opto 22 LED dimmer

The Network LED Dimmer from Opto 22 uses pulse width modification (PWM) to control LED brightness (0-100 percent) for 9-30 VDC constant voltage LED lighting assemblies, including lamps, bulbs, strips, ropes and bars. When connected to an RS-485 serial network, multiple dimmers can be integrated into a lighting, automation or building control system that supports DMX512-A, modbus/ASCII or Optomux network protocols. 800/321-6786;


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