Control Platform for Water Treatment Enhances Efficiency

Control Platform for Water Treatment Enhances Efficiency

Festo has introduced the CECC modular controller and a scalable control system designed to make control system installation and renovation more affordable for small to medium-size water treatment facilities.

The system is based on proven off-the-shelf products, helping to keep cost down and reducing maintenance and support issues. The control system reduces manual operation in favor of automation. Operators have a graphical overview of the treatment process in real time. Graphical animation and touch-sensitive areas on the operator terminal create an intuitive interface.

The offering provides substantial cost savings and operational benefits, according to Craig Correia, manager of process automation. “The system uses industry-standard IO-Link technology, which enables more intelligent communication with digital sensors and instruments in the field,” says Correia. “Instead of the typical on/off signals, field devices with IO-Link capability can have parameters set remotely via controller, and diagnostic information can be communicated back from the device.”

In addition, the CECC controller runs on the international standard CoDeSys open-protocol software platform and therefore eliminates the cost of purchasing proprietary software and related licenses and training programs. This flexible and robust control platform is supported by most controller manufacturers.

“Many small water plants today are not completely automated because of the cost,” says Correia. “This is a value-priced controller and control system designed to help those plants automate their processes or improve on the automation they have.” 800/993-3786;


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