Nidec Motors vertical pump motors designed for high reliability

Nidec Motors vertical pump motors designed for high reliability
Bearing cap with shaft ground ring

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Nidec Motor Corporation has added 5812 and 5813 Frame Vertical motors to the U.S. MOTORS family of TITAN vertical pump motors. The U.S.-made TITAN II motors are manufactured with a cast iron rather than fabricated frame.

"The cast iron frame allows us to produce the winding and frame assembly in parallel rather than in series, further reducing our production time," says Tim Albers, director of marketing, Nidec Motor Corporation. "For customers, that means faster delivery. The new motors also incorporate our latest, improved rotor fabrication process for extra reliability."

Options for the 5812 and 5813 Frame Vertical motors include an inverter duty feature with insulated bearings and shaft grounding. Bearing and winding temperature detectors are also available.

Both frame sizes are custom-built to customer specifications and requirements. The 5813 frame motor includes WPI and WPII (weather-protected) enclosures and ranges from 250 to 1,750 hp depending on the required speed. It is available as a HOLLOSHAFT motor or as a solid-shaft unit in low and medium voltages.

It also offers oil-lubricated bearings with high- and extra-high thrust capacity. Normal- and medium-thrust motors use grease-lubricated bearings. The motor is offered in standard and premium efficiencies.

The 5812 frame motor is built with a fan-cooled enclosure. It is available in speed ranges from 400 to 1,800 rpm and in power ratings from 200 to 1,250 hp. Both motors are an extension of the TITAN II line, which includes 5008 and 5012 frame motors. The 5812 and 5813 can be provided with or without the company's BALLOMATIC non-reverse ratchet. 888/637-7333;


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