Guiding a Gosling

Guiding a Gosling

Rescuing a baby goose from an aeration tank isn't usually on the to-do list of an operator. But last June that challenge fell to Nick Zappia, superintendent of the Village of Massena (N.Y.) Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, and his team.

"I was adjusting the air to our aeration tanks and noticed the mother and her baby in the tank," Zappia says. "The geese had lost their flight feathers, so we actually spent most of the day trying to get the parents out of the tanks." (Geese molt each summer, losing their flight feathers, and grow them back by late summer to early fall.)

As in life, the parents took the lead and the gosling followed. "We had to open some gates and do some guiding, but a couple of hours later the mom and dad were free!" Zappia says. "Then we had to bring the gosling down to the river because the parents abandoned her."

The geese must have known that at the treatment plant they had a place where they would be protected. "They know they are safe here and have plenty of space to roam throughout the summer and fall," says Zappia.


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