Pump Controller Integrates Operations in Simple-to-Use System

Metro-Tech II line of controllers from Metropolitan Industries Inc.
Pump Controller Integrates Operations in Simple-to-Use System

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The Metro-Tech II line of controllers from Metropolitan Industries Inc. integrates pump operations and displays information on its color user interface. The controller is maintenance-free, multi-level password protected and maintains a constant discharge pressure by varying the speed of water pressure booster pumps. It also provides real-time troubleshooting and has built-in limits. Operators can change set points and view real-time operating conditions, integrated help screens and alarms using the color touch screen.

The controller is available in three pre-programmed PLC models that operate with variable speed booster systems for constant pressure applications: the F14, F16 and the F34.

“What we’ve tried to do is offer our customers choice and flexibility in terms of the processor while keeping the operator interface similar between the three options,” says Mike Tierney, national sales manager. “It’s really seamless to the end-user but gives the specifying engineers and integrators flexibility to interconnect the controllers with their systems.”

The F16 is a standard industrial OEM processor, while the F14 is based on an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix programmable logic controller and the F34 is based on a Control Microsystems PLC SCADAPack. All controller enclosures are 16 inches square and 6 inches deep. Features include PID controller algorithms, operator adjustable tuning PID constants and NEMA 1 enclosure. It also includes dry contact thermals for high/low system pressure alarms and low suction pressure or level alarm.

Other features include sensor inputs for local pressure/transducer, thermal sensors for solenoid relief valves, suction pressure sensor and suction tank high and low sensors.

“We can apply these controllers on raw water pumps, sending water to plants for treatment,” Tierney says. “We also can apply this equipment to send-out or high-service pumps, where water is pumped from the treatment facility out into the distribution system.”

The controllers also are applicable on the wastewater side for water reuse controllers, constant pressure non-potable booster pump controllers and seal water systems.

“One of the other unique things that we’ve begun is to essentially put the operations manual on the operator’s interface. Like an ATM at the bank, it leads you through the process,” Tierney says. “If you don’t understand something, we have a question mark that you can push and it will explain what the results of changing that particular variable will be. So no more thumbing through a hard-paper manual trying to figure out exactly what a parameter change might do to your system. If the system is supposed to be operating at 100 psi and the operator adjusts it to 1,000, the controller will ask him to select a number in a range, keeping the operator from making a mistake.”

A built-in Web page enables the system to be monitored remotely through an onboard Ethernet port. A standard configuration is capable of controlling up to four pumps, as well as customized configurations. 815/886-9200; www.metropolitanind.com.


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