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July/August Product News
ABB videographic data recorder software

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Meltric receptacle box with circuit protection

The receptacle/wall box combination with integral circuit protection from Meltric Corp. combines the safety of a pre-wired DSN Series switch rated receptacle with the convenience of local circuit protection in a compact package. The receptacle, which has a dead front safety shutter for protection from live parts and arc flash, is pre-mounted to the box and wired to the circuit protection device for easy installation. Fuseholder models are available with 20A or 30A receptacles and have a blown fuse indicator light for each pole. 800/433-7642; www.meltric.com.


Wilden stainless steel AODD pump

The PX800 Advanced series stainless steel air-operated double-diaphragm pump from Wilden Pump & Engineering LLC is center ported and features a 2-inch flow path and threaded 2-inch horizontal fluid connections. The pump has BSPT or NPT threaded inlet/discharge connections and a variety of elastomer options, including neoprene, Buna-N, EPDM, PTFE and Viton. Pumps deliver flow rates up to 176 gpm at operating pressures up to 125 psig. 909/422-1730; www.wilden pump.com.


RDP signal conditioner

The E725 signal conditioner and display unit from RDP Electrosense can be used in either a stand-alone or panel-mounted mode. Local display of transducer values from a variety of sources, including displacement, pressure, load and torque, can be incorporated into control panels using the conditioner. The unit has an analog output (voltage or current) that can be connected to a suitable input on a PLC and provides serial communication via RS232 or RS485. Settings can be password protected and, if required, the panel can be disabled to prevent upsetting operation. 800/334-5838; www.rdpe.com.


Bel-Art wire rack labels

Polypropylene Scienceware wire rack I.D. tags from Bel-Art Products snap onto any wire rack made of 1/8- or 3/16-inch wire. Tags can be wiped clean, reused and labeled with a dry-erase marker, permanent marker or pressure-sensitive adhesive label. 800/423-5278; www.belart.com.


WAGO IO-Link Master module

The 750-675 4-Channel IO-Link Master module from WAGO Corp. simplifies integration, configuration and management of intelligent sensors and actuators. The network-based system eliminates configuration of field devices via handheld units and reduces device wiring to three conductors, minimizing automation footprint, engineering, commissioning and maintenance costs. 800/346-7245; www.wago.us.


Omega event data logger

The OM-CP-Event101A event data logger from Omega Engineering Inc. interfaces to tipping bucket rain gauges and other devices with TTL pulse or contact closure output. Features include 10-year battery, 4 Hz reading rate, multiple start/stop function, high-speed download, 406,323 reading storage capacity, optional memory wrap, battery life indicator and optional password protection. 800/826-6342; www.omega.com.


ABB videographic data recorder software

DataManagerPRO videographic data recorder software from ABB enables users to collect data from multiple recorders either manually from memory cards or automatically via network. Functions include the ability to compile graphical cards from the data, which display a range of different parameters that can be readily compared and contrasted. Other features include a dual cursor function and marker function that shows normal conditions for the process, enabling operators to spot deviations. 800/752-0696; www.abb.com.


FCI ST100 air/gas flowmeter

The ST100 Series thermal mass air/gas flowmeter from Fluid Components International has a remote mount transmitter with optional digital display and can be mounted up to 1,000 feet from the flow sensor using interconnecting cable. The meter is available with 4-20 mA analog, frequency/pulse, alarm relays or digital bus communications. 800/854-1993; www.fluidcomponents.com.


Barnett Engineering fluid monitor

The ProTalk FLO fluid monitor from Barnett Engineering Ltd. combines the features of a pump control with tank level monitoring and alarm reporting technology. The unit uses cellular and/or two-way radio communication to monitor pumps. Tank levels can be monitored using an analog level transducer or up to five float switches with positions for low alarm level, high alarm level as well as lead pump on, lag pump and all pump off. Features include alarm notification of pump failures, tank level alarms, float switch failures or user-defined instruction or general purpose alarms. Other features include data logging of pump starts and stops, tank level changes and all alarm conditions; daily health reports, including current state and accumulated run times; integrated HSPA cellular module for alarm reporting, SMS text messaging and email reporting. The unit has a temperature operating range of -22 to 140 degrees F. 800/268-2646; www.barnett-engg.com.


KROHNE liquids, solids level meter

The OPTIFLEX 1100C level meter from KROHNE Inc. measures liquids and solids in non-explosive environments. The meter is two-wire, loop-powered and available with a standard 20-meter cable or segmented coaxial probe for liquids and a 10-meter cable probe for solids. All probes can be shortened on site. The meter is available with an integrated display and keyboard in the cover, eliminating the need to open the housing cover for configuration. A blind version is available. Multiple blind versions can be configured on site serving a single Human-Machine Interface service tool. 800/356-9464; www.us.krohne.com.


Parkson Aqua Guard UltraClean screen

The Aqua Guard UltraClean water and wastewater treatment plant screen from Parkson Corp. improves capture rate and provides easier maintenance over previous designs. The screen can be used with new systems and retrofitted to existing systems. 888/727-5766; www.parkson.com.


Kepware server, drivers

The KEPServerEX 5.8 server from Kepware Technologies features an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix unsolicited driver for expanded connectivity and Fisher ROC and ROC Plus controllers for enhanced interoperability. Other features include Modbus Channel Serialization and Device Level Communication Diagnostics to aid with performance tuning and assist with troubleshooting. 888/537-9273; www.kepware.com.


Thermo Fisher water sample collection containers

Thermo Scientific Sterilin water sampling bottles from Thermo Fisher Scientific protect samples against contamination and other damage after collection. Designed for either chlorinated or non-chlorinated water sampling, bottles are available in square and rectangular designs. The over-cap shape reduces the risk of contamination as well as bottleneck damage that can occur during transit. Tamper-evident seals reduce the need for retesting. Square bottles are available in 500 mL and 1,000 mL volumes. Rectangular bottles are available in 350 mL and 500 mL sizes. 800/637-3739; www.thermo.com.


Endress+Hauser analytical platform

The Liquiline CM442, four-wire, two-parameter transmitter for analytical sensing applications from Endress+Hauser accepts data from two sensors and measures any combination of various parameters, including turbidity/suspended solids, nitrate, SAC (spectral absorption coefficient or UV254), ISE (ion-selective electrode), dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), chlorine, concentration and conductivity. The transmitter accepts any two Memosens sensor inputs, each with true plug-and-play capabilities via a digital interface link. 888/363-7377; www.us.endress.com.


WesTech GAC pressure filters

WesTech granular activated carbon (GAC) pressure filters effectively remove low-molecular-weight contaminants, especially dissolved organic compounds responsible for poor taste and odor. When used as pretreatment equipment, the filters prolong the life and efficiency of demineralizing ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis membranes.

The filters use a pressure vessel, typically with a conical underdrain for convenient GAC media replacement. They are sized according to the contact time required for contaminant removal and desired media replacement frequency. Filter piping and valving for multiple units can be arranged to easily change flow paths between parallel flow, series (lead/lag or daisy chain) flow, or single-unit flow patterns. Filters aretypically backwashed only once upon new media installation, and the media usage front is then monitored via sample taps. 801/265-1000; www.westech-inc.com.


Industrial Test Systems dual-wavelength photometer

The eXactR Micro 20 dual-wavelength photometer from Industrial Test Systems Inc. features narrow-band wavelength filters; stable, long-life LEDs; and a built-in cell that uses a new method for colorimetric analysis. Tests use an identical 20-second procedure called the EZ-3T Reagent Delivery methodology that simplifies testing for non-technical users. The unit delivers lab-quality accuracy at minimal cost and effort. 800/861-9712; www.sensafe.com.


Neptune hydraulic metering pumps

The 500-D Series of hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps from Neptune Chemical Pump Co. feature EZE-CLEAN valve cartridges that can be removed from the pump head without disturbing piping and Variable Oil By-pass stroke adjustment for improved valve performance. Other standard features include double ball-check valves, internal relief valve and hydraulically balanced Teflon diaphragm for extended life. Options include automatic flow rate adjustment using an electronic stroke controller and variable-frequency drives. 800/255-4017; www.neptune1.com.


Lutz-JESCO America measuring and control devices

Lutz-JESCO America Corp. offers measuring and control devices with its TOPAX line of controllers, designed for a wide variety of applications. All standard water parameters can be measured and controlled via direct sensor inputs or 4-20 mA signals, PID control function, two-sided control (i.e. metering of acid/base solution) and cascade control. Control output can be linked to metering pumps, control valves, frequency converters or other correcting elements. For remote monitoring or recording, a connection to PC, recorder or printer can be established. 800/554-2762; www.jescoamerica.com.


Uson pressure decay calculators

Pressure Decay Leak Test Calculators from Uson enable water quality engineers to generate answers to “what if” modeling of pressure decay leak testing variables and exact returns-on-investment from eight-sensor concurrent leak testing technology. The free calculators are available by emailing calculators@uson.com. Some of the values the calculators enable engineers to manipulate include pressure ranges (psig), leak rate target, number of concurrent pressure decay sensors, customization of test cycle times and part/test volume. 281/671-2212; www.uson.com.


Carboline Polyclad 975 epoxy coating

Polyclad 975 100-percent solids epoxy pipeline coating from Carboline is made to protect buried steel and ductile iron pipeline exteriors, girth welds or tie-ins. The coating can be applied by spray (plural airless or dual cartridge), while companion product Polyclad 975 H can be hand applied by brush or roller. The coating is compatible with FBE, coal tar, tape systems and cathodic protection. 800/848-4645; www.carboline.com.


Tideflex TF-1 curved bill check valve

The TF-1 check valve from Tideflex Technologies, a division of Red Valve Company Inc., has a bill formed into a curve that returns to a closed position for a tight seal in backflow operations and at low flow rates. The flat-bottom design permits installations where the invert of the pipe is close to the floor. The engineered spine delivers long-term performance while handling water weight. 412/279-0044; www.red valve.com. wso


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