Large UV systems flowmeter

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UV disinfection

Spektron UV disinfection systems from WEDECO – a xylem brand, are designed to meet all common disinfection requirements including 3-log Cryptosporidium reduction and will be evaluated to all norms fitting legal requirements for drinking water. Upgrades to the closed-vessel UV reactors are designed for flows from a few gallons per minute to more than 6 mgd.

Systems come with the company’s ECORAY UV lamp and ballast technology. In combination with the option of variable power output control, the units are energy efficient under all operating conditions. While in dim mode, the lamps use up to 20 percent less energy than the previous lamp generation and contain up to 80 percent less mercury. The lamp’s power savings translate to a carbon dioxide reduction of up to 500 kg per lamp over the lamp’s life cycle. 704/409-9700; www.wedeco.com/us.


Large-scale disinfection

The TrojanUV Torrent UV disinfection system reduces maintenance for large-scale drinking water disinfection. The product incorporates TrojanUV Solo Lamp technology, offering the advantages of existing medium-pressure and low-pressure high-output lamp technologies. The disinfection units provide lower life-cycle costs and reduced environmental impact. 888/220-6118; www.trojanuv.com.


Free/total chlorine sensor

The chlori::lyser from s::can Measuring Systems is a pH- and flow-independent sensor for monitoring free chlorine or total chlorine in a flow cell setup. Due to the membrane-covered amperometric measuring principle, flow or pH changes/fluctuations do not influence the measurement result. Integrated temperature compensation and a third electrode eliminate potential interferences. The digital sensor runs on RS485-Modbus, comes works-calibrated, and allows simple plug-and-measure functionality on all the company’s terminals, panels and software. Internal buffer electrolyte allows pH-independent measurement between pH 4 to 10+, and a triple-electrode system provides extremely stable readings, even at high fluctuations of pH, temperature, and flow. 888/296-8250; www.s-can.us.


Closed-vessel UV disinfection

Engineered Treatment Systems (ETS) has a family of closed-vessel UV disinfection systems designed for use in water or reuse applications. The systems deliver a high UV dose. The flow geometry is axial, and the fluid exiting the reactor is slowed using a chamfer to optimize hydraulics within the chamber. The systems use 800-watt amalgam lamps to deliver the same performance as older medium-pressure technology, but use 60 percent less power. Each system is automatically wiped, and the chambers have inspection hatches. 877/885-4628; www.ets-uv.com.


Residual chlorine analyzer

The FX-1000P-CS residual chlorine analyzer with controller from Foxcroft Equipment & Service Co. helps control chemical cost and maintain drinking water compliance. Continuous amperometric readings help control chlorine feed via metering pump or gas feed valves. Bare electrodes with auto-cleaning perform in water that typically fouls membrane-covered probes.

The included digital PID controller can use time- or current-proportional algorithms and features keypad operation, two 4-20 mA outputs, one digital input, jumper-free configuration, two-line display, fuzzy logic input filtering, and auto or manual tuning. Options include data logging, remote control, Modbus and Ethernet communications. 800/874-0590; www.foxcroft.com.


UV disinfection system

Compact and efficient UV disinfection systems from Aquionics pass water through high-grade 316 stainless steel closed-vessel chambers and expose it to UV light from high-output, medium-pressure or low- pressure high-output amalgam lamps. Each lamp is monitored by an individual certified intensity sensor, ensuring the most efficient output.

An automatic quartz sleeve cleaning system ensures optimal disinfection and reduces maintenance. Simple but intelligent control software allows facility managers to access information on system performance and customize key operating parameters to work with plant controls. A Power Stepping feature regulates power to the lamps, increasing and decreasing input power as needed to ensure adequate disinfection while optimizing power consumption. All systems have been third-party validated to the latest drinking water standards and treat a wide range of flows and water qualities. 800/925-0440; www.aquionics.com.


On-site chlorine generation

Arden Industries offers a new concept for onsite chlorine generation using Occidental Chemical’s NSF 60 approved TriChlor Tablets, which are 90 percent available chlorine. The tablets generate only a clear, clean chlorine solution, leaving no sludge or byproducts in the water system. Systems can be configured to handle flow rates up to 6,000 gpm and higher and can be designed to incorporate flow proportioning, residual control and compound loop control.

The units are durable and cost-effective, and do not require water softeners, brine tanks, electrodes or injection pumps. The solution generated is less than 1 percent chlorine and does not require secondary containment. 530/677-3671; www.ardenindustries.com.


Chemical induction mixers

GAS MASTRRR Series 32PT submersible mixers from The Mastrrr Company are designed to induct and flash mix liquid chemicals with superior velocity gradient mixing intensity into open channels, basins, or tanks. Applications include dechlorination; high-rate disinfection for water, wastewater, and CSO basin applications; coagulant flash mixing; and other single- or dual-feed applications.

The units are available in ratings from 2 to 25 hp for liquid chemical feed rates up to 60 gpm. Stainless steel guide rails and Davit cranes are available for easy retrieval for maintenance inspection. Control panels for monitoring and motor protection are available with 316 stainless steel or FRP enclosures. 800/299-6836; www.gasmastrrr.com.


Ozone disinfection system

Pinnacle Ozone Solutions offers compact, energy-efficient Zenith ozone systems for treatment and disinfection of municipal water. The system features multiple QuadBlock ozone modules that provide ozone at 300 pounds per day at 10 percent concentration by weight. The system is PLC-driven for controllable output based on source water chemistry. The system accurately doses only the amount of ozone required for disinfection.

Operating costs are 15 to 25 percent lower than traditional technologies through process-driven, linear turndown power adjustment from 1 to 100 percent of each QuadBlock. This means lower electrical and oxygen costs when process demands fluctuate. Systems require no yearly maintenance. System control and configuration is displayed on the user touch screen or through an Internet/remote network system. Control options include ORP, dissolved ozone monitoring (DOM), and inputs from SCADA systems. Systems are designed for indoor, outdoor and mobile in-the-field applications (NEMA 3 or 4X or glass-reinforced polyester). 321/205-1717; www.pinnacleozonesolutions.com.


Dry sorbentdisinfection system

Designed for difficult dry chemicals such as lime, powdered activated carbon (PAC), and soda ash, the Silo Discharger from Sodimate Inc. features a vertical spindle fitted with flexible blades to ensure the mechanical discharge of dry solid materials from silos, rigid bins, or hoppers. The unloader rotates within the container bottom to prevent non-flowing materials from jamming, bridging, compacting, or rat holing caused by vibration or fluidization systems.

The mechanical bin activator discharges dry solids gently and efficiently from silos, bins and containers and integrates one, two, three or four precise volumetric screw feeders. Each screw feeder is independent and can feed up to 15,000 pounds per hour with different lengths and throughput variations. 773/665-8800; www.sodimate-inc.com.


Disinfectant analyzer

The plug-and-play Krypton K Analyzer from Kuntze Instruments employs an ASR automatic self-cleaning electrode that is effective against iron, manganese oxide and fats. Maintenance and cost is minimal with no reagents, membranes, electrolytes or moving parts. Available for free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone and hydrogen peroxide. 724/339-8510; www.kuntzeinstruments.com.


Drinking water purification

The 40 gram/hour ozone generator from Ozonology destroys bacteria, viruses, spores, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Ozone also precipitates iron and manganese for removal by filtration and eliminates or reduces color, odor and taste. Units with capacities up to 25 ppd use a high-frequency UL/CSA-listed power supply and flat-plate ozone cell to generate high levels of ozone at high concentration in a compact, wall-mounted package. Using an ORP controller, a 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC signal can be used to modulate a unit’s output to maintain a millivolt setpoint for the water being treated. 866/998-8808; www.ozonology.com.


Cloud-based SCADA system

My-Soft-I/O from XiO Inc. includes minute-by-minute data logging to a secure cloud-based server administered by XiO. Water district personnel can securely go online from anywhere using any standard platform: smartphone, tablet or computer with no custom software. Real-time disinfection levels are presented graphically for quick determination of current and historic chemical levels. Employing common 4-20 mA output amperometric probes, the local control system measures, filters and scales the readings to mg/L or other units.

This scaled value is then automatically sent to the cloud with no network expertise required: only an Internet connection. The local control system paces chemical pumps based upon varying water flow to achieve precise disinfection levels with a control loop closed based upon sensor data, with or without an Internet connection. The control system can configure itself to interface with virtually any sensor or actuator, to measure temperature, flow, pH, free chlorine, pressure, depth or electric current. A wide range of actuators are supported to turn on pumps, valves, ramp VFDs and power relays and pace chemical pumps. 415/446-9002; www.xioio.com.


Large UV systems flowmeter

The Accusonic Model 8510 transit-time flowmeter is designed to handle the installation and measurement requirements of large UV disinfection systems. With 10-path capability in one meter, the unit measures with high accuracy and repeatability, even in the presence of distorted flow profiles common to large UV installations. The meter has enhanced communications and is fully backward compatible with all existing Accusonic transducers. Measurable pipe and channel sizes range from 8 inches to 600 feet. Using multiple-path, chordal, transit-time technology, the repeatable and achievable accuracy is ±0.5 percent in full pipes and ±2 percent in partially full pipes and channels, even in the presence of flow profile distortions and crossflow. 508/273-9600; www.accusonic.com.


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