Control Monitor Protects Against Blower Failure

Com-paK Plus rotary-lobe blower packages from Kaeser Compressors
Control Monitor Protects Against Blower Failure

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Com-paK Plus rotary-lobe blower packages from Kaeser Compressors convey powder or granular bulk solids with pressure or vacuum and provide wastewater tank aeration.

The units are available with integrated safeties and controls. Features include the Omega Control Basic monitor and self-protection system. The controller monitors onboard sensors and switches (mounted, piped and wired at the factory), indicates when maintenance is needed, and automatically shuts down the blower to prevent failure.

The differential pressure sensor on the inlet filter/silencer notes when the filter needs service and shuts down the blower if inlet losses are too high. Pressure and temperature transducers on the inlet and outlet of the blower directly measure critical parameters. PTC thermistors embedded in the motor windings monitor temperature.

Factory-installed options include a speed sensor on the blower that indicates if there is a problem with the belt drive and oil level sensors to ensure lubrication. The CE-marked and UL-tested blower packages are ready to operate, suitable for remote installation and carry the EMV safety certification for electromagnetic compatibility (emissions and immunity) and EMC Directive 89/336/EEC compliance.

A six-sided enclosure allows for side-by-side installation and full service access. All routine maintenance points are accessible from the front, and service and utility connections are in the rear. Dry contacts are included for SCADA output.

Integrated packages with variable-frequency drive have pushbutton speed control and PID loop 4-20 mA control. The series is available in 7.5 to 100 hp with capacities up to 1,400 cfm and pressures to 15 psi.

“Blowers are very simple machines,” says Calvin Wallace, sales manager-Omega. “You have two rotors that spin in a housing. It takes air from one side of the casing and puts it into the pipe. What makes our blowers unique is their self-protecting design. If someone closes the wrong valve or doesn’t put oil in, or if they don’t clean the filter or the cabinet gets too hot, the blower simply shuts itself off and sends the operator a message.”

The standard design includes a sound-attenuated enclosure. Anti-vibration pads absorb vibration before it reaches the floor or enclosure. Kaeser Omega Plus tri-lobe blowers have pressure-equalization channels that reduce pulsations and stress to sensitive equipment. “Internal pulsation dampening in the blower removes 95 percent of the pulsation in the blower housing,” Wallace says. “Our blowers are in the neighborhood of 72 decibels. In almost every case we can produce blowers with noise levels below 85, which is the OSHA limit,” he says.

Options include the Omega Frequency Control (OFC) for continuous blower speed adjustment and Kaeser Start Control (STC) for reduced-current starting and enhanced instrumentation. A Sigma Air Manager (SAM) that can control up to 16 units and air-cooled aftercoolers for temperature-sensitive applications are available. 877/596-7138;


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