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March Product News
ABB Surge Protection

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Neptune Quieter Operating Mixers

Quieter operating mixers from Neptune Mixer Co. feature steel helical gears, high-quality bearings and high-grade lubricant. The level 9 American Gear Manufacturers Association quality class mixers feature tighter manufacturing tolerances on the mesh and backlash and improved running-surface finish. 215/699-8700;


Environmental Express Extraction System

The SPE-XPress solid phase extraction system from Environmental Express is designed for the extraction and evaporation required by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Method 1664 for oil and grease analysis. The system extracts the sample and evaporates the n-Hexane, eliminating the transfer step, and verifies the sample vessel is empty, utilizing a fluid sensor for greater accuracy. The system can run multiple samples simultaneously on up to six stations. The system flushes itself clean, preps the extraction disk, then filters and extracts the sample through sodium sulfate with n-Hexane. In the final stage, the system automatically transfers the extract to a pre-weighted aluminum pan where it is evaporated to dryness. 800/343-5319;


Westfall Variable Flow Static Mixer

The Model 2900 variable flow static mixer from Westfall Manufacturing Co. optimizes mixing and minimizes headloss by employing two inline wafer-type mixers, one fixed and one variable, which adjust incrementally to maintain constant headloss. By providing consistent mixing over a 20:1 turndown ratio, the mixer reduces overall system headloss at high flow rates and permits the use of smaller pipes. Available in sizes from 3/8 to 120 inches I.S., the fixed mixer has a 0.9 Beta ratio and the variable mixer has a 0.7 Beta ratio. 888/928-3747; www.west


ECD DO Monitoring System

The Triton DO8, self-cleaning dissolved oxygen monitoring system from Electro-Chemical Devices includes Triton DO8 sensor, AC10 airblast spray cleaner and C-22 container. The sensor has a maximum error rate of less than 2 percent, resolution of 0.01 ppm or 0.01 percent saturation. It can withstand ambient temperatures from 0 to 140 degrees F, records measurements at temperatures from 20 to 120 degrees F and withstands pressure up to 145 psi. The spray cleaner is available as either a single or dual channel system and helps maintain sensor measurement accuracy in turbid water by preventing the buildup of biofilms. 800/729-1333;


OLDHAM OLCT 200 Gas Monitor

The OLCT 200 fixed transmitter from OLDHAM is made for monitoring multiple gas detection technologies, including electrochemical sensors (H2S, NH3, O2) and infrared sensors that provide detection of combustible gases in more severe environmental conditions where the presence of poisons like H2S could harm the use of a catalytic cell. Suited for monitoring applications in remote, hazardous or difficult to reach locations, the unit can be configured for two-wire and three-wire 4-20 mA analog output, Modbus RTU digital output, HART communications and wireless communication. 800/338-3287;


Grote Emergency Egress Lighting Film

LightForm emergency egress lighting film from Grote Industries features LED lighting technology and requires no lens or bezel. It resists water and concussion. The film conforms to the shape of most doors and exits, while its adhesive backing adheres to most surfaces. 800/628-0809;


FCI Pump Protection Switch

The FlexSwitch FTP pump protection flow switch from Fluid Components International LLC monitors the flow and temperature of liquids, gases, slurries, syrups, lubricants and coolants. The Alarm 1 switch detects low flows between 0.01 and 3 fps, alerting the control system or operator. Alarm 2 signals when the feed line to the pump is running dry. The switch has a range of settings and a maximum service operation of 2,350 psig at 500 degrees F. 800/854-1993;


ABB Surge Protection

The OVR NE 12 enclosed surge protection device from the ABB Low Voltage Products division is a UL 1449 third edition certified Type 2 SPD contained within a NEMA Type 12 enclosure, designed for indoor installation on the load side of the main breaker or fuse. Each unit comes with status lights, alarm and auxiliary contacts, EMI filtering and a fused disconnect. 888/385-1221;


AEGIS Shaft Voltage Test Kit

The shaft voltage test kit from AEGIS enables users to measure and document damaging VFD-induced voltages, eliminating possible bearing damage and equipment downtime. The kit includes replaceable probe tip with conductive microfibers that ensure continuous contact with a rotating motor shaft. 866/738-1857;


Russelectric SCADA Software

Custom SCADA software for power control systems from Russelectric provides interactive monitoring, real-time and historical trending, comprehensive reporting, distributed networking and alarm management. The system enables operators to monitor and control a facility’s entire power system using full-color point-and-click interactive displays at the console. 781/749-6000;


Witte Equipment Leg Extensions

Equipment leg extensions from The Witte Co. are available for vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers, screeners, dewatering equipment, vibrating conveyors and other process equipment. The customized height promotes ergonomic access to machine internals and product in process for constant viewing, easy cleaning and safe removal. The painted, steel leg extensions raise machine inlets, intakes and infeeds to accommodate the position of the upstream process equipment for uninterrupted material flow, often eliminating the need for connecting conveyors, ramps or ductwork. 908/689-6500;


SolarBee Spray Nozzle THM Removal System

The spray nozzle THM removal system from SolarBee Inc. removes four types of regulated trihalmethanes from medium and small tanks, enabling municipalities to comply with EPA Stage 2 DBPR (disinfectants and disinfection byproducts rule). Providing tank mixing and THM removal in one package, a submersible pump pushes water through the spray nozzles, where THMs are volatilized and removed from the water. Simultaneously, some of the pump flow is directed through a mixer in the bottom of the tank, ensuring water exiting the nozzles is well mixed with the remaining water in the tank. In cold climates, the spray nozzle function can be switched off while allowing the mixing function to perform, preventing ice damage in the tank. The entire removal system is portable and pre-packaged. It includes nozzle assembly, tank mixing system, submersible pump, piping and tank adapter. 866/437-8076;


Metso Online Measurement Technology

Low Solids Measurement online technology from Metso enables treatment plants to measure media in difficult applications, including centrifuge centrate. Based on LED and laser technology, the system has the ability to keep measurement optics clean for continued accurate readings. It also can control polymer usage to improve throughput and centrifuge function. The device can be connected to the process and measure continuous sample flow through the system by utilizing an integrated centrifugal pump. Light sources measure absorption, scattering and depolarization.


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